5 Tips to Make Foot Surgery Recovery Fun

At first glance, the title of this post might be enough to make you scoff. Here you are, with a cast wrapped around your foot, unable to move or even adjust your current position without feeling like you’re orchestrating a massive event. So how in the world could you possibly make foot surgery recovery fun?

Believe it or not, foot surgery recovery may offer you the opportunity you need to sit back, relax, and watch the world pass you by. Whether you’re a busy college student or a working mom with a to-do list that could rival that of a Fortune 500 CEO, here are some fun and unusual things you can do to make foot surgery recovery fun:

foot surgery

Get on your laptop and indulge in your inner gamer. There are a ton of games you can play online that will test your knowledge, instill new skills and even improve your brain function. We’re talking chess, memory games, Sudoku – you name it, you can find it online. Don’t feel like going solo? Look up multi-player games. You’ll make new friends and have fun, all from the comfort of your couch.

Catch up on your favorite TV seasons. Let’s face it: many of us have seasons of shows that we’ve missed because we’re too busy with other responsibilities. Now’s your perfect excuse to catch up on TV without the guilt. You could even get into a new show: our current favorites include Homeland, Dexter, Revenge, The Walking Dead, and Modern Family.


  • Pick up a new hobby that you’ve always meant to learn. Want to unleash your inner rock star? Have a friend lend you a guitar and look up lessons on YouTube. Have you always wanted to make your own jewelry? Send a family member out for a starter kit and start making your own crafts. You’ll practically be an artisan by the time you’re done with foot surgery recovery!
  • Learn how to meditate. It’s an essential skill that can teach you to relax, unwind, and get back in touch with yourself. After all, foot surgery recovery represents the perfect opportunity to re-connect with yourself – and nothing is more efficient at this than meditation.
  • Get yourself a knee walker! Also known as a knee scooter, aknee walker can make getting around the house a lot more fun. You’ll also be the talk of the town when you head out with your knee scooter – so get ready to meet tons of new people when they start asking about you all about your mobility device.

Foot surgery recovery doesn’t have to be a bore, thanks to these tips. In fact, don’t be surprised to discover that you’re a little sad when your foot surgery recovery period is over!