Summer Discounts on the Best Folding Mobility Scooters

Looking to travel this summer?

Check out our summer discounts on the best folding mobility scooters.

This summer, with our folding mobility scooters, nothing will restrict you from traveling from one place to another with confidence, for that next great adventure.

Larry Layne, awarded the Solax Transformer Automatic Folding Scooter five-stars in his mobility scooter review.

“I love mine,” Layne said.

Solax Transformer Automatic Folding ScooterLayne does not want to be that person in the group who slows everyone down. The Solax Transformer was the perfect product for him.

“Easy to pop into a back seat or trunk of a friend’s car, [or] Uber,” Layne said.

This article will recommend three of the best folding mobility scooters on a sizable summer discount. This includes Layne’s Solax Transformer, the Pride Go Go Folding Scooter 4-Wheel and the Drive Medical Zoome Flex Auto Folding Scooter.

Save Money and Ride Into the Summer Sunset with the Best Folding Mobility Scooters

The Solax Transformer is an automatic folding mobility scooter that makes travel with this product easy. This is one of the reasons that the Solax Transformer has such a favorable rating from our previous customers.

SAVE MONEY TODAYKaren C. also gave the Solax Transformer a five-star rating on her mobility scooter review.

She is a committed wife, having pushed her husband in a wheelchair for more than 20 years. However, she heard about the Solax Transformer and the amazing customer service our company offers, leading to her acquisition.

So far, her purchase has paid off.

“Now excited about our Disney Springs excursion to La Nouba with our 7-year-old granddaughter!” Karen said.

If the past is any predictor for the future, then this trip will be fantastic. The activities look promising and there will be no problem for her husband traveling from one place to another.

Karen loves that the Solax Transformer folds with the touch of a button. The product is compact as a carry-on and the battery is TSA approved.

The Solax Transformer has strong performance, too. The 4 wheel mobility scooter is equipped with a 24V 120W motor that reaches maximum speeds of nearly 4 miles per hour.

The Solax Transformer has a 24V lithium-ion battery, capable of empowering the driver with a travel range of nearly 14 miles per full charge.

The disability scooter weighs 57 lbs., including the 4 lbs. battery while having a weight capacity of 300 lbs.

Purchase this affordable mobility scooter for $2,195, which offers a savings of 25 percent from the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. For simple financing options, the Solax Transformer starts at $193 a month for 12 months at a 10 percent annual percentage rate.

The Pride Go Go is a second recommended folding mobility scooter on sizeable summer savings.

Pride Go Go Folding Scooter 4-WheelDave D. was impressed with the ease of the ordering experience. Mobility Scooters Direct prides itself on customer satisfaction, as it is paramount to the values of our company.

Dave gave the Pride Go Go a five-star rating in his mobility scooter review.

“My wife enjoys the maneuverability,” said Dave, “and I enjoy the light weight easy loading.”

The Pride Go Go is a great mobility scooter for traveling. With a maximum speed of 4 mph, the driver can swiftly travel from place to place.

The folding mobility scooter is equipped with 12V 12Ah batteries, capable of covering over 9 miles per complete charge. The batteries can be upgraded to lithium-ion 11.5AH batteries, $310, leading to long distance mobility scooter to cover nearly 13 miles per total charge.

Depending upon the battery, the Pride Go Go weighs between 61 lbs. to 69 lbs., with a weight capacity of 250 lbs.

Purchase the cheap mobility scooter on a 30 percent discount from the MSRP. The Pride Go Go is listed for $1,689.

Alternatively, our customers can spread their purchase over 12 months at $149 a month for a 10 percent annual percentage rate using our simple financing options.

The Zoome Flex is a third folding mobility scooter from our nationwide mobility scooter store that is amongst the best in the industry.

The travel mobility scooter has a 24V 120W motor, which leads the 4 wheel mobility scooter to a 4 mph maximum speed. The long distance disability scooter is equipped with 25.9V 10AH lithium-ion batteries and reaches a travel range of 13 miles.

The weight capacity on the Zoome Flex is 300 lbs. while the Zoome Flex weighs 60 lbs. including the battery.

Customers who have purchased the Zoome Flex often include additional accessories with their purchase. The spare lithium battery pack, $600, is a useful addition to a fantastic investment in your independence.

On trips where the driver is traveling a great deal without the opportunity to charge the device, having a spare battery is a useful addition. It is lightweight and easy to use in the device.

Drive Medical Zoome Flex Auto Folding ScooterThis luxury mobility scooter is on a 15 percent discount from the MSRP listed for $2,295. Simple financing options on the Zoome Flex start at $202 a month for 12 months at a 10 percent annual percentage rate.

Buy the Best Folding Mobility Scooters to Increase Your Independence

Folding mobility scooters are value products that are lightweight and easy to fit in small spaces, such as the trunk of your SUV among four suitcases on a summer vacation road trip. These travel mobility scooters are easy to disassemble and are sturdy products that deliver strong performance.

To learn more about our folding mobility scooters, we recommend reaching out to a skilled technician from our nationwide mobility scooter store. Please call (877) 721-7748.

Our hours of operation are from 8 in the morning to 6 in the evening EST during weekdays. We are also open on weekends. Our weekend hours are from 10 in the morning to 4 in the afternoon.

“The folding handicap scooters for sale at Mobility Scooters Direct are designed to be lightweight and easy to travel with,” our website provides. “Invest in a 3 or 4-wheel foldable mobility scooter to help improve your next trip!”