The Top Five Heavy Duty Mobility Scooters

Heartway USA Bein S15 Mobility ScooterA mobility scooter, according to the Oxford Dictionary, is defined as “an electrically powered scooter designed for people with restricted mobility, typically those who are elderly or disabled.” Mobility Scooters come in various specialties, such as travel range, maximum speed, weight capacity and total weight.

Our company is an authorized dealer of each and every one of the mobility scooters showcased on our website. This means that our company is capable of offering you the lowest prices on the market today, so you can secure a mobility scooter as soon as possible with the least amount of headaches. This article will provide the top five heavy duty mobility scooters. This type of electric wheelchairs allows their owners to navigate from one location to another; all the while, maintaining stylish appearance and utilizing the best technologies to provide the most efficient travel experience. A heavy duty – also known as an HD mobility scooter is characterized by its durable design that allows the driver to travel over the most versatile landscapes. These can range from cracked sidewalks to playing golf with the fellas.

Top Heavy Duty Handicap Scooters

The PaceSaver Espree Premier Mobility Scooter 3 Wheel is a mobility scooter from our company that excels in travel range and comfortability. The product has a manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) of $3150 but is sold by our company for $2435. This product has a travel range of 30 miles and a maximum speed of 5.25 mph. The turning radius is 35”. One of the luxuries of this mobility scooter is the ability to customize the order to your personal preferences. The options are more extensive than average for this product from manufacturer PaceSaver. For one of our past clients, this was perfect because he required a scooter to place his belongings and an air tank to breathe. The mobility scooter was able to support both of these items with low additional costs.

The Amigo RD SHABBAT Mobility Scooter is more than just a catchy name, this product is amongst the leaders in travel range on the market today. The MSRP on the electric scooter is $2695 but is being offered by our company for $2430. The travel range on this model is 35 miles! Basically, when traveling with this mobility scooter, the driver will never fret over having the electric scooter die on them, unless of course, the driver forgets to charge the battery the night before. The maximum speed on the model is 5.9 mph and the turning radius is 34”.

The Heartway USA S12S Vita S Sport Mobility Scooter is an additional mobility scooter recommended by our company. This model does everything it was designed to do well. MSRP on this model is $6699, while we are selling the mode for $3775. The travel range on the model is either 20 or 31 miles, depending on the type of battery chosen—12v 50Ah for the former, while 12v 79Ah for the latter. The maximum speed on the model is 12 mph and the turning radius is 50”.

The Heartway USA S12X Vita Monster Mobility Scooter is often categorized as our coolest model. One look at the model and it is easy to understand why. It is styled with an ATV appearance. If you want to play golf with the fellas, this model allows you to focus on the game, not on the terrain. When traveling to work, the model can handle poorly done sidewalks that aren’t optimized for disabled or obese persons, and safely have you make it to where you want to be. The MSRP on the model is $9199; however, we are offering the product for $4999. This model from manufacturer Heartyway USA has a travel range of 28 miles; a maximum speed of 11.5 mph; and a turning radius of 53.1”.

We’ve saved the best for last. The Heartway USA Bein S15 Mobility Scooter excels at nearly every criteria one can ask for. We often recommend this product to our customers, such as Kyle Rick from West Texas, who previously purchased a model from one of our competitors and was extremely disappointed by his purchase. This time around, Rick wanted a higher end model that wouldn’t malfunction. He lives relatively close to his office, so travel over bumpy terrain was a necessity, as is having a lengthy travel range and maximum speed. When he ordered the Heartway USA Bein S15 Mobility Scooter, Rick said it was like a night and day comparison between the two models. I followed up with Rick about six months after his purchase and he sent me a fantastic photo of him via e-mail where he is smiling and has raised hands in a victory salute—that is one of the reasons our team comes to work every day, for stories like Rick’s. This model has an MSRP of $6699 but is sold by our company for $4099. The travel range is 31 miles; the maximum speed is 12 mph, and the turning radius is 50”.

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