High Preforming Mobility Scooters with Excellent Factory Warranties

Drive Medical King Cobra Mobility ScooterThe prudent shopper of mobility scooters knows that an excellent product isn’t enough—there must be an equally excellent warranty included with the purchase. While the mobility scooters recommended in this article are not likely to malfunction, the reassurance that help will be with you quickly should it malfunction should set you at ease. This article will also provide testimonials from recent customers who experienced technical difficulties with their mobility scooters and received service instantly. When searching for high performing mobility scooters with excellent factory warranties, the best place to start and end your search is with our company. The mobility scooters recommended in this article are amongst the highest performing mobility scooters in the market today. Some mobility scooters lead in maximum speed, some in travel range, and others in weight capacity. A few of the recommended models in this essay lead in a combination of several performance abilities. It is important that you receive value from your purchase from our company.

The Eclipse Premier Titan Mobility Scooter 4-Wheel, manufactured by PaceSaver, is a mobility scooter that excels in travel range. It is capable of traveling for 30 miles before needing an additional charge. For instance, in addition to traveling from home to the office by mobility scooter, this is of value during work when you need to also meet with a client or colleague two or three blocks from the office. The owner does not need to worry about having the mobility scooter cease operation on them because of the travel range.

Other product details of importance are that the model has a maximum speed of 5.4 mph, a weight capacity of 350 lbs. and a turning radius of 49”. Currently, the model is being sold for $3095, about a 15 percent discount. It has a series of warranties.

The AFIKIM Afiscooter Breeze C Mobility Scooter 4-Wheel is equally proficient in both travel range and maximum speed. This is useful because not only can you cover a lengthy distance, but you can do so at a speed that fits your schedule. The maximum speed on this model is 9.3 mph, the travel range is 25 miles, the weight capacity is 330 lbs. and the turning radius is 67”. It is being sold at a 20 percent discount, priced at $2990. This model has a limited two-year warranty included with the purchase.

The Merits Health 710 Atlantis Power Wheelchair is recommended for our more obese clients, having a weight capacity of 600 lbs. Our past obese clients who purchased this model remarked on the comfort they felt while using the mobility scooter. It has a luxurious captains chair. The model also has a superb travel range, capable of cover 32 miles per complete charge. The maximum speed on the model is 5 mph, while the turning radius is 31.5”. The model is being sold for $2645, nearly a 70 percent discount! We highly recommend purchasing this model today because it is flying out of our factory. The Merits Health 710 Atlantis Power Wheelchair includes a one-year warranty.

Lastly, our Drive Medical King Cobra Mobility Scooter is a cool product that was recently added to our inventory. It was one of King Cobra’s new models in 2015. Customers rave about the comfort, as the mobility scooter comes with both a captains seat and a headrest. It has a series of warranties and is being sold at $5249 — nearly a 50 percent discount!

When inspecting this model, it is easily apparent why it is classified as a heavy-duty model. The model is designed having the appearance of an ATV. Like an ATV, the mobility scooter can travel off the beaten path, while maintaining stability and speed. The maximum speed of the model is a blazing 11 mph, the travel range is up to 35 miles, the weight capacity is 450 lbs., and the turning radius is 83”.

Testimonials from our Past Customers

Dr. Harold, a retired cardiovascular surgeon, purchased a mobility scooter from our company. The device performed well. One day, his scooter malfunctioned and fearing the worst, Dr. Harold reached out to one of our representatives. From the conversation, the representative was able to brief our technician, who later ventured to Dr. Harold’s home. While the mobility scooter was damaged worse than we thought, within 24 hours Dr. Harold was back on his mobility scooter, completing tasks that needed to be done and spending time with his family.

Alternatively, Goldstein, who worked as a psychiatric therapist, is your typical snowbird — lives in New York for six months of the year and in his second home in Fort Lauderdale the other six months. While at his Fort Lauderdale home, he walked to his garage and attempted to start his mobility scooter to no avail. Goldstein quickly called our company and a technician was sent right away. From inspection, the technician quickly pinpointed the problem — the battery was not properly cared for. Mobility Scooter battery maintenance is the most common issue we see. The battery was quickly fixed and Goldstein was able to return to his daily routine. Needless to say, Goldstein was delighted with the efficiency in the service.

What should be understood is that a very small percentage of our products require the attention of our technicians. Yet the hallmark of a great company is to constantly meet the needs of their customers. If you’re interested in improving your ability to travel from one place to another, reach out to one of our representatives today!

SAVE MONEY TODAYIn conclusion, this article provided you with four affordable Mobility Scooter with excellent warranties, and a testimonial from a past customer. The difference between the mobility scooters recommended are the niches that the scooter is an expert in. The model you choose should support your lifestyle and activities; therefore, speaking to a knowledgeable representative is an important step when selecting the right scooter for your needs. Our company is an authorized dealer, provides free shipping, guarantee the lowest price, and most importantly, provides great factory warranties. We offer multiple methods to chat with one of our representatives, such as engaging in a Live Chat—similar to instant messaging—or calling our company directly at (877) 721-7748. During non-working hours, additional information about our company and our products is available on our blog.