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How to Select the Right Lift Chair 


Curious about how to select the right lift chair? We’ll attempt to help you with this post. There comes a point in everyone’s life when their mobility is not quite what it used to be. In the past, this was a show stopper and a one-way ticket to a nursing home, but now, with the advent of certain types of technology, it has become far easier to deal with this limitation, especially with lift chairs. What is a lift chair exactly? How can it help you? Losing upper body strength limits our ability to stand, and this becomes a serious problem when dealing with living room chairs, such as a recliner. How many times have you sat in a recliner and had trouble getting up by yourself? Recliners can become deeper than they look at a moment’s notice, and they do not improve over time. This is where the lift chair comes into play, however.

What is a Lift Chair?

The most basic of lift chairs for sale will allow you to manipulate the position of the chair itself using a remote control which is wired to the chair and always within arm’s reach. By manipulating the chair you will be able to determine on your own how high or low you want it to be, meaning you can lower it for sitting down or raise it for standing up. The general idea, of course, is for you to be able to ‘dump’ yourself from the chair, and when done properly, it will deposit you on your feet.

Beneath the chair is an accordion-style mechanism that lifts the chair and is powered by a simple AC outlet. This mechanism may require occasional maintenance, so keep that in mind when you are purchasing your chair. Now, there are essentially three different types of lift chairs, but there are also some considerations you must make before you purchase the chair, namely the size. For example, do you constantly have a pet on your lap? If so, then you might consider getting a wider lift chair so that they can enjoy it with you. In addition to that, you must consider your own weight, as this will affect the width of the chair that you want to buy. Now that those considerations are out of the way, let’s discuss the three basic types of chairs that you might consider to be the best lift chair for your needs.

What are the Different Models?

The different models of lift chair utilize different motor numbers, and this number tells you how many positions the chair is configured to provide. For example, a two-position chair may recline to a 45-degree angle while a three-position chair will lay nearly flat. The third type of chair is the infinite position, and it will lay completely horizontal. This type of chair, obviously, is for patients with special needs.

On the subject of the two position lift chair, these are low priced, but they still provide the basic lifting function. One issue that people or patients will have with this type of chair is the fact that the footrest does not act independently of the backrest, making it a poor choice for long term sleeping or sitting. The real advantage, however, is that a two-position lift chair does not require the same amount of space as a three-position as they can sit closer to the wall.

Moving up to the Three-Position Lift Chair

The three position lift chair, as we mentioned earlier, is able to lay almost completely flat. Those who spend a considerable amount of time in their chairs or enjoy sleeping in them will find that these are very relaxed, and they provide positions similar to the standard recliner. The three-position chairs are also a bit more high tech, offering features like heating and massage for those who are interested. For added comfort, some of the three-position chairs ship with a mattress, though this sometimes must be added on request. Make sure you check the specifications before you make your purchase.

There are other options that you might look into, for example, there are heavy-duty lift chairs for those who suffer from obesity, and of course, there are different materials to consider. If you are interested in a lift chair and find that it is too expensive for you, take into account that Medicaid will actually pay for a portion of the chair for you. The one issue with their assistance, however, is that they only pay for the mechanism beneath the chair which is valued at approximately $300 to $400.On the bright side, these chairs can be properly warrantied so that they may be replaced in the event something goes wrong. Still, if you purchase the proper lift chair, there is a good chance that it will last you for many years to come.

With the increase in technologies available to senior citizens for the home, it is becoming far easier for us to keep our independence at home. These chairs are a great step in the right direction whether you choose to live at home by yourself, with a significant other, or with a home health aide. No matter how you live, the lift chair will help to accommodate you whether you choose to spend all of your time in it, or simply opt to stay in it for part of the day. Also, remember that buying a lift chair does not mean you are losing your independence; it simply means you need a helping hand, and you have plenty of life left in you; so make sure that you are living it!