The Most Reliable Mobility Scooter and Lift Systems

When searching for the most reliable disability scooter and lift systems, one can become lost with the numerous options available on the market today.

Allison Day, a practicing lawyer, was interested in making her life easier in terms of navigating from one place to another. Having recently injured her right leg severally, Day needed a mobility scooter and lift systems to help her in day-to-day activities.

Step One: Choosing the Right Mobility Scooter

Regarding a mobility scooter, we recommended the Merits Health Silverado Extreme Mobility Scooter—one of our highest rated products sold by our company. This model is extremely sturdy, capable of handling miscellaneous bumps in the road without so much as a hiccup. What really makes this model stand out in comparison to similar heavy duty mobility scooters, is the travel range of up to 55 miles! Day felt secure with the knowledge that she could travel from one location to another without having to worry about running out of juice.

Step Two: Choosing the Perfect Chair Lift

Golden PR-756 Relaxer Lift ChairWith phase one of her search completed, it was time to address the other products she needed to add convenience to her life. The next selection was deciding between numerous lift chairs. After having asked her several questions on what she is looking for — and having her complete a seat test on different types of lift chairs — we narrowed her options to two chairs: the Pride LC-576 Infinite Position Lift Chair and the Golden PR-756 Relaxer Lift Chair.  Each has a limited lifetime warranty; however, the Golden PR-756 Relaxer Lift Chair has a massage feature, which ended up being the deciding factor. She raves about this chair because it allows her to easily transition from her mobility scooter to the chair, following a long day in the office. In addition, exiting the chair is simple and the mechanism works smoothly.

Step Three: Choosing the Most Reliable Stair Lift

The next item on her checklist was a method to travel up and down the stairs. Having lived in the same home for over 20 years, Day and her husband did not want to move to a new location just because of her recent mobility restraints. The first question we asked was what type of stairs do they have, where they responded with curved. We immediately recommended the Curved Stair Lift – SPIRAL Staircase Lift. The company who builds this product is Harmar, a leading manufacturer of stairs lifts for their safety, smoothness and ease of the product. Per the product description of the award-winning curved staircase lift:

“These German engineered stair lifts perform at high levels. In our opinion Harmar makes the best lifts in the world when it come to stair lifts. That’s why we prefer to sell their products as we do not have issues with them and the customer service is amazing. When purchasing a curved stair lift you must have a qualified Harmar technician come to your home for the assessment and measurements of the lift. This is setup buy our staff at your convenience. When shopping for a curved or spiral staircase lift look no other way than Harmar’s technology and shop with the most trusted mobility scooter company online, that is the Mobility Scooters Direct way!”

As the description provides, Harmar provides with their Curved Stair Lift – SPIRAL Staircase Lift a product that truly excels. It has an MSRP of $35,000 but is priced by our company at nearly a 30 percent discount, costing $24,799.

An advantage of this product over similar products is that insurance companies rave about this item. This product has an excellent reputation that is worth the expenditure. Our company, Mobility Scooters Direct, also offers easy financing. A majority of our customers are quickly approved, just requiring basic information for the instant approval. We offer easy fixed payments that can be spread over time, at rates from 10 to 30 percent APR. Hypothetically, spread over 12 months, this cutting-edge product will cost $2180.49.

Step Five: Selecting a Mobility Scooter Lift

Lastly, Day needed a lift system to help her travel by car. While there are several options to choose from for her Merits Health Silverado Extreme Mobility Scooter, we recommended the AL690 Side-Door Hybrid Platform Vehicle Lift. This device can withstand various weather conditions, making it a good buy in the long term. It is also equipped with a wireless remote control that makes storage of the mobility scooter within her van simple, requiring a few clicks of a button. The van does not require any modifications for usage of this vehicle lift.

Step Six: Your Turn

Day was very impressed by the service she received from our company. Since her purchase, she has recommended our company to three of her friends and colleagues. This experience isn’t unique to just her — our business receives a majority of our revenue from direct referrals from previous satisfied customers.

Not everyone is like Day, however. Maybe you need only one item from this article, or maybe you need multiple items. Regardless, our team of representatives are eager to help you find the mobility solution that you need. The following things are important to keep in mind when shopping from us:

  • Our company is an authorized dealer of every manufacturer listed on our website;
  • Our company has superb factory warranties on a majority of our products;
  • Our company offers both free and same day shipping on a majority of our products as well; and,
  • Our company guarantees the lowest price on each and every item listed on our website

Since this post is somewhat old, its likely that there are newer models that are even better by the time you read this. To check out our most up to date products, visit our website catalog by clicking on any of the links at the top of the page. To speak with a representative today, initiate a Live Chat or call our company directly at (877) 721-7748.