Selecting the Right Heavy Duty Mobility Scooter

Having trouble finding the right heavy duty mobility scooter? Offering such a large selection of mobility scooters online, some find it overwhelming trying to pick and choose through such a large selection, but this article will help you in making sure you find the right heavy duty handicap mobility scooter to purchase. In the this article you will learn about heavy duty mobility scooters and how to select the right one for your own personal use.

What is a Heavy Duty Mobility Scooter


In the case that you’re recommended to have a heavy duty scooter to use but you’re unsure of what a heavy duty style mobility scooter is, they are very easy to tell apart from other types of models for the most part. Heavy duty senior mobility scooters normally run on larger tires mostly which are solid or flat free, while some have larger pneumatic tires. All of these models have tires that come durable tread for surfaces that are more rough or rugged than normal. Heavy duty mobility scooters tend to be more durable and reliable than travel size or full size mobility scooters. Heavy duty models are usually designed with bigger body frames and larger sized batteries making them last a lot longer for extended use in or outdoors, however due to the size of most heavy duty electric powered scooters, it can be difficult at times getting through tight spaces or crowds so they are better intended for outdoors. In some cases users that weigh around 400 or 500 lbs that have trouble standing or walking for long periods may use heavy duty models indoors but they’er mostly intended for outdoor use. Heavy duty models just so happen to be the only type that handle weight capacities of 500 or higher so if the intended user weighs 450 lbs it would probably be best to go with a heavy duty model that can handle 500 lbs or more, this way if you have any items you want to carry with you, you can with ease.

How to Select the Right Heavy Duty Model


First things first. when looking to purchase a mobility scooter online a few things to consider would be weight, height, and intended use of the mobility scooter. Once you have determined those things you are then ready to begin looking online at mobility scooters that are compatible with your weight height and intended use. In this case since were looking for the right heavy duty mobility scooter we can narrow down our selection by looking strictly at heavy duty models. Once you’re in the selection of heavy duty models look for mobility scooters capable of handling your weight capacity or more (at least 50 lbs more than the user weighs) to ensure immaculate performance. For comfort reasons make sure you find something accessible to your height for example, if you’re tall, you want to look for a a heavy duty model with a tall seat height so you plenty of leg space when riding, nobody likes being uncomfortable while in on the go. The best way I can recommend for someone to find the best heavy duty mobility scooter for there needs is to check which mobility scooter that you like and view the specifications. If the details and specifications of that particular model stand out or seem as if they will benefit you in use, than that more than likely will be the right model for you.

Ready to Purchase Your Very Own Heavy Duty Mobility Scooter

With the information provided above you should find it a little bit easier trying to locate the right heavy duty mobility scooter to purchase. As mentioned before heavy duty models are a lot more durable then your average mobility scooter, so if your intention is to have a mobility scooter with power and performance heavy duty models are the way to go. In case you want to browse our entire selection of heavy duty models we have them all listed and available online with reps ready to answer calls during normal business hour times in case you do have any questions or end up needing help in finding the right heavy duty handicap mobility scooter. I hope you enjoyed the read and you’re able to find this article helpful in finding the heavy duty electric mobility scooter.