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Best Zero Gravity Lift Chairs

If you are looking for the best zero-gravity lift chairs in 2019, then Mobility Scooters Direct is the top source for these products. These products are top of the line models, beloved by many previous customers. In fact, many lift chairs went through an overhaul in 2019. Having the latest and greatest products always have their advantages. We’ve listed a few of the best zero-gravity lift chairs of 2019 below.

“The lumbar support and full recline position with leg elevation made me feel as if I was in a cloud,” Marilyn L. said.

“Comfortable, buttery, soft-feeling leather,” Mimi H. said. “Nice lift feature!”

Those reviews were by previous customers who purchased the Pride VivaLift Infinity Collection PLR-525i, which is one of the best products on the market if you are looking for 2019 zero gravityw= lift chairs.

This article will also recommend two more zero gravity lift seats that customers love. These are the Pride Oasis LC-580i Infinite Position Lift Chair and the Pride Grandeur LC-515i Infinite Position Lift Chair.

What separates these chairs that lift from other types, like the infinite position lift chairs, is these will raise the seat and the leg rest while letting the person rest in a zero-gravity position.

The product holds the body where his or her lower extremities, such as the person’s feet, will be above the heart. The innovative feature allows the person relaxing to experience improved circulation and reduced pressure on his or her spine.

The Pride VivaLift Infinity Collection PLR-525i

Before Carol B. purchased her Pride VivaLift Infinity Collection PLR-525i, she tried it at a local store.

“I almost fell asleep on the demonstration product,” Carol said.

The Pride lift chair provides endless relaxation for our customers. It is not unusual for these previous customers to rate the moment they return from work and sit on their lift chair as the highlight of their day.

There are a couple of positions that the person can experience with the Pride lift chair.

The Standing Position:


Standing Position - VivaLift!® - Infinity v.2

The Seated Position:

Seated Position - VivaLift!® - Infinity v.2

The Reading Position:

Reading Postion - VivaLift!® - Infinity v.2

The Trendelenburg Position:


Trendelenburg Postion - VivaLift!® - Infinity v.2

The Trendelenburg with the headrest up:

Trendelenburg with the headrest up - VivaLift!® - Infinity v.2

Each of these positions is beyond comfortable. As the person relaxes in these positions, he or she will have their mind on the present while the body rejuvenates.

The product is from the Infinity Collection, built from some of the best parts. It has power lumbar support, which offers personalized comfort and a headrest that is full-width. It can lift a person’s head, neck, and shoulders.

The lift chair from Pride is powered by a lithium battery, along with a backup battery that will provide the chair functions even if the power goes out. To operate the Pride VivaLift Infinity Collection PLR-525i, a person can use a simple remote. The remote also has a USB charger, which lets the person power his or her smart devices.

The Pride VivaLift Infinity Collection PLR-525i is an affordable option. It comes in four sleek designs. These include Durasoft Oat, Durasoft Timber, Ultraleather Buff or Ultraleather Fudge.

Pride Oasis LC-580i Infinite Position Lift Chair 2019

The Pride Oasis LC-580i Infinite Position Lift Chair is a second product that provides immense comfort.

The chair is beautiful and more importantly, my husband can get up without help now,” Jennifer C. said, who recently purchased the product. “He is comfortable and can sleep in it.”

With Jennifer, the Pride lift seat meets its goal, which is to provide a safe way to sit and stand, then to be totally relaxed.

For obese adults, sitting down and standing can be challenging. The Pride Oasis LC-580i Infinite Position Lift Chair makes that process easier on their bodies, even if they need a quality mobility scooter to travel from one place or another, for instance.

The lifting mechanism works efficiently. It operates smoothly, being both quiet and reliable. With a simple push of a button, the user can reach a standing position. Customers commonly include people suffering from back weakness, leg immobility or arthritis.

Once on the comfortable lift chair, the person will notice the plush seating arrangement. The body sinks into the seat while providing the perfect level of firmness. There is also quality back padding that is designed to provide exceptional support.

One of the best parts about purchasing this affordable lift chair is that it looks fantastic in the living room. It can come in colors, such as Cashmere, Burgundy or Godiva.

Pride Grandeur LC-515i Infinite Position Lift Chair

The Pride Grandeur LC-515i Infinite Position lift chair is an immensely comfortable lift chair, juxtaposing a modern and luxurious appearance.

The Pride infinite position lift chair has several features that make this product unique. It has large pockets on its sides, which are ideal for holding books, magazines or any other publication a person enjoys during his or her downtime.

If the person has a smartphone or tablet, the Pride Grandeur lift chair comes equipped with a USB port. The person can maintain their relaxed position on the product without having to sacrifice it to charge a device.

It is equipped with a backup battery charger should the power go out. The person on the seat will not have to worry about being stuck in those potential emergency situations.

With features like these, the engineers certainly had customers in mind when they crafted this product!

An interesting tidbit about the construction of the Pride lift chair is that it features pocketed coils. These pocketed coils provide users with greater comfort while they are enjoying their media products.

Over time, the person will find they are more rejuvenated from his or her rest period by having this product.

Purchase a Top Zero Gravity Lift Chair in 2019, Today!

Mobility Scooters Direct is known for its immensely comfortable and affordable lift chairs. These products help those with ailments relax. But most importantly, feel safe and independent when the person wants to relax.

For more information about these products, we recommend reaching out to a technician from our nationwide store. To speak with a person from Mobility Scooters Direct, please call (877) 721-7748.