Best Mobility Scooter Hitch Lifts

Mobility Scooters empower our customers with the ability to travel from one place to another independently. It is a newfound freedom that may have seemed impossible before ordering a quality mobility scooter.

But, if a customer wants the full advantages of having a disability scooter, he or she should consider researching the best mobility scooter hitch lifts. These include the following products:

>> The AL301XLHD Heavy Duty Fusion Vehicle Lift;
>> The Pride Commander 200 Hitch Mount Vehicle Lift; and
>> The Pride Outlander TM Exterior Lift.

These disability scooter hitch lifts are best sellers. It is because they were crafted with some of the best parts and work reliably for years following the date of purchase.

These hitch-mounted lifts have sleek designs that complement the style of the vehicle. The products are secure, being made from the best parts.

The AL301XLHD is a Reliable and Affordable Heavy Duty Fusion Vehicle Lift

A hitch lift for a mobility scooter lets our customer go wherever they want to go, without restraints.

A person will usually move within a home with the scooter for the disabled in the early morning. Attach the product via the hitch lift, such as AL301XLHD heavy duty vehicle lift for scooters, then drive to the office.

The AL301XLHD Heavy Duty Fusion Vehicle Lift. Photo via Mobility Scooters Direct.

The man or female will proceed to work for several hours with a lunch break — taking the quality disability scooter to the nearby restaurant with colleagues — and work until the late afternoon.

Upon finishing work obligations, he or she can have the AL301XLHD heavy duty fusion vehicle lift to place the mobility scooter within the automobile, then travel back home.

When the person arrives, the mobility scooter will easily exit the Harmar scooter lift and he or she can drive it into the residence. A productive day without impediments.

The Harmar lift system is designed to carry nearly any type of mobility scooter. However, it specializes in heavy duty mobility scooters and power wheelchairs. The product can lift 400 pounds!

Having a 400-pound weight capacity has made the AL301XLHD one of the most powerful outdoor vehicle lifts on the market.

One of the reasons it has such robust strength is in the design. The length of the AL301XLHD vehicle lift is adjustable between 39 inches to 53 inches in length on the aluminum deck while sized at 36 inches in width.

Despite the comprehensive size, the Harmar lift system is simple to install and weighs 102 pounds. It is battery hardwired.

The Best Pride Hitch Lift Systems for Mobility Scooters

The Pride Commander 200 Hitch Mount Vehicle Lift is a product that provides impressive service at the push of a button. The owner is truly in charge of his or her destiny with this product.

The Commander 200 scooter lift is a comprehensive product that allows our customers to go wherever he or she wants, such as a child’s wedding at a resort an hour away, to a concert with a person’s husband or wife, and more!

The Pride Commander 200 Hitch Mount Vehicle Lift. Photo via Mobility Scooters Direct.

The product is removable for easy transportation and use. It is recommended for hitch Class II, Class III and Class IV.

The Pride Commander disability scooter lift is also recommended for the following vehicles, which are sedans, full-size vans, minivans, crossover and hatchbacks.

The length of the boom arm is an adjustable 12 inches. The vehicle reach is 70 inches. The primary source of power is the vehicle’s battery.

The Pride Commander 200 Hitch Mount Vehicle Lift has advantages compared to similar products on the market, which makes it superior. The Pride lift system has the capacity to hold mobility scooters that are 200 pounds while the Commander 200 weighs 49 pounds. Check out our wide selection of lightweight mobility scooters that are under 200 lbs by visiting our website and filtering by product weight.

A third product that we recommend is the Pride Outlander TM Exterior Lift. The Pride lift system is the most commonly used outside mobility scooter lift. It is easy to install.

Their features are a testament to its popularity. For instance, the Pride Outlander TM outside lift comes equipped with a puddle light for ease of use in the nighttime.

The product is simple to use, as it operates with an on and off power switch, along with a toggle for directing the product to move up and down. For customers who aren’t the most technologically sophisticated users, the simplicity of the Pride Outlander TM Exterior Lift is a welcome relief.

The Pride Outlander TM mobility scooter lift has a weight capacity of 150 pounds. The hitch lift, however, weighs 79 pounds.

The Pride lift system has a platform length of 39 inches. The platform width is 24 inches. The hitch height is between 12 inches and 20 inches.

It is recommended for several types of vehicles, including sedans, full-size vans, minivans, crossover and hatchbacks.

Buy the Best Disability Scooter Hitch Lifts, Today!

A hitch lift for mobility scooters provides an essential service for our many customers. The product increases their independence as they can experience more types of events and complete errands.

When purchasing the product, we ask for additional information to customize the order. This can include the vehicle year, the make of the vehicle, the model of the vehicle, the mobility device make and the mobility device model.

The information issues our customers have the most comprehensive model for their vehicle.

Our customers can learn more about these and additional products by speaking with a skilled technician from our nationwide store. There are two recommended options, which are to engage in a live chat on our website or call our team at (877) 721-7748.

During non-business hours, we recommend visiting our blog or our forum, which provides comprehensive information on various products and questions previous customers have had.

Our team is committed to providing exceptional service to our customers, as it is ingrained into our values as a company. Therefore, our customer satisfaction is paramount to how our nationwide mobility scooter and lift system company operates.

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