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Going the Distance: The Best Mobility Scooters for Travel

NOTE: This blog post was published in 2016 and contains products that are no longer in stock or discontinued. If you navigate to our online shop click on the “mobility scooters” tab, then on the “travel mobility scooters” sub-menu option you can see all of the latest mobility scooters that are designed for traveling.

Have you considered the phrase that is going viral: “Going the distance: the best mobility scooters for travel?”

The Doctor and InsuranceHaving a mobility scooter is quintessential for many people who need assistance in traveling from one place to another. However, not all mobility scooters are made equally, and it is important that before purchasing a mobility scooter, the customer considers how effective the model will be in travel. What makes a model an excellent travel companion or capable of “going the distance?” Obviously, the first determinant is the travel range, which determines the distance the mobility scooter can cover without having an additional charge. Nothing is more counterproductive than having to constantly worry about the mobility scooter dying on you when in transit — who has time for that during the busy work week? Other determents to consider are the comfortability of the model and the speed at which it travels. Those two characteristics go hand-in-hand, as a fast model with horrible comfortability is a nightmare, especially when traveling in less than ideal sidewalks; and an extremely comfortable model, while enjoyable but moves at a glacial pace opens the driver to weather-related ailments, such as heat stroke.

The Five Best Mobility Scooters for Going the Distance

While the remainder of these mobility scooters is not in any particular order, our best mobility scooter for travel is the Merits Health Silverado Extreme Mobility Scooter. This model has been recently added to our inventory and has been flying off our shelves! The model from Merits Health works as a good conversation starter, as it has a slick and sporty look that couldn’t further resemble a traditional mobility scooter. The mobility scooter has an extensive travel range of 55 miles! Since most people travel within five to 10 miles from their office or home a day, this model provides charge for the entire workweek.

Other important product details to consider are the maximum speed, which is 7.5 mph; the turning radius of 82.7”; and the weight capacity of 450 lbs. This model is durable, also capable of traveling off-roads should the path needed to be taken calls for it. It comes equipped with a captain’s seat. Currently, the model is priced at $4749, which saves our customers $2249 or over 30 percent on the MSRP. Easy approved financing starts at $418 a month for 12 months at a 10 percent APR.

Secondly, consider our Heartway USA S12S Vita S Sport Mobility Scooter. This model also has a slick appearance but is equipped with a sporty seat. It quickly transports the driver to their intended destination, capable of driving off roads or on beaten sidewalks with cracks. The travel range on the model allows the driver to cover 20 or 30 miles without requiring an additional charge, an impressive feat depending upon the battery the mobility scooter comes equipped with.

The model has a speedy maximum speed of 12 mph; a turning radius of 50”; and, a weight capacity of 350 lbs. It is currently being sold for $3775, which is a 45 percent discount from the MSRP. Easy financing is offered on the product, costing at a 10 percent APR for 12 months $332 a month.

Another recommended model is badass — yes, we said that about a mobility scooter — Drive Medical Maverick 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter. This model is designed with the best of both worlds having the appearance of a motorcycle, while also resembling a luxury ATV. The travel range on this model is excoriating, capable of covering 35 miles without requiring an additional charge.

The maximum speed on this model is 9.5 mph; the turning radius is 62”; and the weight capacity is a strong 400 lbs. This model comes equipped with a captain or swivel chair — depending upon the preference of the rider. If you purchase the model today, you’ll save $5856 from the MSRP, as the model is priced at $4699. We also offer easy approved financing on this model, for 12 months at a 10 percent APR, costing $414 a month.

If you’re looking for a mobility scooter that can go the distance, another model to consider is the Drive Medical King Cobra Mobility Scooter. The tires on the model contribute to the amazing full-suspension — keeping the driver safe and secure during lengthy distances. The model is consistent with the previous mobility scooter mentioned, having the ability to travel up to 35 miles without needing an additional charge.

The maximum speed on the model is 11 mph; the turning radius is 83”; and the weight capacity is 450 lbs. This model comes equipped with a captain style seat with a headrest. It is currently being offered for $5249, which is nearly a discount of 50 percent. For financing, this model starts at $462 a month, for 12 months at a 10 percent APR.

Lastly, consider the Drive Cobra GT4 Mobility Scooter – 4-Wheel. You’ll be feeling like Bruce Wayne as you travel as this model comes in black color and sleek design. Being a four-wheel-drive model, the mobility scooter is well balanced and able to make quick precise stops. It has an impressive 35-mile travel range.

The model has a maximum speed of 10 mph; a turning radius of 82”; and a weight capacity of 450 lbs. It comes equipped with a sports seat. The mobility scooter is priced at $3949, which is a discount of over 50 percent on the MSRP. If you’re interested in easy approved financing, the model starts at $348 a month, for 12 months at a 10 percent APR.

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Recently Purchased Mobility Scooters Taken for a SpinWe value our customers and seek to make their buying experience as simple and convenient as possible. A hyperlink is offered directly under the name of the models listed within this article. We also have knowledgeable representatives, available during normal working hours, who can answer any question related to our inventory, who can be accessed either via a Live Chat or by calling our company directly at (877) 721-7748.