The EV Rider TranSport Plus Folding Mobility Scooter is One of the Best Mobility Scooters on the Market Today

Looking for a quality mobility scooter that promises one of the best riding experiences on the market today?

The EV Rider TranSport Plus Folding Mobility Scooter is one of the best mobility scooters on the market today. This mobility powered device provides impressive performance from one place to another.

The scooter is inexpensively priced, at a significant discount from the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP). The quality mobility scooter also comes equipped with some of the best technology accessories.

Robust Performance via this Travel Mobility Scooter

The TranSport Plus is a high performing travel mobility scooter, providing impressive performance on a consistent basis. This device has a maximum speed of 4 mph with the 4-pole 270w motor, which helps the quality mobility scooter travel at an effective speed during traveling.

Being able to travel expertly at a moderate speed is an asset when traveling indoors. For instance, a portion of our audience uses their TranSport Plus to move within the office at work.

The employee has their office, but throughout the day needs to visit his colleagues’ offices to discuss important internal business matters. Rather than having to worry about knocking over expensive items and damaging furniture, the driver will have solace that their quality mobility scooter will weave around the turns with expertise.

The TranSport Plus comes equipped with either a 12v12Ah SLA lead acid battery, which helps the device cover between 10 miles to 15 miles per complete charge of the apparatus. This is sufficient for daily travels, as most clients do not exceed this travel range during an ordinary day.

One of the best assets of the TranSport Plus is the ease of the assemble and disassemble process. The folding mobility scooter is perfect for long vacations, along with daily travels during the life of the owner.

EV RIDER TranSport PlusThe TranSport Plus, without the removable battery pack, weighs a mere 46 lbs. Having a low battery weight makes loading the device into an SUV, a car, and other vehicles simple. The driver just needs to remove the battery pack, which significantly lowers the weight of the folding mobility scooter, fold the seat down to remove it as well, lift a handle from the center of the device and it folds away!

The folding mobility scooter takes up little trunk space, which is ideal when traveling, whether it be via train, plane, and a motorized vehicle. This will decrease the stress that is often accompanied with travel, as the device resolves any uncertainty the driver may have, being such an efficient device.

Another defining characteristic of the TranSport Plus is that it has a sleek appearance. The TranSport Plus comes in colors burgundy, metallic blue, copper, and plum. Each of these colors provides the best first impressions on other people.

The device can travel from one place to another while providing a reputable appearance of the driver. For those who see the device in motion with the driver leisurely seated on the instrument, they will be impressed with its aerodynamic frame and the minimalist design on the TranSport Plus.

The affordable mobility scooter is currently listed for $1,499 — providing a discount of nearly 40 percent from the MSRP. Alternatively, customers can also purchase this cheap mobility scooter by utilizing simple financing options. Simple aid options on the TranSport Plus starts at $132 a month for 12-months at a 10 percent APR.

Customers can also include valuable accessories when purchasing this quality mobility scooter. One of the options that we recommend is a cup holder (+FREE) that can become equipped with the device. This fixture, for example, will hold a crisp bottle of Gatorade from its G Series, which will keep the driver in hydration, even on days where the sun is blazing, and there are few clouds offering shelter.

For new customers, we recommend having a “white glove delivery” (+$240), where our agents come to the residence and deliver their mobility scooter in person. For many of our previous customers, they greatly appreciated having an agent arrive in person to help the driver become acclimated to the scooter and its features.

While the members of our team are at the residence, they will assemble the device, while also navigating the customer through the user manual, ensuring the best usage of the scooter, as well as helping the client travel confidently from one place to another.

Purchase the Best Folding Mobility Scooter, Today!

We firmly recommend this excellent mobility scooter for traveling. The TranSport Plus provides impressive performance, advanced technologies, and a favorable appearance all in one affordable mobility scooter.

For more information on this folding mobility scooter, we recommend reaching out to one of the skilled customer service representatives from our company. During the conversation, our agents can provide specific details on the device, along with recommending similar quality mobility scooters that may be preferable.

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Some customers may be skeptical, asking: ‘How is this possible?’ “The way Mobility Scooters Direct offers affordable mobility scooter options is by maintaining manufacturer direct relationships which means there is no middleman, this allows us to give you the best possible price on any product we offer.”

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