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The Best Lift Chairs with 500lb Weight Capacity

The best lift chairs with a 500lb weight capacity serve as an invaluable tool to achieve relaxation following a challenging day at the office. These products don’t discriminate by industry — they are beloved by teachers, accountants, and additional professions! Lift chairs with 500 lb weight capacity are not as common as the lower-rated lift chairs for people with obesity, however, at Mobility Scooters Direct our goal is to carry products that are the right match for everyone. Looking for an infinite lift chair with a lighter weight capacity? Head over to our infinite lift chair category page.

The lift chairs that come with a 500lb weight capacity have attractive designs in various color options, which will fit into the furniture arrangement in a customer’s house or apartment. The seats are plush, taking the person who relaxes on the product to a peaceful bliss, perfect for naps and watching t.v. for several hours.

We recommend the Pride Grandeur LC-515i Infinite Position Lift Chair, the Golden Technologies PR 501 Lift Chair, and the Pride Oasis LC-580i Infinite Position Lift Chair.

These medical recliners are easy to operate, which is vital to our busy customers. Once the person safely sits in the lift chair, he or she can operate it at the push of a button to reach the ideal state of relaxation while engaging in a variety of activities.

The Pride Grandeur LC-515i Infinite Position is an Amazing After-Work Lift Chair

The Pride Grandeur LC-515i Infinite Position Lift Chair is perfect for our obese customers who need help safely accessing a sitting position.

Mary S. has significant bodily problems. Her legs, specifically her knees and feet prevent her from standing without pain for more than a couple minutes at a time. She admits she is overweight. After work, she wants to relax without any complications.

Mary, 53-years-old, awarded the Pride Grandeur lift chair with a five-star lift chair review.

“Comfortable to sit or sleep in,” Mary said. “Comfortable for my weight.”

The Pride Grandeur lift chair is an infinite position product. It perfectly accommodates any mood the person will be in as he or she can reach the perfect position at the push of a button.

Nova H. is a caregiver for her husband. Her husband, 60-years-old, has a bad back. When the couple searched for a lift chair, it had to be comfortable, leading them to select the lift chair from Pride.

“He just had his right leg amputated,” Nova said, “making it very difficult to get up.”

The Pride Grandeur lift chair efficiently lifts the person when he or she needs to get up and securely holds the person as the product declines in a relaxation position. But functionality isn’t the only strength of the product.

“Good quality furniture,” Nova said.

The Pride Grandeur lift chair has a luxurious and modern appearance that looks fantastic with a variety of furniture sets. It comes in several colors, such as walnut and pacific, along with custom colors cool grey and sand for an additional charge.

We pride ourselves on listing this product at our nationwide store, not only because of the care that went into the construction of the product or the selection of excellent materials, but that it is made in the U.S.A.

Pride Oasis LC-580i Infinite Position Lift Chair for the Obese is Immensely Comfortable

Lastly, we recommend a second lift chair from Pride Mobility. The Pride Oasis LC-580i Infinite Position Lift Chair has a removable backrest that is customizable for the best lumbar support, which makes it easy to fall asleep after a busy day in the office.

As adults age, it becomes more challenging to perform ordinary tasks, such as sitting and standing. Between the ages of 50-years-old and 70-years-old, a person can expect to lose about 30 percent of their muscle strength.

Pride Oasis LC-580 Infinite Position Lift ChairWith a touch of a button, a person can engage in a sitting or standing position with the Pride Oasis LC-580i Infinite Position Lift Chair.

The product has a handsome appearance. The style, durability, and comfort that it provides make it a perfect addition to any home furniture set.

Plush Lift Chairs with a 500lb Weight Capacity

Our nationwide store sells the best lift chairs. These comfortable products are made from the best materials, yet are inexpensively priced.599

To learn more about the best lift chairs for people considered obese, contact one of the experts at Mobility Scooters Direct. To speak with a member from our nationwide lift chair store, please call (877)721-7748. During non-working hours, we recommend accessing our blog, which has a wealth of useful information such as this post which highlights which are the best lift chairs with a 500lb weight capacity.