The Best Lifts Systems for Disabled People

A proper lift system can drastically change your life!

Many people who have either powered wheelchairs or mobility scooters are often using their products to navigate from one place to another. With continued use, the owner begins to become more confident in traveling. This is because the product does its job well—no longer are you restricted to one location for multiple hours a day, unless you prefer to be.

Unfortunately, these powered wheelchairs or mobility scooters may not be enough.

If you live in a warm climate, being outside in direct sunlight for an extended period of time is known to lead to skin cancer. If you are in a cold environment, sidewalks can become slippery, making them a nightmare to navigate during certain months; in addition to the frigid temperatures you are greeted with once you step outside your door.

There is a better way.

Lift Systems, which are programmed to work with a wide variety of vehicles, allow you to skip the extreme elements and drive to the location you are seeking. There are several more Lift Systems, in addition to those attached to a vehicle. These include the following:

  • Patient Lift Systems allow you to get in and out of bed comfortably and more conveniently.
  • Lift Chairs offers the person assistance settling into a chair and conversely, getting out of that chair
  • Stair Lifts are exactly what you would imagine by their title—they assist you in moving up a floor or down a floor, safely and efficiently.

Each of these Lift Systems provides convenience for their respected niche. While reading the above bullet points, did you find that one of these Lift Systems can add convenience into your life?

The Benefits of Having a Lift System

The benefits of the Lift Systems differ in respect to their intended use and purpose. For instance, one of our prior customers from St. Louis would have a yearly vacation with his family, where they would all drive together to Chicago, which is about 300 miles from their place of residence. What is great about the vehicle lift system is its reliability. When the family stopped for a bathroom break or to grab a quick bite, the lift system worked as designed, whether it was at rest stop in Springfield, Illinois or their hotel in Chicago, Illinois.

The three most affordable lift chairsWhile not limited to these ailments, for those who just suffered an injury or are obese, Patient Lift Systems can be the difference from you staying in bed all day—if you do not have assistance from another person to help you—to accomplishing various tasks that require your attention. Gently but sturdily, this Lift System will safely get you out of your bed and on to your feet, to your mobility scooter or your powered wheelchair.

In the past, we’ve had clients who spent a significant portion of their day in front of the television—whether it is to follow the latest business news, watch a movie, or to follow their favorite TV show. Unfortunately for these clients, they may be unlucky and have an injury or weight issues that make their once pleasant hobby into a challenge. Their worries can range from having an emergency, such as a fire, that requires them to quickly evacuate their home, to a more subtle task of answering their door to allow family and friends into the home. The Lift Chair solves their problem by safely allowing them to utilize the three position chair. This special chair can allow the person to lean back or to stand up.

Curved Stair Lift - SPIRAL Staircase LiftLastly, stair lifts solve the problem of having to travel upstairs and downstairs. Sometimes when company is around, a person could just ask for assistance from two friends to carry them upstairs. Some of our customers in the past have remarked that this method, for lack of a better term, crushes their ego. Stair Lifts, when made correctly by a reliable company, allow the person to gently ride to the upstairs or downstairs levels of their home.

Recommended Lifts Systems That Add Convenience to Your Life

Vehicle lifts can be tricky—some systems work better with certain types of vehicles. A good all-around vehicle lift that we recommend is the Backpacker AVP Inside Wheelchair And Scooter Vehicle Lift. This product is recommended for larger SUV’s that have at least a 31” opening height and adjustable lengths between 42” to 34”. The Backpacker AVP Inside Wheelchair And Scooter Vehicle Lift has a weight capacity of 350 lbs. allowing it to support a wide range of products. If you chose this item, you are able to further optimize your purchase by customizing the vehicle lift to your vehicle.

For your lift chair, we recommend the Golden PR-510 M/L Maxicomofort Lift Chair, which comes in a variety of colors so as to match your home interior. The chair is made of faux leather, has a width of 38” and requires a distance of 26” from the wall. A cool feature that you will love is that the chair can provide heat, which loosens your muscles and allows you better experience the type of media you are seeking to consume while at rest. There are many other Lift Chairs such as the Pride Lift Chair line which are made by Pride Mobility, a leader in mobility.

Lastly, the Curved Stair Lift – SPIRAL Staircase Lift is a recommended product. Constructed by Harmar, which is among the leading manufacturers of stair lifts today, this sturdy product will safely allow you to travel upstairs and downstairs at a fraction of the price of their competitors.

How to Select the Right Lift System

This article had the ambitious goal of pairing you with the best lift system for your disability. However, this article should be used solely as a starting point in your efforts of securing a lift system. For the next step in your mission to secure a lift system, it is recommended that you reach out to one of our knowledgeable representatives. To initiate contact, call (877) 740-4034 or click on LiveChat on our website.