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Golden Technologies Cirrus PR-508 Review – The Best Lift Chair?

Mobility Scooters Direct is proud to announce yet another review, today you will be reading the Golden Technologies Cirrus PR-508 review. Is it the best lift chair? Surely we’ll get the feedback from some people who currently own it to see what they have to say. When you are considering the purchase of any product in this day and age, finding a review is critical. This is especially true for lift chairs. There are many factors such as comfort, color, appearance, and more. As we age, our bodies need the assistance of medical products to help make our lives easier. For Lorraine C. that was exactly what she found from a Golden PR-580i Maxicomfort Lift Chair.

The San Diego resident is quite pleased with her new quality lift chair and states the following in her Cirrus PR-508 review.

“It is easy for me to control, even though I am losing my sight,” Lorraine said. “The buttons on the control are big and easy to use.”

Mobility Scooters Direct sells these products to help those with disabilities, the morbidly obese and older adults, to have a safe and secure place to relax. These products are budget-friendly while lasting years from the date of purchase. Longevity is absolutely critical when you are on a fixed income.

Golden Technologies Cirrus PR-508 Review – MaxiComfort Includes Gel Memory Foam

Elaine T. has back problems but found relief from a Golden Technologies product.

Elaine, 77 years old, purchased the Cirrus PR-508, which she awarded five-stars in a lift chair review.

“This chair is the most comfortable chair I have ever sat on,” Elaine said. The Worcester, Massachusettes, woman also notes, “the motors are very quiet.”

The Cirrus PR-508 reviews highlight the features like a pocketed coil spring seat that contributes to the immense comfort when using the product. A 7×7 coil spring pack is on top of five heavy-duty gauge seat springs.

Surrounding the coil is medium density foam. The foam molds to the body for super soft, supportive comfort.

Golden Technologies created an innovative backrest design, too. The new design allows for more comfort while it provides superior lumbar and neck support without being too firm.

Having patented MaxiComfort® recline technology contributes to the allure of this best lift chair. When users want to take a nap, at a push of a button the Cirrus PR-508 reclines to a comfortable position.

The armrests have 5 inches of total combined seat foam while having a fashion-forward appearance. It should come as no surprise that the armrest, along with the product as a whole, will blend well with nearly any type of home furniture set.

Having a product that is an all-around best is what Sandra T. loves about her Cirrus PR-508 lift chair.

The Yorktown, Virginia, woman purchased her Cirrus PR-508 lift chair in preparation for a bilateral knee replacement.

“Turned out to be a fantastic decision!” Sandra said in her review.

Sandra, 72 years old, noted that the appearance is one of the strengths in her Cirrus PR-508 lift chair review. The product comes with a kiln-dried northern maple hardwood frame.

“The chair looks great with my contemporary furniture,” Sandra said.

The product comes in three sizes, which are small, with a weight capacity of 300 pounds; medium, with a weight capacity of 375 pounds; and large, with a weight capacity of 375 pounds, too.

There are several “quick ship colors,” such as Palomino, Evergreen or Admiral. For “valor fabric,” which provides 20 day lead time, there are handsome colors such as chestnut, ecru or shamrock.

Other options for fabrics include the “NanoTex fabric” and the “Brisa premium fabrics.” Both require 20 day lead time.

The former has bamboo, eucalyptus or morning glory. The latter has options, such as desert clay, night navy or Brisa fresco elderberry.

Sandra also said she likes the zero-gravity feature, remote control and comfort.

The remote control has a feature for heat & massage. It covers two different zones: one across the lower back area and one in the seat.

Cirrus lift chair heat massage remote. (Golden Technologies photo)

The four massage motors provide relief for muscles that may be strained, tired and stiff. It lasts between 15 minutes to 30 minutes in either wave or pulse mode.

As it is equipped with AutoDrive, the Cirrus Plus has the latest modernization in lift chairs. The new-look has a user-friendly button layout that makes it easy to view in the dark as the remote will automatically back-lit or dim, depending upon if it is in use or not.

Other remote functions for the lift chair include the following positions:

>> ZG: This button carefully glides you into the zero gravity position allowing you to relax naturally with your spine, hip, and knee joints are balanced to reduce muscle tension.

>> TV: The TV button brings you to an upright position. While sitting upright, you will have a neutral lower body position while still providing you with neck and head support.

>> SIT: This position is perfect for eating, reading or enjoying company. – In the sleep position, you will move the chair to your perfect point in order to enjoy a wonderful night’s sleep.

>> P: The P button will allow you to reprogram positions or to initiate the lockout features.

>> The Arrow Buttons: These will allow you to move the footrest as well as the backrest independently.

Each of these positions provides immense comfort and help facilitate a variety of activities.

Donna F. is a caregiver for her husband. Her husband has physical disabilities, which make standing up and sitting down unrealistic for him. But the Cirrus PR-580 lift chair has become a solution to that impediment.

“He sleeps in it, watches TV, absolutely loves it,” said Donna about her husband’s Cirrus PR-580 lift chair review. “I would recommend this chair to anyone who has a lot of trouble getting up and down.”

Buy the Best Golden Technologies Lift Chair, Today!

The Golden Technologies lift chair recommended in this article, the Cirrus PR-508, is among the best on the market. If you are looking for a top-of-the-line lift chair, then we recommend purchasing this product.

To learn more about the Cirrus PR-508 by Golden Technologies, we recommend reaching out to a technician at our nationwide store. Please call (877) 721-7748.

We stand by this product, which is crafted from one of the best lift chair companies on the market.

“We believe that this product is made from the highest quality components available, is engineered to give you maximum service with minimum maintenance, and is backed up by the strongest warranty in the industry,” Robert Golden, chairman and founder of Golden Technologies, said in the Maxicomfort owner’s manual.

“We hope you enjoy years of pleasurable use of your Golden Technologies chair and that this chair becomes a true assist to you in both sitting down and standing up. Trust the Cirrus PR-508 review and you will surely be glad that you did!”