How to Select the Right Lift Chair

Are you in the market for a new lift chair? If you’re shopping online to find the best lift chair available for your own use, you may find a lot of difficulties when shopping for the most suitable lift chair. We created this article to help online shoppers when looking to purchase a brand new lift chair. If you’re a first-time buyer trying to learn how to select the right lift chair you have come to the right place. In this article, you will learn what details and specifications you need to pay attention to when shopping and you will also be given a few reliable and more popular lift chair models as references to look at in case they draw any interest in helping you shop.

How to Shop for the Right Lift Chair

For first time buyers, there may be a little confusion at first as to how shopping for the proper lift chair works. With this particular article, you will see it is actually a very easy going process when learning how to select the right lift chair. If you have purchased a lift chair previously you probably already have a good idea of how to shop and select the right lift chair. Now the first two things you will want to review when shopping online for a lift chair will be the user’s height and weight. Doing so will help determine what size the users lift chair will provide for space and comfort and it will also help determine what durable lift chairs can sustain that weight capacity. The second thing you will want to determine when selecting the right lift chair is where you would like to have the lift chair recline and position. There are 3 different positions to determine lift chairs by. You have The Infinite Position lift chairs, which is known to be fully reclinable, for example, you have pr-751models like The Pride LC-521 Infinite Position Lift Chair,  You have The 3 Position lift chairs which partially reclines to about 135 degrees angle like The Pride LC-105 3-Position Lift Chair, and also The Wall saver or 2 position lift chair which is capable of positioning and reclining to about a 100 degree angle making it the perfect style of lift chair for people who love to read, a model like The Pride LC-220 2 Position Lift Chair is the best example. On top of the positioning, Another factor to help in selecting the best lift chair to use is the fabric and style. This particular factor is more of a want lc-220than a need but some of the styles and materials last a lot longer than others allowing for a longer lasting and durable appearance. With our wide variety of lift chairs that are available online, you will find there are plenty of different options and styles to choose from here at Mobility Scooters Direct. As far as accessories such as remotes, they are made with a simple design for easy use, when viewing a remote up close you will find that they are pretty much self-explanatory, you will see the options for reclining or inclining to the users desired amount with some offering options such as a heating massage. To make sure that you choose a proper lift chair, look for something that is a little over your weight and also look for something at least 2 inches wider than your body size on each side of the lift chair. In case you already know the proper specifications and details necessary to shop, you can browse our wide selection of the most affordable lift chairs available online or even contact a representative from the company if you would like help trying to select the best suitable lift chair.

Ready to Shop


Now that you have a better idea of how to select the right lift chair, are you ready to browse and shop our selection of affordable and durable lift chairs? We recommend choosing Pride lift chairs as they are manufactured in the USA and you get a 1 year in-home service contract with each purchase. To some, it may still be a little difficult shopping for the right lift chair online. If you don’t have a store local to you in your area and you’re still having trouble on your own finding the right lift chair than you can always contact us and speak with one of our highly knowledgeable representatives to give you a better idea of how to find the best suitable lift chair for you. Hopefully, this article will help shed a little insight on shopping online for the perfect lift chair, thank you for reading!