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The Best Pride Lift Chairs From Extra Extra Large to Small

Our nationwide store sells the best Pride lift chairs from extra large to small. We accommodate customers of all different sizes, such as Dorothy W.

Dorothy purchased the Pride LC-358 3-Position Lift Chair earlier in the year and had awarded the product with five-stars.

Dorothy, 77-years-old, has mobility constraints and is short.

“I have a bad back and bad knees, making it hard for me to get up,” Dorothy said. “This chair makes it so easy.”

The Pride LC-358 3-Position Lift Chair is just one of the several Pride products our nationwide store sells. This article will recommend other top lift chairs from Pride, which include the following:

> The Pride Oasis LC-380 Lift Chair 3 Position;

> The Pride Infinity LC-525i Infinite Position Power Lift Chair Recliner; and

> The Pride VivaLift Infinity Collection PLR-525i.

These are affordable lift chairs for people who need help sitting or standing, such as Dorothy. The products, such as the quality lift chair she purchased, are designed to make life easier while being immensely comfortable.

I love the positions of the chair,” Dorothy said. “I love where the remote control is located.

An Immensely Comfortable 3 Position Lift Chair From Pride

The Pride Oasis LC-380 lift chair has several features, which makes it one of the best lift chairs on the market.

The Pride lift chair comes in cashmere, charcoal, eggplant, Godiva or navy. Each provides an immaculate appearance, often becoming one of the best pieces of furniture in whatever room the customer places the product.

Pride Oasis LC-380 Lift Chair 3 Position. Photo via Mobility Scooters Direct.

One of the many features customers cherish is the quad pockets. The simple design provides storage in four spots for magazines, books, newspapers and other items. When relaxing after a challenging day in the office, nothing is better than having everything a person needs within his or her reach.

In addition to the quad pockets, is a USB charging port for devices such as a smartphone. But, where the lift seat, which comes in size extra large standouts, is that it is immensely comfortable.

It has memory foam seating that compliments the pocketed coil springs. The ottoman has 2 inches of foam on the seat and the footrest for extra comfort.

The Pride lift chair was made in America — cheers to the USA!

Infinite Position Lift Chairs for the Disabled

Jonathan C. has been using the Pride Infinity LC-525i Infinite Position Power Lift Chair Recliner for nearly a year. He is six feet tall and maintains a healthy lifestyle. But Jonathan, 72-years-old, has back and arthritis issues.

“When I want or need to use the lift feature, it will put me in a nearly full upright standing position,” Jonathan said in his lift chair review. “A feature I will certainly appreciate as my mobility becomes more challenged.”

The product is simple to sit and stand. The controls make it easy to accommodate the needs of the customer.

Another way customer needs are addressed by its recent redesign. For instance, the appearance is sleeker than it was previously. The quality lift chair, which comes in various sizes, has colors deep sky, ember, oat or timber. Other colors are also available, depending upon the fabric chosen.

But having these array of colors ensures the product fits well with the existing furniture in the room the Pride Infinity LC-525i will be placed within. Other redesign elements include its features, which customers love, such as Thomas H.

Thomas, 93, ranks the strengths of the Pride Infinity LC-525i with the “ability to raise you to your feet effortlessly,” Thomas said. “[The] ability for you to stretch out horizontally. Also the heating and massaging.”

Lastly, consider the Pride VivaLift Infinity Collection PLR-525i. The product has a power recliner, which is beloved by our customers. At the push of a button, the person can reach the state of ecstasy as the product smoothly adjusts to the desired position of recline.

One of the ways this product stands out is it has four motors. Historically, single motors were around for power recliners that have two or three positions. When engineers sought to increase the flexibility, they added a second motor.

The second motor operates the head portion separately from the foot area. Pride engineers added two more motors, which makes the product an infinite position power reclining lift chair. One of the best positions that the Pride VivaLift Infinity Collection PLR-525i can reach because of the motors is the Trendelenburg position.

Pride VivaLift Infinity Collection PLR-525i. Photo via Mobility Scooters Direct.

The Trendelenburg position allows customers to place their feet above their heads. It is ergonomically designed to increase blood movement within the body, leaving the person in a healthier and more relaxed state.

After a hard day of work, a person can relax on this comfortable lift chair for hours on end, as their body has the support it needs.

Purchase a Quality Lift Chair From Pride, Today!

There is an array of lift chairs our customers can choose from our nationwide store. But the Pride lift chairs are amongst the best we offer.

These products are made from the best materials.

Steva B., who purchased the Pride Infinity LC-525i, found that this Pride product exceeded his expectations.

Steva, 71, is obese and in poor physical condition. Being 5’2 in height, he needed a lift chair designed for a smaller, yet heavy, person.

“Seems well made and sturdy,” Steva said in his lift seat review. “Very quiet and smooth operation.”

Our nationwide store can answer any questions you may have about our products, even beyond the favorites recommended in this article that were valued by users such as Steva.

To speak with a skilled technician, please call (877) 721-7748. Alternatively, customers can access our website where they can engage in a live chat, similar to an instant message, from a member of our team.

Our company is all about customer satisfaction, even as it extends to the pricing of our products. We have the lowest prices on the market.

“Our business structure is set up with minimum overhead and allows us to pass these savings onto the customer,” our website provides. “We have beat all competitor pricing to date.”