Awesome Looking Mobility Scooters for the Obese on Summer Savings

Awesome looking mobility scooters for the obese on summer savings can be found at our online mobility scooter store. These impressive mobility powered devices provide a wealth of value for the driver who uses these quality mobility scooters to travel from one place to another.

This article will recommend three of the best mobility scooters for the obese on summer savings, which includes the following options:

These products are favored by many, as they provide an excellent return on investment when considering the utility the mobility powered device provides each day.

Heartway USA S12S Vita S Sport Mobility Scooter (2)Some of these luxury mobility scooters, such as the products mentioned, will turn heads, like what happened to Rodney Prider, when he was pulled over by “a group of Adelaide traffic cops recently in his hometown of Mount Gambier,” according to ABC.

“They stopped me and I said ‘What’s going on?’ he said. After circling him for a few minutes, the policemen let the surprised 69-year-old go, telling him ‘we just wanted to check out your ride.'”

Luxury Mobility Scooters with Impressive Performance

The S12S Vita S Sport is the first recommended, quality mobility scooter offered from our mobility scooter shop. These sleek model, which can come in colors silver or black, provides a favorable impression on every outing.

The 4 wheel mobility scooter has a 4 pole 700W motor, which enables the device to travel at a maximum speed of 12 mph. The long distance mobility scooter can cover either 20-miles or 31-miles depending upon the battery chosen — the former is a 12V 50Ah battery while the latter is a 12V 79Ah battery.

The weight capacity on the quality mobility scooter is 350 lbs., which provides strong support for a majority of persons who are obese. We recommend personalizing this luxury mobility scooter to the needs of the driver, for instance, when rain occurs while traveling from one place to another. A weatherproof cover, for an additional $160, provides impressive protection that will shield the driver from bad weather.

As of the publication of this article, the affordable mobility scooter is listed for $3,699, which offers a savings of 45 percent off the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP). Alternatively, the luxury mobility scooter can be purchased for $326 a month for 12-months on a 10 percent APR, using simple financing.

Our second recommended awesome looking mobility scooter is the Maverick offered from Drive Medical.  “The Maverick makes for an excellent choice when looking for a heavy duty scooter that can still manage a sporty look,” according to the product description. The Maverick has the appearance of a badass motorcycle while providing performance with its equipment that is amongst Heartway USA S12X Vita Monster Mobility Scooterthe highest tiers of the best mobility scooters.

The 3 wheel mobility scooter comes equipped with a 1300W motor that can reach a maximum speed of 9.5 mph. The long distance mobility scooter has a 75Ah battery that helps the device cover 35-miles per complete charge. The weight capacity on the Maverick is 400 lbs.

The affordable mobility scooter is listed for $4,699, which reflects a savings of 55 percent off the MSRP. For simple financing on the Maverick, our customers will find simple financing starts at $414 a month for 12-months at a 10 percent APR.

Lastly, consider the S12X Vita Monster, which has one of the most rugged appearances among heavy duty mobility scooters. The S12X Vita Monster is the best mobility scooter for off-road travel having large tires that perform well on a variety of surfaces. These can include a sidewalk plagued with potholes that have a slick surface because of the rain, along with hiking with your better-half up a mountain trail during the summer.

The 4 wheel mobility scooter for traveling has a 900W 4 pole motor, which enables the S12X Vita Monster to travel at a maximum speed of nearly 12 mph. The long distance mobility scooter comes equipped with a 24V lead acid rechargeable battery that helps the driver cover 28-miles per compete charge. The weight capacity is 350 lbs.

When traveling off-roads, the driver will be blessed with a 22″ sport seat that provides excellent support for the driver, especially in the lower back. “Back pain is one of the most common painful and non-life-threatening conditions,” according to Harvard Health Publications. “It affects four in five Americans at some point in their lives.” In the long-term, this seating arrangement will provide enormous savings that would otherwise go to solving bad back pain.

The cheap mobility scooter is on a sizable summer discount of 45 percent from the MSRP, as the S12X Vita Monster is listed for $4,999. Alternatively, customers can acquire the affordable mobility scooter using simple financing, which starts at $440 a month for 12-months at a 10 percent APR.

Purchase a Luxury Mobility Scooter that Exceeds Expectations

This article recommended three awesome looking mobility scooters for the obese on summer savings. These provide immense day-to-day value for the client, which is evident in mobility scooter reviews that proclaim their satisfaction.

For more information on our luxury mobility scooters recommended in this article, we recommend reaching out to a knowledgeable customer service representative, who can provide effective assistance. To speak with a member of our team, please call (877) 721-7748. Our hours of operation are from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time) during the weekdays; on weekends, our skilled staff members can provide assistance from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. (EST).

“As more customised models emerge… a growing band of folks are swapping the sedate for the sporty,” writes ABC. Prider was embarrassed when riding his previous mobilitys cooter. “‘It was that small and slow. To go up a hill, you had to literally get off and do this,’ he said, mimicking dismounting and pushing it upwards.

‘Now I feel like myself,’ he said, tapping his new model proudly. ‘I spotted this one and that was it,’ declared Mr. Prider.”