The 3 Most Affordable Lift Chairs

When shopping online for an affordable lift chair you may find it difficult finding what models would be the cheapest and also who will give you a rock bottom pricing but with this article we can help you not only narrow down your selection of low priced lift chairs, but also give you the most reliable source to purchase your lift chair from. I’ve also written a blog post titled “The Lift Chair Buyer’s Guide” which I recommend reading as well if you’re buying a lift chair and looking for some pointers.

The 3 Cheapest Lift Chairs Available Online

With the information I will provide below, you will find out what the most affordable lift chairs available online are and also find out the details and specifications of each one and how they operate.

Pride LC-158 3-Position Lift Chair


The LC-158 3-position Lift Chair by Pride Mobility is the third lowest cost lift chair available online and is very reliable for the price. Weighing 102 lbs The LC-158 3-Position Lift Chair can hold a person anywhere between 5’2” and 5’10” comfortably. Holding 325 lbs The LC-158 3-Position Lift Chair by Pride Mobility comes with standard head and arm covers, removable filling in back pillows for custom lumbar support and a blown fiber button back design for comfort. Available in several different colors by Cloud 9 Fabrics, The LC-158 3-position is available online at a very low price affordable to all!

Pride LC-105 3-Position Lift Chair


The LC-105 3-Position Lift Chair is built by Pride Mobility and is the second lowest price lift chair that is another very reliable and easy to use. Weighing a total of 138 lbs The LC-105 3 Position Lift Chair by Pride Mobility is capable of holding up to 325 lbs as a maximum weight capacity. Designed with 20” wide seating, The LC-105 3-Position works best for people that are 5’4″ to 6’0” and features quiet and smooth operation and stylish designs by Micro-Suede Fabrics providing plenty of comfort for its user. Available online at a cost effieceint price, you will be satisfied with your purchase of the LC-105 3-Position Lift Chair.

Pride LC-110 2-Position Lift Chair


The LC-110 2-Position Lift Chair designed by Pride Mobility is the lowest priced lift chair available online. Holding as much as 325 lbs like a standard lift chair, The LC-110 weighs about 110 lbs with a 20” wide seat providing plenty of space and room for users. Built for users in the height range of 5’2″ to 5’10” The LC-110 2-Position is a lift chair that is considered engineered furniture grade laminate hardwood frame and comes with a transformer that has self-diagnostic electronics with a 12’ cord. Available with standard head and arm covers The LC-110 2-Position Lift Chair By Pride is a reliable chair that is available at a lower cost than any other lift chair available online to the general public! So if you’re on some sort of budget but need an affordable lift chair for personal use, this is the model to choose!

Ready To Shop & Make Your Purchase

Now that you know and have the 3 cheapest lift chair models available to you are you ready to buy? Just in case you do have more of a budget and you’re interested in a seeing a wider selection of the best and most affordable lift chairs, you can always visit our lift chair page for more models to choose from. I hope you find this information helpful and you are able to save money shopping for the best lift chair available online.