The Golden PR-756 Relaxer Lift Chair Maxicomfort is an Industry Best

Philip R. is a caregiver for his wife who will be having knee surgery in the near future.

Knee surgery is complicated as it can restrict people from normal leisure activities, restricting them to crutches, usually about six weeks. The pain or swelling, however, can take anywhere from three months to a year, depending upon the severity of the injury and the age of the person.

Part of the role of a caregiver for a person who has knee surgery is to prepare the home for once the victim returns home.

Philip was impressed with how much his wife has been enjoying the Golden PR-756 Relaxer Lift Chair Maxicomfort.

“The ease to get to the comfort zone she wants to be at that moment” is a strength of the product, Philip said. Also is “the restful sleep she gets with just a tiny touch of a button.”

Phillip awarded the product five stars in his lift chair review.

“This chair is so amazing,” Philip said. “It surpassed everything I hoped it would already!”

The Best Lift Chair for the Disabled

The Golden PR-756 Relaxer Lift Chair is a product that is beloved by our customers. It is beneficial to many people who have ailments, such as those with aging aches and pains associated with getting up, along with more serious impediments like spinal disorder or arthritis.

Regardless for the reason of using the Golden Technologies lift chair, the user will find that he or she is pleasantly pleased.

Golden PR-756 Relaxer Lift Chair

The product is for users between 5’11” to 6’2″ in height. It has a seat back height of 29 inches while the seat depth is 22 inches. Customers have the option to chose a medium seat or a large seat, with the latter at a slight price increase.

Regardless of the chair size, it will support a weight capacity of 375 pounds.

Gerald I. was searching to months for a product to accommodate to his size, when he found the Golden PR-756 Relaxer Lift Chair. He had a stroke in April 2013, which had lasting damages on his right side, which makes it nearly impossible to get up from a lift chair without help.

But the Golden PR-756 Relaxer Lift Chair solved that problem.

“Big enough for a big man,” Gerald said in his nearly five-star lift chair review. “I sleep very well in this chair.”

Gerald loves the endless positions the Golden PR-756 Relaxer Lift Chair can be put into, along with it being quiet and smooth.

The Golden PR-756 Relaxer Lift Chair comes equipped with options for heat and massage. Both features feel amazing on the body, especially as a person can relax on it for hours on end and still enjoy these options.

Sandra B. loves the Golden PR-756 Relaxer Lift Chair for that reason. She views the different positions as a strength competing lift chairs are unable to match.

One of the features she enjoys is having both legs above the heart to help with circulation.

 “Takes the stress off of your full body,” Sandra said. “Heat and vibration are very relaxing.”

The massage features come in dozens of settings, which cover two zones. A person can have 15 to 30 minute massage intervals. The settings are either wave or pulse, with a variability on the speed and intensity.

The independent heating comes with a 30-minute timer that will loosen the back, in either a high or low seating. The combination of the two, massage and heating, turns this lift chair into something more than just a product for the obese or the disabled. It is an in-home massage resource.

While she appreciates the massage features, Sandra did denote a weakness in her five-star chair lift review.

“No comfy blanket included,” she said. “Otherwise, no weaknesses.”

Greta D. is another satisfied customer. She uses the product for several hours a day, according to her five-star lift chair review. She needs it to stand and sit. When she sits, there is a factor that both she and Sandra value.

“All features are just as they are described.,” Greta said. “I got the one with heat and massage, and LOVE it.”

The Golden PR-756 Relaxer Lift Chair has been designed for extreme comfort and stability. It does the features well, but the main attraction to the product is that it does the important things the best.

It has a four pillow waterfall backrest. There are thick, rounded armrest, plus a full chaise pad for lower body and leg support.

One of the main perks of the Golden PR-756 Relaxer Lift Chair is the zero gravity position, which reduces swelling in the ankles, legs and feet, along with lower back pain.

Norma S. noticed the variety of positions before she purchased the product. She is disabled by multiple sclerosis and osteoporosis. The ailments allow her to walk only when she has assistance.

“Strengths are hands down the wonderful multiplicity of positions,” she said.

Another great position that the Golden PR-756 Relaxer Lift Chair has is the 
Trendelenburg. As a person sits on the product, he or she can recline into the popular Trendelenburg position. The person’s feet will become elevated above the heart, which will increase blood flow and improve circulatory conditions.

Buy an Affordable Lift Chair for the Disabled

The Golden PR-756 Relaxer Lift Chair is an affordable product beloved by previous customers.

Should a person reading this article need more information on the product, we recommend reaching out to one of the skilled technicians from Mobility Scooters Direct.

To speak with a technician from our nationwide store, a person can engage in a live chat on our website using the instant message feature or call Mobility Scooters Direct at (877) 721-7748.

One of the questions we constantly are asked is how the product looks when placed within current furniture. The question usually comes at the end of the buying process.

The Golden PR-756 Relaxer Lift Chair can come in colors such as Hazelnut, Sterling and Shiraz. It also has an upgraded option where it comes in colors in Valor fabric or Bella Velvet fabric.

Loetta C. chose one of the upgraded colors that both she are her partner love.

Her husband is unable to walk and spends most his nights in the new recliner. They value the swift movement from reclining to standing that happens seamlessly.

Their favorite feature is the design.

“Honeysuckle upholstery is like calf skin!” Loetta said.