The 3 Best Mobility Scooter for Outdoors

Outdoor friendly mobility scooters are great for users that want to enjoy the outdoors often. Are you a person who loves being outdoors but cannot stand or walk for long periods of time? Have you considered a mobility scooter to get around on? Not sure of what details to look for or what models are highly recommended? If you or someone you know likes being outdoors but cannot walk due to a disability or injury, this article will help give you insight on what outdoor handicap scooters are durable and long lasting enough to be considered the best outdoor mobility scooters available.
When looking for the best mobility scooter intended for outdoor use there are a few things you to look for. One of the most important things is the wheels. Because of the many different terrains you may face a user outdoors will want to stay away from your standard rubber tires, a mobility scooter with solid or foam filled tires will be a preferred choice simply because they can support and perform in a more durable manner when riding on a rocky or uneven terrain. Another factor to consider is your handicap scooters travel range. If you plan on riding around and using your mobility scooters outdoors a lot you are going to want larger batteries, the larger the amps of the battery the longer your mobility scooter will last and it will perform much better. All in all the best type of scooters designed for outdoor usage are heavy duty scooters. Below I have placed 3 outdoor scooters that I feel are better than any others on the market today.

AFIKIM Afiscooter S4 Mobility Scooter

afikim s4 mobility scooter

The Afikim Afiscooter S4 Mobility Scooter is an excellent choice for outdoor users. The Afiscooter S4 is super supportive for users, holding a weight capacity of 450 lbs in an 18” adjustable seat, this heavy duty 4 wheel scooter is loaded with large pneumatic tires making it very durable and is easy to ride through mostly all terrains and the fact that it weighs a little over 300 lbs will reassure the user they do not need to worry about tipping while riding there S4. Packed with plenty of power The Afiscooter S4 runs up to 7.4 mph on 75 amp batteries which allows up to 28 miles of drive time between each full charge. With so many miles of drive time before a charge is needed you will be able to fulfill any and all of your days activities before a full charge is needed again. I consider The Afiscooter S4 to be the Mercedes Benz of mobility scooters, Not only is there product of a high quality but they also provide one of the best service and parts warranties around in case you do happen to damage any parts riding around on a rough terrain!

Drive Medical Maverick 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter


The Maverick 3 Wheel Mobility Scooter by Drive Medical is another incredible choice for outdoor use. This heavy duty handicap scooter almost looks like a motorcycle so it is also considered a sport model. Very quick and elegant The Maverick can go as fast as 9.5 miles riding on 19.5” air filled tires making it a a great ride out and about. Supporting up to 400 lbs with options for either a 20” or 22” captains seat, The Maverick is filled with comfort and will get looks and compliments from everyone else that happens to see the maverick user riding out and about. Loaded with 75Ah batteries, The Maverick lasts up to 35 miles between full charges so taking a ride around town is not an issue whatsoever and it works great when maneuvering up an incline. Backed by a 1 year service and parts warranty the powerful Maverick 3 Mobility Scooter by Drive Medical is one of the best outdoor scooters available on the market today!

Royale 4 HD Mobility Scooter 4-Wheel

royale hd mobility scooter

The Royale 4 HD by EV Rider is another great outdoor mobility scooter. This big bodied 4 wheel packs plenty of power and durability. Weighing a little over 400 pounds The Royale 4 HD was built with a full suspension and runs on 16” tires so getting through bumpy or rocky terrain is very easy. Showing its power, The Royal 4 HD is a mobility scooter that can drive up on most inclines without struggle and still hold up to 450 lbs in a 20“ captain’s seat with pads and armrests providing plenty of comfort. It also goes 9.3 mph while lasting up to 32 miles so you can sit back and enjoy a ride to the park from the house or maybe a ride to movies or beach on a beautiful day.


Find an Affordable Outdoor Mobility Scooters

With these particular models there is no order of how I like them. They are all very reliable models with excellent heavy duty or power packed features. It all depends on the user’s preference of the looks because any of the three can provide mostly all users with a great ride almost anywhere outdoors! Visit our online catalog to learn more about these products and other affordable mobility scooters made for outdoor use.