What Are The Highest Quality Power Wheelchairs

Are you shopping online looking at the highest quality power wheelchairs but have difficulty trying to find the right model for yourself? With such a wide variety of handicap power chairs available online some shoppers may have a trouble or frustration browsing for long periods of time. For users asking what are the highest quality power wheelchairs , we have decided to create this article to not only bring down the time spent browsing but also to give users a better understanding as to why these particular power chairs are of a higher  or better quality. If you don’t have a lot time to shop for a power chair, this article is a great read and will help save you time and possibly money!

High Quality Power Wheelchairs For Sale

With the electric wheelchairs listed below, you will find that you no longer need to look any further find the right power chair models. Important details and qualities of each chair are listed below, the 3 models we have listed are not in any particular order. Each handicap electric wheelchair presented in this article is highly recommended by Mobility Scooters Direct and if you decide to purchase one of these high quality models mentioned in this article, we will provide you some sort of discount to solidify that you not only get one of our best mobility scooters but also get it for the best deal available online.

Puzzle P15 Power Wheelchair

Puzzle P15

The Puzzle P15 is one of the most stylish and lightweight travel/folding power chairs that we have available on our website. Designed with a lightweight durable frame, The Puzzle P15 Power Wheelchair that comes equipped with a pair of 12V 12Ah batteries allowing it to travel as far as 13 miles before a fully charging the chair once again. The Puzzle P15 by Heartway USA goes at a moderate speed of 3.8 mph while driving over many different surfaces both in or outdoors due in part to being equipped with 12.5″ flat free drive wheels. The Puzzle P15 is great on sharp turns turning at a radius of 28″ which is partially due to it’s compact light weight size. Designed with an 18″ foldable seat, there is enough space to hold a maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs. With its unique look comes a very unique feature. The Puzzle P15 seat folds and also disassembles from the power chair making this a very unique model when it comes to travel or folding electric wheelchair model purposes. The Puzzle P15 also features a 5 speed adjustment on the joystick, padded armrests, adjustable anti-tipper wheels, and options for either swing away footrest or swing away elevating legrest. If you were looking for an affordable and unique travel power chair, The Puzzle P15 is a great choice.

Jazzy 600 ES Power Wheelchair

jazzy 600 es

The Jazzy 600 ES is one of the most unique looking full size electric wheelchair available online. With its large 14″ solid drive wheels, The Jazzy 600 ES Power Wheelchair by Pride Mobility is very smooth and elegant when driving over many different surfaces. With a maximum speed of 4 mph, The Jazzy 600 ES comes standard  with a 18″ highback seat with head rests providing plenty of comfort to its user. With its large 14″ tires, The Jazzy 600 ES takes very sharp turns at a 22″ radius. Lasting as long as 17 miles when fully charged, The 600 ES comes with 12V 22NF batteries packing plenty of power when in use. Holding a maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs while weighing about 227 lbs. Other features for The Jazzy 600 ES include OMNI Casters on the front and back to prevent wheel hang ups, Easily Accessible freewheel levers mounted on the side, Active Trac ATX suspension for enhanced performance over more varied terrain, and easy front access to the batteries making them very easy to remove. With a full size chair of this power you will not be disappointed. The Jazzy 600 ES electric wheelchair is in a class of its own.

P710 Atlantis Power Wheelchair

Merits P710 Atlantis

The P710 Atlantis Power Wheelchair is an excellent and resilient heavy duty power chair that is capable performing with many high quality features. This immaculate heavy duty power chair packs quite a bit power. While it only goes a maximum speed of 5 mph, The P710 Atlantis by Merits Health is capable of holding up to 600 lbs in a 24″ captain chair leaving plenty of room and comfort for above average sized users. Great for riding both outdoors and indoors, The P710 Atlantis is equipped with 9″ front and 12″ rear pneumatic tires and turns at a radius of 31.5″ making it a smooth ride on most normal terrains and turns. Designed with 12V 75Ah batteries, The P710 is capable of lasting as long as 32 miles before fully charging it is once again needed. Weighing 300 lbs, it is one of the larger and heavier power chairs that we offer online. It also comes standard with a power seat that lifts up in scenarios where you need to grab something that would normally be out of reach when sitting in your power chair. Other features on The P710 Atlantis power chair include four seat posts to help provide a stable and durable structure, optional elevated leg rests, and super in-line motors to help obese riders drive 10 degrees uphill with ease. If you were looking for a heavy duty power chair than look no further!

Ready to Ride Your Very Own High Quality Power Chair

Constantly hearing the question “What are the highest quality power wheelchairs you have” asked so many times, we felt it was only right to create a list of some of the highest quality power wheelchairs on the market. Now that you’ve read this article provided do any of the power chairs listed above sound like a model you can picture yourself riding in everyday? If so you will not be disappointed. With the 3 models mentioned in the article, there has always been satisfied customers that are happy with the performance of there power wheelchairs. In case you’re not interested in purchasing one of these 3 models, you can always view all of our reliable power chairs available online. Happy shopping and thanks for reading!