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Affordable Mobility Scooters for the Elderly

When George M. was informed by his doctor that he could no longer drive his car, he was devastated. However, his doctor advised him that he could purchase among the affordable mobility scooters for the elderly.

“My scooter has helped me regain my freedom,” George said, referencing the EW-32 Scooter By E-Wheels. “Now I am able to run errands in my neighborhood and visit friends like I use to do when I was driving.”

As Americans grow older, they need to adapt to their bodies. Mobility Scooters Direct empowers seniors with the ability to maintain their independence as they age.

Our nationwide disability scooter store recommends the Golden Buzzaround EX Mobility Scooter 3-Wheel, the EW-32, and the AFIKIM Afiscooter Breeze C Mobility Scooter 4-Wheel. These products have customers that had their lives change for the better, such as George.

The Best Disability Scooters for Seniors on a Budget

The Buzzaround mobility scooter by Golden Technologies is an innovative product. It is built like a full-sized mobility scooter yet has portability and lightweight features.

As we age, food becomes more appealing than ever. The Buzz Around scooter is perfect for older adults that love having a delectable dessert following an intimate meal with family. It can support a weight capacity of 330 lbs.

Golden Buzzaround EX Mobility Scooter 4-Wheel

The Buzz Around mobility scooter travels at a quick pace, capable of maximum speeds of 5 miles per hour. The mobility scooter for parks moves at a good pace. It is perfect for a conversation with adult children in nature when they visit.

When in the outdoors, the Buzzaround Scooter will seamlessly move on beaten down sidewalks and small hills. It has a 4” ground clearance, plus a 6 degrees maximum incline rating.

Lynda R. is a verified buyer of the affordable disability scooter. She has a bad back, but the Buzz-around scooter helps her avoid more pain.

“When I go over sidewalk cracks,” Lynda said in her five-star elderly scooter review, “I can feel the suspension working hard underneath me to make sure that I don’t feel the bumps in the road.”

The 4 wheel disability scooter is equipped with U1 batteries for extended trips outside. The scooter for the handicapped can cover 18 miles per total charge.

The Buzz-Around mobility scooter comes in fun colors that are all positive vibes. Seniors can choose a red tone for the product or sleek blue color on the quality mobility scooter.

The EW-32 has a unique design that contributes to its durability and performance.

The 3 wheel mobility scooter is built with a strong frame, along with air-filled tires that contribute to a smooth ride.

The E-Wheels mobility scooter has a powerful brushless motor, propelling this fast mobility scooter to a maximum speed of 10 mph. The scooter for the elderly will have the person quickly at his or her destination.

Sam H. loves the sporty features of the scooter for the disabled. “Gets me where I need to go,” Sam said, who gave the EW-32 a five-star elderly scooter review.

The long distance mobility scooter has a 35-mile travel range, as it is equipped with 48V 20AH sealed lead-acid batteries. The scooter for the handicap provides a secure ride on extended trips, with 3” ground clearance and 6 degrees grade climbable.

Obese customers love this scooter for the disabled. The EW-32 supports a 350 lbs. weight capacity.

The awesome looking mobility scooter comes in an eye-catching red color.

Lastly, we recommend the Afiscooter Breeze C. The elderly mobility scooter dominates the competition in both indoor and outdoor travels.

Regardless of the terrain, the affordable mobility scooter for traveling will move the driver comfortably with top-of-the-line rear-wheel suspension and durable shock absorbers.

The Afiscooter Breeze C is an excellent product for all-day hangouts with friends and family.

Scooter for the Elderly: The Afiscooter Breeze C

The padded tiller handlebar can be customized for the right hand or the left hand, depending on the preference of the driver. It is easy to maneuver the 4 wheel disability scooter forward or backward.

One of the most popular features on the Afiscooter Breeze C is the luxurious captain seat. The orthopedic 18-inch adjustable captain seat swivels on command, providing easy access to sit or stand. The seat contours to the back, making the ride comfortable, whether the trip is a few blocks or many miles.

The comfortable seat makes the Afiscooter Breeze C a perfect mobility scooter for football games with the company. The driver can sit in the stands, watch the game on the comfortable seat and maneuver on the grass without constraints.

The luxury mobility scooter moves at a speedy pace, having a maximum speed that is over 9 mph. The long-distance mobility scooter, with 22NF 12V 55AH batteries, covers 25 miles per total charge. The weight capacity on the Afiscooter Breeze C is 330 lbs.

Where Can I Buy Scooters for the Elderly?

Mobility Scooters Direct believes as people age, they shouldn’t have to lose their independence. For over 30 years, seniors have contributed to society and that should be valued.

Our nationwide mobility scooter store provides a comprehensive list of products for those in search of an elderly mobility scooter. Our skilled technicians can provide more information about our products.

To learn more or to buy an affordable disability scooter, call (877) 721-7748 or engage in a live chat on our website. We are open Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST. Saturday and Sunday, our team is available from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. EST.

Our goal is to provide seniors with a product that increases their independence and lets them enjoy life.

Phylis I., who purchased the EW-32, wanted a mobility scooter she would enjoy as she traveled. Not only did the product exceed her expectations in performance, but there is also a feature that she loves and makes her look forward to every ride.

“I just received my new scooter and it’s fantastic,” Phylis wrote in her five-star mobility scooter review. “Listening to music as I ride is very enjoyable.”