How to Finance a Mobility Scooter

With so many different choices of mobility scooters available online worldwide, you will come across a lot of mobility scooters that have similarities and a lot that have differences. As the saying goes for anything else in this world, when looking for a durable mobility scooter, you get what you pay for. Now not everyone out there can afford some of these mobility scooters out of pocket or have insurance to cover the cost of a reliable mobility scooter so we decided to make an article on how to finance a mobility scooter.

Solax Transformer Automatic Folding Scooter


Fortunately, we work with Paypal Credit, they offer 6 months of 0% interest and instant processing on credit applications. To get started with your application for Paypal credit, click on the Apply button below. When you’re approved, come back and shop for your product on our website, then simply select “Paypal Credit” as your payment option on the check out page.

If you’re at the point that you know what mobility scooter you would like to purchase but find yourself at a standstill before purchasing, it usually happens because of the price tag that comes along with that particular model. It is no secret that a durable and reliable mobility scooter will cost a pretty penny, so for some, it can be a major chunk of change to spend on a mobility product. Financing was put in place to allow our customers to pay for these expensive handicap mobility scooters over a course of time instead of all at once. If you’re on somewhat of a budget but would like to get a mobility scooter that may be a little more expensive than anticipated, financing is definitely a great idea to consider.

We here at Mobility Scooters Direct have financing available through Paypal. Financing programs include 6 months, 9 months 12 months or sometimes 24 months with interest rates ranging based off of the applicant’s credit history. Adding to that, we have had customers who have gone and applied with Paypal in the past and stated that their credit was not in the best shape yet they still got approved. If you’re interested in viewing our large selection of affordable and durable mobility scooters and seeing if you are approved for financing, I can explain how to finance a mobility scooter through Mobility Scooters Direct website. If you have a particular model you would like to see if you can get approved for, go to that product page on the website and add whatever accessories you would like.

Once you’re done choosing accessories, go ahead and click the add to cart button below the accessories tab, doing so will bring you to the one step check-out page on our website. Once you’re on the check out page go ahead and fill out billing and shipping information to the left of the page, once complete look at the upper right-hand part of the page. You will see a tab called Paypal Credit. Under that tab go ahead and choose the circle that says Paypal Credit by doing so a new tab will pop up on the page showing you how to apply for credit with Paypal. At that point, you will need to go ahead and fill out the application they provide. Once submitted and completed, the application will be reviewed with an answer back within a few days of applying. Overall, applying for financing is a very easy going process that most buyers find worth there time and money.

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Now that you how to finance a mobility scooter, apply on our website for financing don’t wait until it is to late and the mobility scooter you want is out of stock, apply today and see if you can be approved for one of our reliable mobility scooters and take the next 12 months to pay it back! Don’t hesitate on buying the mobility scooter of your dreams, If you thought you couldn’t afford to pay that much money all at once now you don’t have to! If you want further information or have any questions you can always refer back to our homepage and email or call us. We even have a live chat with someone available at most times. If you have considered the option of financing than don’t hesitate at the thought, there is no need to stress your own pockets overpaying a large bill when you have the option of monthly payments instead, the best part is all you have to do is apply to find out if you’re eligible for monthly payments! Find out what you’re monthly payments and interest would be by applying today!