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Pride Heavy Duty Mobility Scooter Perfectly Pairs With a Vehicle Lift

Jerry J., a verified buyer, values his Pride Mobility Raptor Heavy Duty Scooter. Jerry recently purchased the product and has awarded it five-stars in his mobility scooter review.

“Love it,” Jerry said. “Great looking. Comfortable.”

For people just learning about the mobility scooter industry, these satisfied purchasers often include an additional product with each buy.

The AL301XLHD Heavy Duty Fusion Vehicle Lift is that product because it helps our customers place their quality mobility scooter inside of their automobile. It is easy to use and designed for mobility scooters, such as the Raptor that Jerry purchased.

When buying a product to supplement the difficulties people have with their mobility, it is often recommended to purchase one of our mobility scooter lifts.  This article will recommend one of the best Pride heavy duty mobility scooters and a vehicle lift, which increases our customers’ independence helping them travel from one place to another without constraints.

The Heavy Duty Mobility Scooter That Exceeds Expectations for the Obese

The Pride mobility scooter is a sleek product. It has an appearance markedly different than a traditional disability scooter.

Besides being an awesome looking mobility scooter, the Raptor is equipped with a smart system. These electronics make travel easier. For instance, the high tech digital readout on the front display panel makes reading important metrics simple.

Pride Mobility Raptor Heavy Duty Scooter

Carolyn J. loves those features that make the Raptor such a unique mobility scooter for the disabled. Carolyn, 67-years-old, awarded the product five-stars in her disability scooter review.

“The way it’s made – everybody loves the style and the way it rides,” Carolyn said. “I love it, too!”

The 3 wheel mobility scooter is crafted from the best parts, colored with a handsome silver tone. These parts make the Pride disability scooter one of the most efficient products on the market.

The heavy duty mobility scooter has a 1200-watt motor. It reaches maximum speeds of 14 miles per hour. At that face pace, the driver can quickly arrive at his or her destination, whether that be at a restaurant to meet work clients or to accomplish errands such as picking up groceries from the store.

The Raptor is equipped with 12V AGM 75AH sealed lead-acid batteries. These batteries weigh 53 pounds each. At a full charge, the Raptor has a travel range of 19 miles to 31 miles, depending upon the weight of the driver and the speed traveled.

During these trips, the driver may encounter hills. However, this is not a problem with this quality of disability scooter. The Raptor has 7 degrees grade climbable, along with 3.5-inch ground clearance.

Having a lengthy travel range and the capabilities to securely drive on a variety of terrains is a plus for William S.

William, 70-years-old, has Parkinson’s disease and needs the elderly mobility scooter to travel outside of his home.

“The Raptor gives me the ability to go anywhere within a 15-mile radius from my house,” William said. “It’s sturdy and safe to drive. ”

When customers travel within a 15-miles radius from their home, it is important that they are comfortable.

One of the most valued luxuries of the Pride mobility scooter is the captain seat. The captain seat is plush while providing a firm seat for extended traveling. It is 20 inches wide and has an 18-inch depth.

The captain seat has a 100-degree reclining feature. When traveling at a quick clip, the driver will feel secure in the seat as it handles bumps in the sidewalk and other impediments with expertise. Comfort and safety is just what Ernest E. needed when he purchased the Raptor.

Ernest, 78-years-old, has chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or commonly referred to as COPD, which makes breathing difficult. And he said, “a lot of back and leg problems so [I] cannot walk very far without a lot of discomforts.”

Ernest loves the comfort, safety features such as the front light package of the Pride disability scooter and the newfound independence, according to his five-star mobility scooter review.

A Pride Mobility Scooter Lift is an Industry Best

For people like Ernest who have difficulty breathing, having a mobility scooter vehicle lift is essential. The product helps the person load the Raptor, for instance, into their vehicle without them feeling immense discomfort.

The AL301XLHD Heavy Duty Fusion Vehicle Lift is a product designed by the manufacturer Harmar. Harmar is known for selling robust products while providing budget-friendly discounts — eliminating the middleman — exclusively to our Mobility Scooters Direct customers.

AL301XLHD Heavy Duty Fusion Vehicle Lift

The heavy duty mobility scooter, the Raptor, weighs 208 pounds. The vehicle lift from Harmar supports up to 400 pounds. Our customers will not have difficulties using the Raptor and the AL301XLHD Heavy Duty Fusion Vehicle Lift concurrently for this reason.

The mobility scooter vehicle lift has a platform size of 39 inches to 53 inches in length while consisting of 36 inches in width. It is an aluminum deck.

The disability scooter lift has a hitch height of  5 inches to 18 inches.

The AL301XLHD Heavy Duty Fusion Vehicle Lift operates by a battery and weighs 102 pounds. It is easy to install.

The heavy-duty vehicle lift is truly one of the best on the market.

Purchasing a Heavy Duty Vehicle Lift and Elderly Scooter to Add Ease and Independence to Life

Mobility Scooters Direct sells the best products for people who have mobility issues. These products include the Pride Mobility Raptor Heavy Duty Scooter and the AL301XLHD Heavy Duty Fusion Vehicle Lift.

Purchasing the pair will add ease and independence. One product helps the person roll from one place to another on a variety of challenging sidewalks or trails. The other will transport the 3 wheel mobility scooter wherever and whenever necessary.

To learn more about these products, we recommend reaching out to a skilled technician from our nationwide mobility scooter store. To chat with a member of our team, please call (877) 721-7748.

The advice we offer over the phone or in a live chat on our website is FREE. We love sharing wisdom and pairing our customers with the best products on the market.

“We offer discounted lifts for mobility scooters and wheelchairs designed by almost every manufacturer in the world,” our website provides. “These lifts make it easy to take your scooter along when you are going to the grocery store or visiting friends or family.”