The Fastest Long Distance Mobility Scooters

The fastest long distance mobility scooters for traveling help the driver become more productive, and thereby more satisfied with their scooter than those scooters with inferior performance.

Therefore, readers who seek a scooter that marries top-of-the-line motors with the best batteries on the market today will find the most value from this article, which recommends the following quality mobility scooters:

  • EWheels EW-36 Mobility Scooter 3-Wheel;
  • Heartway USA S12S Vita S Sport Mobility Scooter; and,
  • King Cobra PGV Executive 4-Wheel Mobility Scooter.

Each has excellent mobility scooter reviews and having one of these quality mobility scooters can have a positive effect on the life of the driver, according to the Journal of Disability & Rehabilitation: Assistive Technology in their 2014 study.

Their conclusion on their study found that mobility scooters “improve occupational performance, social participation and life satisfaction for users. Moreover, these improvements seem to have an economic advantage for both users and society.”

Mobility Scooters for Safely Traveling at Rapid Speeds for Lengthy Distances

The EW-36 is one of the fastest mobility scooters on the market today, as the device comes equipped with a 500-watt brushless motor that propels the quality mobility scooter to a blazing maximum speed of 18 mph. One of the most surprising aspects of the EW-36 is the device is capable of stopping on a dime, traveling from a fast 18 mph speed to speeds less than three mph.

Having this ability to move at a rapid speed, while being able to slow down significantly within seconds makes this an excellent scooter for both indoor and outdoor travel. When traveling indoor, the device makes efficient turns that help it avoid running into important furniture and damaging walls.

The mobility powered device comes equipped with four 12v 20Ah batteries, which helps the long distance mobility scooter cover 45-miles per complete charge. This quality mobility scooter makes the owner more efficient, allowing the owner to spend more time focusing on other activities, with the understanding that their scooter will travel fast and battery-efficiently when in operation.

The second scooter with tremendous speed is the S12S Vita S Sport, which defies the traditional appearance of a mobility scooter. Traditionally, mobility scooters are clunky and ugly, along with being slow.

However, the S12S Vita S Sport is both sleek and fast. The S12S Vita S Sport is the former due to its clean, aerodynamic design, coming in a beautiful white tone. The scooter provides the best impressions on family, friends, and co-workers. The brand is known as a reliable option in our industry, consistently producing the best quality mobility scooters for a variety of customer needs and preferences.

Regarding the latter, the S12S Vita S Sport has a 4-pole 700W motor, which enables the mobility powered device to travel at a maximum speed of 12 mph. This best mobility scooter will efficiently travel from one location to another, saving precious time for more important areas of their life.

The device has 12v 50Ah or 12v 79Ah batteries, which depending upon the option chosen the quality mobility scooter cover 20-miles or 31-miles per complete charge. Both distances are immense; yet few scooters can cover 31-miles per full charge.

One of the recommended inclusions with the purchase of this affordable mobility scooter is a weatherproof cover (+$160) that shields the driver from bad weather. Having this protection ensures the best travel performance on a consistent basis — not to mention, protecting essential items, such as cellular device, briefcases, and clothes worn.

King Cobra PGV Executive 4-Wheel Mobility ScooterNothing is more frustrating than traveling when rain randomly falls from the skies. The weatherproof shield is the insurance when the weather does not occur as planned.

Finally, we recommend the King Cobra PGV Executive for fast travel from one location to another. This quality mobility scooter performs brilliantly, according to previous customers.

The mobility powered device can travel at a maximum speed of 10 mph while maintaining the safety of the driver. For instance, when traveling over beaten down sidewalks that have periodic potholes, the King Cobra PGV Executive will safely travel over the impediment without future repercussion.

The long distance mobility scooter can cover a vast distance of 35-miles per complete charge. The weight capacity on the King Cobra PGV Executive is an immense 450 lbs.

The King Cobra PGV Executive comes equipped with one of the most comfortable seating arrangements on the market today — the sports style captain seat. The seat is designed for the driver’s body, keeping it protective and comfortable for travel.

The King Cobra PGV Executive can also come with additional accessories to best personalize the device for the driver. For customers who have difficulty breathing without an oxygen tank, we have an accessory that will hold the tank securely while traveling. The oxygen tank holder (+$55) maintains its form for years following the date of purchase.

Purchase the Fastest Mobility Scooters with Impressive Travel Ranges

“Our organization believes that every senior should have an affordable option to stay independent while simultaneously greatly reducing the likelihood of an accidental injury,” according to our website.

This article recommended three of the fastest mobility scooters, which also have impressive travel ranges. These devices provide impressive performance years following the date of purchase, being expertly constructed with excellent attention to detail.

These devices have tremendous effects on the overall well-being of our customers. For more information on our cheap mobility scooters, we recommend reaching out to one of our skilled customer service representatives. These agents can solve the most pressing questions on our client’s minds.

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