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The 3 Most Affordable Mobility Scooter Lifts

If you’re shopping online for an affordable mobility scooter lift you may have a hard time finding which models would be the cheapest but with this article we are going to help you not only narrow down your selection of the most affordable mobility scooter lift, but also give you the most reliable source to purchase mobility scooter lift from. The models that are listed today may not necessarily be compatible with your mobility scooter or motor vehicle so before purchasing verify that your vehicle and mobility scooter are compatible with the models presented today.

Lowest Priced Mobility Scooter Lifts Available Online

Today I will provide you information below that you will see is useful in helping you find the most inexpensive mobility scooter lifts that are available online. On top of this, I will go over the features and details of each one so you can see if they will work for your needs. Doing this should help you determine what to purchase rather than looking through a long list and variety of different mobility scooter lifts available.

TrekAway Vehicle Lift


The TrekAway Vehicle Lift designed by Prairie View Ramps is the third lowest-priced affordable mobility scooter lift available on the internet. The TrekAway is an outside lift that has a weight capacity of 325 lbs. Compatible with a Class II or III hitch, The TrekAway Vehicle Lift by Prairie View Ramps comes standard with a 30” by 48” platform or you also have the option of a 70” platform allowing easier loading and unloading. The TrekAway Vehicle Lift weighs about 70 lbs with the capability of holding a majority of mobility scooters available on the market and even some power wheelchairs. Overall this a great choice that is definitely worth the money.

AL055 Economy Inside Scooter Vehicle Lift


The AL055 Economy Inside Scooter Vehicle Lift is built by Harmar is an economy inside the lift and is the second most affordable mobility scooter lift available online. Very easy to use and super light The AL055 only weighs a total of 40 lbs and assembles or disassembles in two easy pieces. The AL055 by Harmar is designed with a 40” long by 17” wide by 15” high lift capable of lifting maximum weight capacity of 200 lbs so it works great for a majority or average-sized mobility scooters on the market.

Universal Outside Carrier Vehicle Lift


The Universal Outside Carrier Vehicle Lift by Harmar is an outside lift and is the lowest costing reliable mobility scooter lift that is available online. Only weighing 88 lbs The Universal Outside Carrier Vehicle Lift is capable of sustaining a maximum weight capacity of 500 lbs The Universal Outside Carrier Vehicle Lift by Harmar and is compatible with a Class II or class III hitch and is 48” in length and 28” in width and comes with a 60” sliding ramp. Overall this is a great mobility scooter lift for most mobility scooters available online.

Which Model Will You Choose

Now that you know which 3 mobility scooter lifts available are the most affordable are you ready to buy? Keep in mind that if these are not compatible with your vehicle or if you just prefer a different model there are plenty of other reliable and affordable mobility scooter lifts available online. Hopefully, the information I have given you today will help you in making a final decision in purchasing the right model.