The Supascoota Sport Mobility Scooter is one of the Best Father’s Day Present for 2017

Based on tedious research, we acclaim that the Supascoota Sport Mobility Scooter is one of the best Father’s Day presents for 2017. Dad will love the Supascoota Sport, as this becomes his go-to device mobility scooter for traveling, on a consistent basis.

The Supascoota Sport provides efficient travel from one place to another, built with some of the best components while being a mobility scooter for travel that has been designed for comfort, too. The Supascoota Sport can travel along beaten down sidewalks that have periodic potholes, without jeopardizing the quality mobility scooter, along with more challenging terrains.

This article will recommend the Supascoota Sport, which is for our customers who are seeking one of the best mobility scooters for traveling, at an affordable mobility scooter price that makes sense.

“The way Mobility Scooters Direct offers affordable mobility scooter options,” according to our website, “is by maintaining manufacturer direct relationships which mean there is no middle man, this allows us to give you the best possible price on any product we offer.”

The Supascoota Sport — One of the Best Mobility Scooters for Traveling on the Market Today!

The Supascoota Sport is among three of the options from the Supascoota series. These include the Supascoota Standard, which is perfect for customers seeking an affordable mobility scooter without compromising the bank account. It has a single motor and superb turning radius, perfect for both indoor and outdoor usage.

The Supascoota heavy duty mobility scooter model is one of the most popular options for travel enthusiasts. The quality mobility scooter has dual motors and suspension seating, which makes this model an excellent long distance mobility scooter while being extremely light and perfect for vacations.

This article will recommend the Supascoota Sport model, which is designed for indoor and outdoor usage — preferably for the latter, even on off-road terrains. The mobility powered device has large rear wheels, a longer frame, a seat that is wider, while also providing impressive performance.

The Supascoota Sport has a dual motor 2x 180 watts motor, which helps the device cover lengthy distances at a maximum speed of nearly 6 mph, on a consistent and efficient basis. Six mph is a safe speed for travel, whether it be indoors or outdoors.

For the former, the Supascoota Sport turns efficiently, making it simple to navigate between office furniture, for instance, without having to worry about bumping into objects that can become damaged. When in the outdoors, the speed empowers the driver with quick travel, whether it be on uphill roads slick with rain or through a grassy plain shortcut.

The Supascoota Sport comes equipped with a lead acid or lithium battery, which allows the long distance mobility scooter to travel between eight to 11 miles per complete charge. The weight capacity on the Supascoota Sport is 275 lbs., which is ideal for customers who are obese but want an efficient device with consistent performance.

Another fantastic asset of the Supascoota Sport is that the FDA 510K approved device — “means that is thoroughly and rigorously tested to meet the requirements Supascoota Sport Mobility Scooter is a Best Mobility Scooterneeded as a medical device in the United States” — is its lightweight frame.

The mobility scooter for traveling weighs a mere 72 lbs. Having a lightweight mobility scooter is perfect for customers who are traveling on an airplane, for instance. Having been disassembled, the Supascoota Sport can be placed easily into the trunk of the car, among other items for traveling like suitcases and a briefcase with work documents.

The person can quickly travel to the airport once the mobility scooter for traveling is placed on the vehicle and unloaded quickly upon reaching the airport. Upon arrival, the Supascoota Sport can be quickly reassembled, and ready to use to travel to through security.

After traveling through monotonous security checks, the driver of the Supascoota Sport — one of the best mobility scooters from our mobility scooter store — can quickly go to the designated gate, along with luggage.

As of the publication of this article, the affordable mobility scooter is listed for $2,285, which provides a discount of 15 percent from the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP). For simple financing, the cheap mobility scooter can be purchased for $201 a month for 12-months at a 10 percent APR.

Customers who purchase the Supascoota Sport can also include excellent accessories to further personalize the device to the driver. This can include FREE items, such as a cup holder and an armrest bag, to be placed on the quality mobility scooter. Cup holders provide a dependable location to hold drinks while traveling to ensure customers do not become dehydrated during hot summer months.

The Supascoota Sport comes with a two-year warranty on the frame. There is a one year warranty on the “electronics, including throttle, controller, brakes and wire harnesses.” Also, there is a limited six-month warranty on the batteries for the device.

Purchase the Supascoota Sport for Dad on Father’s Days

Dad deserves the best, which is why our mobility scooter shop sells the Supascoota Sport — one of the best mobility scooters of 2017.

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