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The Luggie Elite Is One of the Best Mobility Scooters for Traveling

NOTE: This blog post was written in 2018 and since then, newer models have been released. Please call or chat with us to find out more about the newer models that are considered the best Luggie scooters today. Enjoy reading this blog post!

It should come as no surprise that the Luggie Elite is one of the best mobility scooters for traveling.

Officially known as the Luggie Elite 4-Wheel Mobility Scooter, this product is expertly designed with our customers needs in mind. Mobility scooter reviews praise the product from FreeRider. The Luggie Elite is simple to travel with, being extremely lightweight. The 4 wheel mobility scooter comes equipped with some of the best parts on the market, capable of traveling extensively while at a good pace.

Mobility Scooters Direct offers the best deal on the affordable mobility scooter, backed by a guarantee, which allows our customers to save hundreds with our factory direct pricing.

The Luggie Elite Provides Superior Performance

The Luggie Elite is a lightweight, foldable and compact mobility scooter. Including the battery, this 4 wheel mobility scooter weighs 60 lbs., making it one of the best mobility scooters for traveling, due to the combination of size and performance.

Luggie Elite 4-Wheel Mobility ScooterTopTenReviews, a website devoted to rating products, recently rated the Luggie Elite as its “pick for the power scooter with the best maneuverability.” The online review site writes that the product expands and collapses with precision for easy storage and transport.

T. Sullivan, from Dallas, Texas, gave the quality mobility scooter five-stars after two years of dependable service. “It has changed my life,” said Sullivan. “I can’t walk distances. I’m now able to do almost anything.”

Sullivan finds that he can travel quickly from one place to another. “Sporting events, shopping at the mall, grocery shopping, you name it. One person can easily get this into a car trunk (I have Honda Accord), and still have room for groceries.” The product is even convenient when traveling with the Transportation Security Administration.

Judith K. also gave the 4 wheel mobility scooters a five-star rating. “My husband and I are both 75 years old and both of us are dealing with health issues that have ‘slowed us down,’” said Judith. Her husband has disabling rheumatoid arthritis while she suffers from congestive heart failure.

“A friend uses a Luggie and highly recommended it, so we decided to follow her advice,” said Judith. “Now we can take off for ‘adventures’ like model train shows and other such things that we have been avoiding for some years. Thanks, Luggie!”

The Luggie Elite offers excellent performance. The folding mobility scooter has a 24V that empowers the driver with the ability to reach a maximum speed of nearly 5 mph. This quick speed is perfect for indoor travel as the product will swiftly have the driver reach the destination while keeping him or her safe when taking turns around corners.

The long distance mobility scooter can cover 14 miles per complete charge with a 10.5AH lithium battery. Therefore, with the lengthy travel range, the driver will not have to worry about the Luggie Elite ceasing to operate over extended trips. Likewise, if the driver forgets to charge the device in the evening one night, the remaining charge should be sufficient to last for the next day!

The weight capacity of this lightweight mobility scooter is a robust 320 lbs., over five times the weight of this travel mobility scooter. The Luggie Elite has a 2.50″ ground clearance. The turning radius is a sharp 35.5″, perfect for tight spaces.

This affordable mobility scooter can be purchased for $2,799, which reflects a discount of 25 percent from the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. For simple financing options, the budget-friendly mobility scooter starts at $247 a month for 12 months at a 10 percent annual percentage rate.

We also offer a variety of accessories to personally customize the disability scooter to the needs of our customers. One of the most popular additions is our foldable basket, $60, which provides a secure location to hold belongings while traveling. The basket is a desirable location for a briefcase or groceries, for instance.

Another accessory that we recommend is the additional 10.5 battery, $645, as the product provides a reliable method to enhance traveling when on vacations and in need of a quick charge. Some customers may travel extensively, and the battery is a simple way to facilitate that aim.

The Luggie Elite comes in a variety of attractive colors. Customer satisfaction is paramount to our company and the Luggie Elite will look sleek in four color options. The color options are red, black, yellow and champagne. Regardless of the selection, the Luggie Elite will provide the best first and subsequent impressions!

Make an Investment in Your Health With a Quality Mobility Scooter

The Luggie Elite is a foldable mobility scooter and one of the best offerings from our nationwide eCommerce mobility scooter store. The product has favorable mobility scooter reviews that highlight its favorable performance and ease of use whether that be taking an airplane to a vacation destination or something as simple as maneuvering within the walls of a home.

Luggie Elite 4-Wheel Mobility Scooter FoldedFor more information on this folding mobility scooter for traveling — and the many other amazing products from Mobility Scooters Direct — we recommend reaching out to one of our skilled technicians. Please call (877) 721-7748 during our hours of operation, which are from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST on weekdays and from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. EST on weekends.

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We have over 600 different models to choose from and they ship the same day if ordered before 12:30 PM EST in most cases. Shipping is free, products are tax-free (because we’re a company based in Florida) and products typically arrive within three to five business days.

“Our organization believes that every senior should have an affordable option to stay independent,” our about page provides, “while simultaneously greatly reducing the likelihood of an accidental injury.”