Sizable Summer Savings on Our Affordable Mobility Scooters

As the summer season approaches on Wednesday, June 21, we advise our customers to check out some of these sizable summer savings on our affordable mobility scooters. Our sizable summer savings are on a variety of our best mobility scooters, which efficiently take their drivers to one place to another in style and safety.

This article will recommend three heavy duty mobility scooters for traveling, which consist of the following options:

Mobility scooter reviews are favorable on these three mobility powered devices. Expect the best savings, making these the best mobility scooters for traveling in a variety of adventures during summer 2017 and onward.

Luxury Mobility Scooters with Precision Performance

The King Cobra, which comes in a sleek cherry red tone, is a luxury mobility scooter with precision performance. The luxury mobility scooter provides a smooth ride with a full suspension system, along with being equipped with pneumatic tires, which enables the driver to confidently travel over terrain that they would never dream of with competing scooters.

The King Cobra can travel at a maximum speed of 11 mph, blazing past other pedestrians while going from one place to another efficiently, having a powerful 1300 watt motor. The long distance mobility scooter has a sealed lead acid, 12v 75Ah battery that enables the mobility powered device to travel up to 35-miles per complete charge. Also, the weight capacity is 450 lbs.

“When we saw this mobility scooter at Medtrade show in Atlanta, Georgia, we were absolutely blown away by the handling and stability factors,” as our product description provides.

“Being 4″ off the ground give you a more center of gravity. This wide mobility scooter is nearly 30 inches; it is safe to ride in almost any terrain. With a 1300-watt motor driving this scooter, you will have enough power to climb an 8-degree grade with ease.”

As of the publication of this article, the King Cobra is currently has a sizable summer savings of nearly 50 percent from the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP). For simple financing, the luxury mobility scooter starts at $462 a month for 12-months at a 10 percent APR.

The Maverick is a second luxury mobility scooter with an impressive appearance that demands respect. The luxury mobility scooter is often mistaken for a motorcycle with its sleek appearance and the outstanding parts that the mobility powered device was built with.

Equipped with a captain seat, the Maverick, an ultra-sleek mobility scooter, which provides one of the most comfortable riding experiences on the market today. The captain seat has deep-contoured cushions and backs for maximum support and comfort.

The motor on the Maverick is a 1300W, which enables the quality mobility scooter to reach a maximum speed of 9.5 mph. The long distance mobility scooter is capable of covering 35-miles per complete charge. The awesome looking mobility scooter can support a 400 lbs. weight capacity.

The heavy duty mobility scooter can travel on a variety of terrains with impressive expertise. These terrains can include beaten down sidewalks with impediments, like potholes, which can act as a detrimental agent and harm inferior mobility scooters. The quality mobility scooter can travel over hilly roads that are slick with water, while the Maverick stays secure and efficient.

This affordable mobility scooter will save our customers nearly $6,000 from the MSRP, as the Maverick is priced at $4,699. For our customers on a tight budget, we recommend acquiring the luxury mobility scooter using simple financing, which starts at $414 a month for 12-months at a 10 percent APR.

Finally, consider the Silverado Extreme. This awesome looking mobility scooter comes in a black and silver tone. It provides a pleasing appearance on first and subsequent impressions.

Heavy Duty Mobility ScooterThe Silverado Extreme has a strong motor, which powers the mobility powered device to travel at a 7.5 mph maximum speed. The long distance mobility scooter, with a 12V 100Ah battery, can cover up to 55-miles per complete charge. The weight capacity is an immense 450 lbs.

Having a sizable weight capacity affords the opportunity to customize the luxury mobility scooter to the preferences and needs of the driver. With nearly a dozen additions, there is a perfect accessory for every client.

One of the best accessories based on a case by case basis is the oxygen tank holder. The oxygen tank holder, which is listed for an additional $95, provides the insurance that the driver will breathe properly while they are traveling from one place to another on their mobility scooter for traveling.

Another excellent accessory is the cup holder, which has a long history as a testament to its utility. This addition is FREE and securely holds liquids while operating their luxury mobility scooter.

The Silverado Extreme is on currently on a discount of over 30 percent from the MSRP — listed for $4,749. For simple financing, the luxury mobility scooter starts at $418 a month for 12-months at a 10 percent APR.

Purchase a Luxury Mobility Scooter with Sizable Summer Savings, Today!

This article recommended a couple of quality mobility scooters that have sizable summer savings. For this summer, these handicap medical devices marry impressive performance with safety in one awesome looking mobility scooter.

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