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Mobility Scooters With Air Tires

If you are looking for a smooth ride from one place to another on a quality mobility scooter, then choose a product with pneumatic tires.

Mobility scooters with air tires are known for efficiently absorbing shocks when traveling better than competing products. Pneumatic tires, which are silent due to the soft rubber tread, are capable of absorbing impediments in the pathway with expertise.

This article recommends four of the best mobility scooters with air tires, which include the FreeRider FR1 Heavy Duty 4 Wheel Mobility Scooter; the Drive Medical King Cobra Mobility Scooter; the Merits Health Silverado Extreme Mobility Scooter; and, the EWheels EW-36 Mobility Scooter.

These products are on steep summer discounts. These mobility scooters with pneumatic tires also have excellent reviews from previous customers.

Pneumatic Tires Lead Mobility Scooter Drivers to a Smooth Ride

The FreeRider FR1 is a heavy-duty mobility scooter that is geared for indoor and outdoor travel.

FreeRider FR1

The FreeRider FR1 provides a quiet ride, having 13″ pneumatic tires on both the front and rear wheels. The quality disability scooter uses a shock absorber suspension that enhances the comfort of the ride.

The long-distance mobility scooter comes equipped with 12V lead-acid batteries, capable of covering 26 miles per complete charge. The maximum speed is nearly 10 miles per hour powered by a 24V DC motor.

The affordable disability scooter is discounted from the manufacturer’s suggested retail price.

Our company offers simple financing options to help our customers purchase the best disability scooters with air-filled tires.

“If you’re on somewhat of a budget but would like to get a mobility scooter that may be a little more expensive than anticipated,” our website provides, “financing is definitely a great idea to consider.”

Our simple financing options spread the purchase over the course of several months, instead of paying the entire price upfront.

The King Cobra from Drive Medical is just as impressive as the FreeRider FR1. This awesome looking mobility scooter comes in a sleek red color. The product is more than eye-candy, delivering remarkable performance when traveling on 16″ x 4″ pneumatic front tires and 17″ x 4″ pneumatic rear tires.

luxury mobility scooter: drive-medical-king-cobra-mobility-scooter

The disability scooter for traveling is equipped with sealed lead acid, deep cycle 12V 75AH batteries. The long-distance mobility scooter has a 35-mile travel range.

The maximum speed on the King Cobra is 11 mph.

Having a captain style seat with a comfortable headrest compliment the air-filled tires on the King Cobra. Both products, on their own, absorb impediments and reduce shock impressively. Combined, however, leads the 4 wheel mobility scooter to a consistently smooth ride.

The cheap mobility scooter is at an incredible discount from the MSRP!

We also have simple financing options on this affordable mobility.

Our nationwide disability scooter store also recommends the Silverado Extreme. The disability scooter has an eye-catching, jet black color, leading to the best first impressions.

The air-filled tires on the scooter for the handicapped are 14” in the front and 16” in the rear. Like the King Cobra, the Silverado Extreme from Merits Health has a captain seat that contours to the back of the driver when traveling.

Merits Health Silverado Extreme Mobility Scooter

The long-distance elderly scooter has two 12V 100Ah batteries, capable of leading the Silverado Extreme to a 55-mile travel range. Having such a travel range makes the Silverado Extreme the best mobility scooter for theme parks.

For instance, when exploring a theme park with the family, the driver does not need to worry about going an entire day exploring. He or she will be able to venture to one, two or all theme parks in one day! The Silverado Extreme is a wise decision for customers seeking a mobility scooter with a substantial battery range.

The maximum speed on the awesome looking disability scooter is nearly 8 mph. It has a 24V 650-watt motor.

Purchase the mobility scooter with air-filled tires on an over 30 percent discount from the MSRP. It is listed for $4,698 as of the publication of this article.

If you are interested in purchasing the Silverado Extreme using our simple financing options, it starts at $414 a month for 12 months at a 10 percent annual percentage rate.

The EW-36, a heavy-duty mobility scooter, juxtaposes performance and style in one of the best mobility scooters.

It has 16″ ATW pneumatic air-filled tires on both the front and rear of the quality mobility scooter. These sturdy tires will lead the driver on mile after mile of uninterrupted travel, should he or she need to travel a lengthy distance.

The long-distance mobility scooter has a travel range of 45 miles, being equipped with sealed AGM lead acid deep cycle 12V 20AH batteries. The 4 wheel disability scooter has a maximum speed of 18 mph. Appearance, distance covered and speed traveled makes the EW-36 a triple threat.

The Best Mobility Scooters With Pneumatic Tires

Mobility Scooters Direct sells the best disability scooters with air-filled tires. These products have excellent mobility scooter reviews, which can be attributed to the quality of the parts assembled and the design of the manufacturer.

Our nationwide mobility scooter store is conservative about our selection of products. We supply our customers with the best mobility scooters on the market at manufacturer-direct prices, which means there is no middleman.

“This allows us to give you the best possible price,” our website provides, “on any product we offer.”