Benefits of Folding Mobility Scooters & 3 Great Models to Choose

In the market for a brand new mobility scooter? Looking for something light to carry and easy to store? When shopping online for a light and easy to store mobility scooter first time shoppers may ask where to start or what to look for. With so much out there to choose from I will explain not only the benefits of folding mobility scooters but also point out some great models to consider when looking for something very light and easy to store away.

Benefits of a Folding Scooter

For those unfamiliar with folding handicapped scooters, there are many benefits of their use. For one, when riding in or outdoors, they normally provide some of the best maneuverability you can get from a mobility scooter. Whether 3 or 4 wheel you will find it very easy to turn through tight spaces like hallways or doorways. Another great factor to consider is the storage factor. Most handicap mobility scooters come apart and disassemble into quite a few pieces, which in result not only takes up time to store but you also have the weight factor involved. Some of the pieces you would have to disassemble can weigh up 60 or 70 lb’s a part! Folding models on the other hand generally weigh less than 100 lb’s with batteries included and there is no disassembly required to store! All you have to do is simply fold the mobility scooter! Another factor to keep in mind is that these 60-100 lb folding handicap scooters can handle anywhere between 2-300 lb’s in weight capacity so remember although it seems light and easy to break these frames and models a very durable!

3 of the Best Recommended Folding Mobility Scooters

Next I will help point out some great folding models to consider when shopping online for the best or most durable folding scooters.

The Mobie Handicap Scooter

The Mobie Folding Mobility Scooter by Solax

First of the few I will recommend is the Mobie by Solax. The Mobie is a 4 wheel folding scooter capable of holding up and supporting as much as 300 lb’s  while only weighing 75 lb’s! Great for both in and outdoors it gets through tight spaces with ease going a maximum of 3.5 mph so there are no worries as far as crashing or falling. Riding on lithium batteries, The Mobie by Solax is capable of riding as long as 13.5 miles before a full charge is once again needed! Best of all! when you’re done using the Mobie all you have to do is fold the seat down then fold the scooter in half! Not bad for a folding scooter that only weighs 75 lb’s.

The Caddy Mobility Scooter

The Caddy Folding Mobility Scooter by AFIKIM

The next model I highly recommend is The Caddy by AFIKIM. Weighing 93 lb’s with an aluminum structure, this 3 wheel handicap folding scooter is capable of supporting  up to 220 lb’s capacity in a 19” wide seat so it is more so intended for a smaller body frame. Riding up to 12 miles between each charge, The Caddy by AFIKIM is an enjoyable ride any it goes turning at a radius of 41” it maneuvers smoothly through most terrains, was designed for easy folding and storage space, and is overall one of the best folding electric mobility scooters out there! On top of all this AFIKIM does the unthinkable and offers a 2 year service warranty on parts and service showing that they stand behind their product and its quality!

The Go-Go Folding Mobility Scooter

The Go Go Folding Mobility Scooter by Pride Mobility

The next folding scooter I would recommend is Pride Mobility’s Go Go Folding Scooter. This durable and light weight handicap folding scooter is one of today’s top folding models! With two battery options available you can choose between the 12v 12Ah Lead Acid or the Lithium upgrade making a difference in weight between 10-20 lbs average. At most the Go Go Folding weighs about 70 lb’s making it one of the lightest available on the market! Depending on the battery size you choose The Go Go Folding Mobility Scooter can travel 9.3 miles or 12.5 miles depending on which battery option you choose. Weighing so little Pride Mobility’s Go Go Folding Mobility Scooter can handle as much as 250 lbs in a 16” seat so there is plenty of comfort and support. Turning at a radius of 32” this 4 wheel rides smoothly and maneuver as if it were a 3 wheel model. With Prides stamp of approval this reliable folding scooter comes with a 1 year warranty on both service and parts, Not many can offer the quality of product or reliability of service Pride has to offer, which help make the Go Go Folding Scooter a great choice!

Ready to Buy your very Own Folding Mobility Scooter?

The Folding scooters mentioned above are ones I would say definitely meet the standard needed to satisfy anyone looking for a senior citizen scooter that is easy to store and keep out of the way of things. Although none of the above are extremely fast they are all pleasantly smooth rides capable of maintaining an elegant drive through most terrains. Remember if you’re looking for options such as something lightweight, compact, great on maneuverability and easy to store away, The foldable style mobility scooters are the way to go!