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Different Types of Lift Chairs

Have you been recommended or are considering a lift chair? If this is your first time shopping and purchasing a lift chair you may not be aware of the 3 different types of lift chairs that are available on the market today. I wanted to make this article to help break down the 3 groups of lift chairs that happen to be available on the market and go over key details that allow them to stand out from one another making it easier to shop and choose the right model to use at home. If you ever wanted to learn about the difference between the types of lift chairs that are available on the market this is the best article to read!

The 3 Different Lift Chairs Available Online

If you have ever been curious or just never knew about the different types of lift chairs available online, today’s article will help give you a better understanding as to what the differences may be and also help provide you the best suitable lift chairs for all your wants and needs. Below I have gone ahead and added the 3 different lift chair types available online and put in the details of what separates the lift chair types from one another. The three lift chair types that are available online and listed below are Infinite Position, 3 Position, and Wall Saver (2 Position). Each one is based upon user preference so there is no particular type that is better than the other per se, It’s all based upon what exactly you want out of the chair as far as its features are concerned. With additional options like heating pads on the chairs and massage pads, you will plenty of comfort in any of the three different types of lift chairs that are available. Below we have listed the three different categories of lift chairs to help break down how each of these types performs and operates.

Wall Saver (2-Position) Lift Chairs


Wall Saver also known as 2-Position lift chairs are great models for users that are looking for a comfortable place to read. With there ability to recline up to 100 or 110 degrees users will find that wall saver (2 positions) lift chairs are more so intended for users that want to sit up when trying to get comfortable in there lift chair. 2 position lift chairs like Prides LC-110 or The LC-220 make great choices and are two of our more popular wall saver (2 position) lift chairs available online. There are many different fabrics available as well as colors for all of our different wall saver (2 position) models. Overall Wall-Saver models are not really the most comfortable to sleep in so keep in mind if you want a lift chair you can get up out of with much ease, The Wall Saver (2-Position) is the best choice to go without of all the lift chairs you will find online.

3-Position Lift Chairs

lc-575 3-Position lift chairs are another very reliable style of lift chairs that are known to be more of a popular type than the others. The 3 Position lift chairs are great models that have the capability to partially recline to approximately 135-degree angle. Whether you want to sit up and read, recline back and relax or even have something to eat like a snack, this is a great type of lift chair to choose for functionality and use. When browsing our site you will see there are quite a bit of options to choose from, some of the more popular or stand out models would be The PR-751 or The LC-575 lift chair, both of these 3-Position lift chairs are very affordable and long-lasting for any users needs! Recline to take a nap or you can set the chair up to watch tv, the choice is yours with our selection of affordable 3-Position lift chairs that we have available on our website.

Infinite Position Lift Chairs


Infinite Position lift chairs are the last type of lift chairs featured in this article, they are what we like to consider the most functional of all 3 types mentioned in this article. Capable of fully reclining back, infinite position lift chairs are great for the user that is looking for multiple options when seated in there lift chair. The infinite lift chair works great in basically any situation one would experience while sitting in your infinite position lift chair, these are lift chairs you can use to read, lay back to relax and watch tv, sleep on your back or stomach. On top of being able to do those things, you also have heat pad and massage options with some infinite-position models. In case you’re interested in an Infinite Position model, The Pride LC-525 or The LC-576 are two of the most popular and reliable infinite-position models that we offer. Overall if you’re looking for a lift chair that is fully reclinable allowing multiple options of comfort I would definitely recommend choosing an Infinite Position lift chair.

Think You’re Ready

Think you know enough to start shopping for an affordable brand new lift chair? Now that you know the difference between the 3 different types of lift chairs that are available you can narrow down your selection and choose from one of the three categories rather than trying to sort through our large selection of lift chairs available online. We always recommend buying lift chairs by Pride Mobility if you’re new to power recliners. They manufacturer all of their lift chairs right here in the USA and offer a 1-year in-home service contract for free. If you feel there is more you want to learn about these different lift chairs you can always contact one of our highly experienced representatives here at Mobility Scooters Direct. We will be glad to assist you in the future with any lift chair questions or purchases!