Fast Disability Scooter Provides Seamless Mobility

John W., a verified buyer, is beyond satisfied with his purchase of an EWheels EW-36 Mobility Scooter. John purchased the product for his wife, who had difficulty enjoying her life due to her mobility constraints.

“My wife can now go visit her friends in our neighborhood whenever she wishes,” John said, who awarded the product with a five-star mobility scooter review. “It gives her more freedom and independence.”

Leslie B., a second verified buyer of the EW-36, originally purchased the quality disability scooter for her father but decided to keep the first shipment for herself.

“This scooter is awesome!” Leslie said, in a five-star disability scooter review. “If you have a senior [or] disabled person in your life who needs a scooter, but is turned off by all the ugly, run-of-the-mill, old lady scooters out there, this is the scooter for you!”

The consensus on the market is that the EW-36 is among the best. The fast disability scooter provides seamless mobility while being an affordable option for customers on a tight budget.

The Best Disability Scooter When Time is a Factor

The EW-36 is one of the fastest mobility scooters on the market. It is definitely the best disability scooter when time is a factor.

The EW-36 is the best long distance mobility scooter

For instance, customers commonly need to venture out of the home, whether it be to complete errands or to go to the office for work. It is important for both these common uses that the product taken will make the task easier to accomplish — it also doesn’t hurt if the elderly scooter is sleek.

“I love the ride,” Yolanda Reece Montez said in a five-star disability scooter review. “Everywhere I go, people stop and marvel.”

The EW-36 comes in a variety of colors, such as red, blue, iridescent purple, black or camo. Each provides a strong first impression, just based upon appearance.

However, the quality of its performance will improve upon that strong first impression, as the EW-36 is a testament to how good a disability scooter can be.

This blazing fast mobility scooter is equipped with a brushless 500-watt 2300 rpm motor. The EW-36 can reach a maximum speed of 18 miles per hour.

The long distance disability scooter is equipped with 12V 20AH sealed AGM lead acid deep cycle batteries, which makes it capable of covering 45 miles per total charge.

The combination marries speed and distance, propelling the product to unmatchable efficiency for most competing products.

There are more impressive performance abilities. When traveling on beaten down sidewalks, the EW-36 will move efficiently over impediments on the path. It has an 8-inch ground clearance.

The grade climbable is also robust, being 11 degrees. Customers expressed satisfaction with its climbing abilities.

Mary M., a verified buyer, purchased the EW-36 for her brother.

“He loves it!” Mary said. “He was surprised at how fast it would go and how easily it went up hills!”

Rita B., a verified buyer, was also impressed by the versatility of the EW-36, which is among the best mobility scooters for parks.

“We live on a hill and the power of this scooter is more than enough to make the climb,” Rita said. “My mom loves it!”

The EW-36 is equipped with parts that add to the travel experience, especially when the person is in a hurry and does not want to have their product breakdown on him or her. It has 16-inch ATW pneumatic air-filled tires, on both the front and rear.

The speed when traveling, whether on a bumpy road or an off-road trail, is controllable with an easy to use turn dial and is propelled by a hand throttle.

The fast mobility scooter can hold a weight capacity of 350 pounds, which supports a majority of obese people and others who may want to carry essential items with them on their journey.

If traveling at night, extra features will ensure the driver is safe. The headlights illuminate the darkness, ensuring the driver can travel along safely.

There are vivid brake lights and taillights on the EW-36, so approaching vehicles can easily see the product in motion in the darkness. Underneath the seat is a secure storage space to hold valuables when traveling.

Other features can include protection from inclement weather conditions. For an additional fee, the affordable mobility scooter can have a weatherproof cover with its purchase.

The weatherproof cover provides impressive protection from bad weather conditions that often seem to arise at the worst times.

There is also an option of a vented canopy, which works similarly to the weatherproof cover. A team member from our nationwide disability scooter store can provide more information on these features, along with different ways to purchase the product.

Buy a Fast, Affordable Mobility Scooter, Today!

The EW-36 is one of the fastest mobility scooters on the market. It marries tremendous speed with the capabilities to cover long distances. The product also has a sleek appearance.

Customers are overwhelmingly positive about their experiences with the quality mobility scooter from EWheels.

“This is a wonderful scooter,” Richard K., a verified buyer who gave the EW-36 a five-star mobility scooter review, said. “Great looks, great ride, great price.”

If you are interested in learning more about the quality mobility scooter that has become a pivotal part in the lives of so many satisfied buyers, we recommend reaching out to one of the skilled technicians.

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Interested customers can also visit our website, where we have a live-chat feature, plus a forum that answers the most complicated questions.

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The EW-36 is a product that will perform great years beyond the date of purchase. It has excellent performance while being a secure product to travel around.

“I can scoot around town with heads turning,” Lynn P. said, a verified buyer who in a mobility scooter review, gave the EW-36 five-stars. “Has everything you need to be safe on the road and meets my needs perfectly.”