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Luxury Mobility Scooters to Purchase on Columbus Day Weekend

If you are looking for one of the best mobility scooters on the market today, our mobility scooter store in Wilton Manors, FL, should be your go-to spot. Mobility Scooters Direct provides an array of impressive products to help travel confidently from one place to another. These quality mobility scooters become an essential asset for painless travel.

October is a month where our customers can capitalize on discounts for an affordable mobility scooter. “Columbus Day is a U.S. holiday that commemorates the landing of Christopher Columbus in the New World on October 12, 1492,” according to History.com. We celebrate this achievement and recommend the following luxury mobility scooters to purchase on Columbus Day weekend:

These mobility scooters for travHeartway USA S12S Vita S Sport Mobility Scooter (2)eling have impressive mobility scooter reviews, making these mobility power devices excellent long-term investments in the health of the customer.

Big Columbus Day Discounts on Luxury Mobility Scooters

Mobility powered devices provide a valuable service to many Americans. “An electric scooter can help to provide you with the freedom to go where ever you want, whenever you want,” according to Disable

d World. “By getting an electric scooter, you can open many doors that have been previously closed, perhaps because of a disability or illness.”

The Maverick is one of the best heavy duty mobility scooters on the market today. The 3 wheel mobility scooter marries appearance with mechanical superiority. The Maverick comes in a striking midnight black color. If making favorable impressions is important to you, then we recommend purchasing this awesome looking mobility scooter.

Our customers will save nearly $6,000 from the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) as the luxury mobility scooter has a price tag of $4,699. Our simple financing options on the Maverick start at $414 a month for 12-months at a 10 percent APR.

The product from Drive Medical can travel swiftly at nearly 10 miles per hour (mph) from one place to another. The 75Ah battery helps this long distance mobility scooter cover 35-miles per complete charge. The weight capacity on the Maverick is an immense 400 lbs.

The S12S Vita S Sport is at a sizable discount and would be a fantastic investment in the future of a person with mobility constraints. The sport style scooter provides a chill way to travel. We also recommend personalizing the S12S Vita S Sport with accessories.

This cheap mobility scooter has a 45 percent discount from the MSRP and is listed for $3,699. Alternatively, our customers can secure this 4 wheel mobility scooter using simple financing that starts at $326 a month for 12-months at a 10 percent APR.

The S12S Vita S Sport is one of the best mobility scooters for traveling, such as on a park pathway that overlooks the sunset while propelling at a 12 mph maximum speed.  This long-distance mobility scooter has the option of two batteries:

  • The 12V50Ah battery that provides 20-miles of travel per complete charge; and,
  • The 12V 79Ah battery that provides 31-miles of travel per full charge.

Both options provide significant value. The weight capacity on the S12S Vita S Sport is 350 lbs.

The S12S Vita S Sport can be acquired with additional accessories that better personalize the mobility powered device to the needs and preferences of the driver. For instance, a weatherproof cover provides broad protection from a variety of weather conditions, for an additional $160. These weather conditions can include the scorching heat from the sun, along with rapid rainfall with little warning.

Lastly, consider the Afiscooter S4. “It was extremely smooth over the concrete of my 100-plus foot driveway and thanks to the golf tires, driving over my yard almost feels like I’m in a car,” writes Lynda in her five-star review on our site. “It’s very smooth and I can tell the suspension is Top Notch.

I use my Afiscooter several times a day to walk my dogs. They love it because they get to run my property. The [sic] love to explore everything that I’m able to show them now!” Lynda continues. Afiscooter S4 Mobility Scooter“The scooter holds a charge for me for several weeks and doesn’t hesitate going up hills that probably have an incline of 25 degrees.”

The 4 wheel mobility scooter is listed for $5,389, which reflects a discount of 20 percent from the MSRP. For simple financing, this luxury mobility scooter can be purchased at a 10 percent APR for 10 months starting at $474 a month.

The mobility scooter for traveling uses the rear-wheel-drive to reach a maximum speed of nearly 8 mph. The long-distance mobility scooter has a 75 AMP battery that enables the device to cover 28-miles per complete charge. The weight capacity on the Afiscooter S4 is an impressive 450 lbs.

Purchase a Luxury Mobility Scooter for the Best Traveling Experience

As Columbus Day rapidly approaches, we implore our customers to learn more about our luxury mobility scooters, especially those that will be at a significant discount during the three-day weekend. To find out more about the mobility scooters for traveling recommended in this article, we encourage our customers to reach out to a skilled product specialist from our mobility scooter shop in Wilton Manors, FL.

Chat with a friendly product expert from Mobility Scooters Direct about our affordable mobility scooters today by calling (877) 721-7748. Our hours of operation are different on weekdays and the weekends. For the former, we are open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. while on for the latter we are open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Discover today the advantages of having a luxury mobility scooter. “Anyone who struggles to walk or gets tired after walking a short distance could benefit from using a mobility scooter,” according to online publication, Disabled World. “Using an electric scooter is not an admission of defeat and can make a great deal of difference to your quality of life, and can even provide a new lease of life and a new found independence.”