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Modern Mobility Scooters – Modern Design Meets Function

mobility scooter modernMobility scooters, modern design meeting function has often been a challenge. Keep in mind that for several years, mobility scooter manufacturers really just let the status quo be the status quo. There was little innovation in terms of radical design changes to bring mobility scooters into the 21st century.

Often, mobility scooters use to have the perception that they were for “old people”. This is no longer the case. There are several very modern mobility scooters. We have had customers as young as 35 buying mobility scooters when they have an injury that prevents them from going a decent distance!

The previous stigma of mobility scooters being solely for the elderly is weening. With manufacturers like Pride Mobility releasing some modern designed scooters like the ZT-10 (pictured above) and the Wrangler, it should be not be questioned if these are modern. Mobility scooters that are modern often have sharp design lines in addition to LED lighting, turning technology, and advanced suspension. You might hear this and think that these are the types of things that are included with a car purchase!

Additional Modern Mobility Scooters

modern mobility scooterThere are other modern mobility scooters. Essentially, manufacturers are starting to understand to release a new product it should be something special. EV Rider has done this with their entrance into the folding mobility scooter market with the Gypsy folding mobility scooter. It has a unique design that does not have a back to the seat. This lack of lumbar support or upper back support may be a deal-breaker for some. The most popular and top seller in the folding mobility scooter category would have to be the Solax transformer mobility scooter.

An honorable mention would go to E-Wheels for their design of the EW-M43 which is a folding power wheelchair. It has an extremely modern design for a power wheelchair who use to face the same stigma as the mobility scooters. While this page is dedicated to mobility scooters, we always enjoy seeing manufacturers push the design limits by using fresh designs, new-age materials, and more.

How Modern Mobility Scooters Compare to Traditional

Traditional mobility scooters are often made from cheaper parts that are easier to manufacture. They will often not have the creature comforts that we have almost come to expect. For instance, many traditional mobility scooters lack a suspension or if they have one it is not as sophisticated as newer units that are modern.

The benefits of modern mobility scooters are all of the feedback given over the years of products and engineers can then incorporate that feedback into a new scooter. Of course, the goal is to provide the customer with as much technology as they need. However, there is a fine line because if you introduce too much technology the cost of the product will go up. Consumers typically have budgets so the mobility scooter manufacturers must weigh the pros and cons of each feature of the mobility scooter. Modern designs are becoming more and more popular and that is without question.

The new generation demands a fresh design, one that is attractive to look at and will garner several compliments. The scooters can cost several thousands of dollars depending on the model to get your hands on a modern mobility scooter. Unsure as to which modern mobility scooter is right for you? Utilize our knowledgeable sales associates who can ask you the right questions.

However, the technology is certainly worth it if you are able to spend the cash. Gone are the days where people are embarrassed to own a mobility scooter. It is almost as a status symbol in 2020 to own a modern mobility scooter!