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Best Mobility Scooter for Social Distancing

Finding the Best Mobility Scooter for Social Distancing

In these current times, the COVID-19 infection has turned into a pandemic. There have been several stay at home orders. In fact, CNN reports that around 50% of the country has stay at home orders. Many people have already been home for at least 2 weeks and there is no end in sight. Many customers of ours are calling us and explaining that they need to get out and get some fresh air where it is safe. They want to follow the recommendations from the CDC and the federal government to avoid catching what can be a potentially fatal virus.

For this reason, we’re being asked constantly what is the best mobility scooter for social distancing? In order for a scooter to be effective for social distancing, you just need to stay about 6 feet away from people you come into contact with. However, some people want additional protection. And while there are no guarantees, having a physical layer of plastic surrounding your entire mobility scooter could potentially help reduce the transmission. After all, if there is no pathway to your nose, ears, mouth, etc because you are enclosed the virus cannot enter your body. It is very important that you still practice all recommendations such as washing your hands for 20 seconds, learning how to disinfect your mobility scooter, and more.

The Best Mobility Scooter For Social Distancing – The Afikim S3

Without further ado, the best mobility scooter for social distancing is clearly the Afikim S3 with the roof canopy upgrade. While costly, this is a heavy-duty mobility scooter with specs that are highly sought after. For instance, on a single charge, you can go up to 28 miles with a top speed of 9.3MPH.

The solid plexiglass canopy upgrade is the most critical piece of this puzzle along with the rain sides. Some people opt for the rain sides which will cover the entire scooter leaving no large openings. Be sure to call us so we can figure out which option is perfect for you. The option you choose will also change the appearance of the mobility scooter as you can create a blockage in several different ways. It is what allows you to essentially be enclosed into the scooter and by adding an additional layer, helps to prevent airborne particles from entering your respiratory system. The cost to add this upgrade is $850.00. However, there are several specials we are running right now to try and help prevent the spread of the virus so be sure to ask your sales rep for any applicable discounts for this unit. Be sure to ask for a full enclosure option as well that will cover the sides in addition to the front of the mobility scooter.

Afikim is a fantastic manufacturer who has been around for several years. They stand behind their products and offer fantastic warranties. All of our customers who have purchased this mobility scooter in the past have been extremely satisfied with it. However, it is important to note that you cannot fit this in the trunk of your car. It is a heavy duty scooter that weighs 234lbs.There are not any travel mobility scooters that you can affix a canopy too. So if you seek the best mobility scooter for social distancing you now know the make, model, and options to buy!