The Lift Chair Buyers Guide

If you’re considering a purchase for a lift chair but are unsure of how to shop for the right model we have created a reliable life chair buyers guide to help users with selecting the right lift chair model. The following specifications and details I list below are things you will want to consider when looking to purchase a lift chair.

Seat Size Options to Consider

Width of the seat – With so many lift chairs available online, there are multiple widths to accommodate your weight

Height of the seat – Seats are available in 4 heights for compatibility with your height

Height and weight are the two main things to consider when shopping for the right lift chair. These specifications can help break everything down when it comes to seat sizes comfort and space.

Types of Lift Chairs

There are 3 different types lift chairs that are available on the market. Depending on what level of comfort you’re looking for will determine the level of incline or recline as well as ease of getting in and out of the chair. The three different types of chair lift available on the market are three position, infinite or zero gravity. Each specify differently and have different levels of recline available.

Three Position Lift Chairs


Three Position Lift Chairs are capable of reclining out to 135 degrees making a v shape  . With the capability to also recline in all positions in-between straight and your affordable lift chairs full recline positioning. If you’re looking to go on more of an inexpensive route Three Position Lift Chairs would be a great choice. Not only will you save money with one of these affordable Three Position Lift Chairs, you will also love the comfort and reliability!



Infinite Position Lift Chairs


Infinite Position Lift Chairs are designed with the capability to fully recline at a 180 degree or into a horizontal line. All Infinite Lift Chairs online come with dual motors, these two motors operate separate parts of the lift chairs. One motor is for the back of the seat the other is for your legs which most would sat allows for an infinite amount of positions that can be operated. If you’re looking for a lift chair that you can sleep in this type is the right choice



Zero Gravity Lift Chairs


Zero Gravity Lift Chairs were created were built with  the capability to not only fully recline but go beyond by being able to recline past stretching out to a horizontal line. Like the Infinite Lift Chairs, Zero Gravity a equipped with dual motors. One is for the back and the other is for the legs. This chair allows the legs to go higher than the heart when reclining so it is great for this with heart issues.  Zero Gravity Lift Chairs are the top of line when it comes to lift chairs. If you’re looking for the best quality chair lift for an above average build Zero Gravity Lift Chairs are the way to go.


Fabrics and Styles

Now first time buyers may not be aware but there is a variety of fabrics and styles available for your lift chairs. Fabrics and companies that are available for lift chairs such as these are Durasoft, Cloud 9, Lexis, Smart Suede, Smart Fabrics, Padded Suede, Ultra Fabrics, Ultra Leather, Micro Suede fabrics, etc. Within all of these names lies a variety of colors to choose. As far as styles of lift chairs, you have a variety available. There are styles of lift chair backs called the split back , waterfall back , button back , waffle back etc. Some of these styles leave the fabric more firm than others. Such is the case with the button back style, the fabric is pressed so tight to the back that it will prevent it from creasing or ripping in the near future. This is a chair you will be sitting in a lot you definitely want to make sure it looks good because when you look good you feel good.

Have a Better Understanding?

Now that you have read the lift chair buyers guide and you have been given a breakdown on how to determine what models are best suitable for your needs. Do you feel you’re ready to shop for your very own lift chair online? Check all the reliable lift chairs that are available to the public and see which one works best for you today!