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Best 4 Wheel Disability Scooters

Our nationwide mobility scooter store sells products that provide a safe ride from one place to another. These promise stability, which is imperative for the disabled, seniors and obese customers. The best 4 wheel mobility scooters provide reassurance for a secure travel experience.

These top 4 wheel disability scooters include the Pride Jazzy Zero Turn Mobility Scooter, the EWheels EW-72 Mobility Scooter 4-Wheel and the AFIKIM Afiscooter Breeze C Mobility Scooter 4-Wheel. Each of these has great mobility scooter reviews, as there are numerous owners who found immense satisfaction from these products.

While it varies, these scooters for the disabled each provide a unique service. One is one of the best lightweight travel mobility scooters. A second is among the fastest mobility scooters. A third is a luxury disability scooter. Altogether, they each are reliable, robust products for years following their date of purchase.

Pride Jazzy Zero Turn Mobility Scooter for All Day Travel

The Jazzy Zero Turn mobility scooter is a great product for a variety of activities. The Jazzy Wheelchair name has been around for over 20 years as it was one of the first products made by Pride Mobility.

Andy R., who gave the product five-stars in a disability scooter review, said he purchased the product for his mother. Since his purchase, his mother, 84 years old, is able to enjoy shopping trips and vacations.

“We had a full day shopping and visiting Outlet Malls the other day, and the Jazzy Scooter was awesome,” Andy said. “She loves it. Highly recommended and it’s so easy to assemble and break-down for travel in the back of her Dodge Grand Minivan.”

The Jazzy mobility scooter is known for its outstanding turning radius when going on outings with friends and family. Instead of having to slow down to make turns, which can make those moments mundane and awkward, the Zero Turn mobility scooter maneuvers tightly.

The Jazzy Zero Turn disability scooter has a 38-inch turning radius. The tight turns are made possible because it has two motors, one for each set of wheels. Having these two motors allows them to work against each other providing a turn from its own power axis.

Other performance skills of the Pride Mobility scooter include a maximum speed of 4 miles per hour on a 24V motor. Also, with sealed lead acid 12V 22Ah batteries, the long-distance mobility scooter covers up to 10 miles per complete charge.

The Jazzy disability scooter has solid 2-inch by 7-inch front wheels and solid 2.5-inch by 9-inch rear wheels. These are sturdy, capable of running on a variety of terrains.

The weight capacity is 300 pounds.

EWheels EW-72 Fast Mobility Scooter for Traveling

Another best four-wheel disability scooters is the EW-72. The product has the stability of a 4 wheel mobility scooter while moving at fast speeds.

For those who are in a hurry, having the EW 72 will get them where they need to go more rapidly than nearly any other disability scooter on the market.

The EW 72 mobility scooter is equipped with a 700-watt motor and is capable of moving at a 15 mph maximum speed. The long-distance disability scooter, which has 48V 20Ah lead-acid batteries, can cover nearly 45 miles per total charge.

ew-72 mobility scooter

Charles B. purchased the EW 72 because of its effectiveness. The Paso Robles, California, man is a paraplegic, which is the loss of muscle function in the lower half of the body. He hates slow-moving mobility scooters.

“The speed it can travel and the distance it can go on a single charge,” said Charles as a strength of the 4 wheel mobility scooter.

The EW 72 is more than a mobility scooter with top-of-the-line performance. The 4 wheel mobility scooter is among the best options for adults with obesity.

The weight capacity on the E Wheels mobility scooter is 500 pounds. Morbidly obese drivers will not have to worry about their weight impeding the operation of the quality disability scooter.

AFIKIM Afiscooter Makes Life a Breeze Riding With the 4 Wheel Mobility Scooter

Mike P., a previous customer who purchased the Afiscooter Breeze C, gave the product a five-star mobility scooter review.

“I have had my scooter for a month and can not be more pleased,” Mike said. “I take it out each evening for about an hour for fresh air and it gives me an opportunity to see neighbors. I love my new scooter and my new independence.”

The Afiscooter Breeze C disability scooter provides plenty of performance for the people who use the product, such as Mike does. The handicap person mobility scooter reaches maximum speeds over 9 mph.

afikim s4 mobility scooter

The long-distance disability scooter, equipped with 22NF 12V 55Ah batteries, has a 25-mile travel range per complete charge.

Buyers shouldn’t be surprised that products from Afikim are among the best in the industry. It has been providing customers with the highest standards of technological innovation since 1978.

That innovation can be seen in each of its products.

One feature that is beloved by customers is the captain seat. It is beyond comfortable, providing mile after mile of travel without the pains associated with normal stiff rides from competing products.

While venturing on extended rides, if needed, the driver will have a great control system. It includes a power switch, a battery indicator, speed control, switches for the headlights and turning lights. Also, there are two horns. The bright LED lights provide clarity, should the driver ever need to travel in the early morning or the evening.

Buy a 4 Wheel Mobility Scooter for Traveling and Reap the Benefits

Mobility Scooters Direct sells the best mobility scooters for customers who need help traveling from one place to another. This can be for indoor traveling, outdoor traveling or nearly any other form of travel.

To learn more about our products, visit our website to engage in a live chat with one of our skilled technicians. You can also speak with a mobility expert by phone by calling (877) 721-7748 during our hours of operation.

We want our customers to have all the advantages of seamless mobility.

“Our organization believes that every senior should have an affordable option to stay independent while simultaneously greatly reducing the likelihood of an accidental injury,” our website provides. “Simply put, we place ourselves in the customer’s shoes to give the best service we can provide.”