Top 3 Lowest Priced Power Wheelchairs for Sale in 2015

Are you shopping online for a reliable power wheelchair but find yourself strapped with a low budget? If so we’ve created a list of the top 3 lowest priced power wheelchairs that we have available online. If you’re looking to save money shopping online for a electric wheelchair than look no further. This article was created to help save customers the time and hassle of trying to find a reliable power chair available at the lowest cost thought possible. If you’re were interested in saving money when shopping for a mobility scooter than this article will be very beneficial to not only your time but also your wallet. With the list created below you will see the top 3 lowest priced power chairs for sale at Mobility Scooters Direct.

The Top 3 Most Affordable Power Chairs

With the three reliable electric wheelchairs listed below there is no particular favorite of ours. Each model is however priced differently to suite the needs of those looking for the best deal or lowest priced power wheelchairs for sale.

P320 Junior Power Wheelchair



The P320 Junior by Merits Health is the least expensive power chair available online. Available in either red or blue, The P320 Junior Power Chiar is a very small and easy to use travel power chair. Weighing 135 lbs, it is easy to assemble or dis assembly making it great for portability and traveling purposes. Running up to 12.5 miles P320 Junior comes equipped with 7″ solid and 9″ foam filled tires making it great to use both in and outdoors on multiple surfaces. Going as fast as 4.5 mph The P320 Junior is capable of supporting up to 300 lbs as a maximum weight capacity in a 18″ wide seat allowing plenty of room and comfort for its user. If you were looking for a travel power chair that is small inexpensive and very reliable The P320 Junior by Merits Health is the lowest priced power chair to available online.

LiteRider PTC Power Wheelchair


The LiteRider PTC by Golden Technologies is the most inexpensive electric wheelchair available on our website! The LiteRider is very reliable for its affordable price. Running on 9″ foam filled drive wheels and 6″ casters, The LiteRider PTC is a power chair that is sustainable on most terrains traveling up to 9.5 miles between each full charge and going 3.5 mph making it very smooth and easy to ride for a low cost travel power chair. Weighing 116 lbs The LiteRider PTC is designed  easy stability and portability making it great for travelling. Holding up to 275 lbs as a maximum weight capacity in a 17″ Seat, this particular mobility scooter is best suitable for users with an average body build. For what Golden Technologies LiteRider PTC offers, you will not find there are not many other reliable power chairs offered at such a low price.

Jimmie Power Wheelchair


The Jimmie Power Wheelchair by Shoprider is another one of the lowest priced power wheelchairs for sale online. Available in burgundy red, The Jimmie is another very low cost electric wheelchair we offer. Going 3.75 mph, The Jimmie is equipped with 6″ front and 9″ puncture proof tires making it great to ride through most all terrains with ease. Lasting as long as 10 miles before needing a charge once more, The Jimmie is another light weight handicap power chair weighing only 106 lbs making it another electric wheelchair great for traveling purposes. Capable of holding 250 lbs in a 17″ seat users will find plenty of comfort when sitting back and riding around. Add in the fact that The Jimmie by Shoprider is another one of the lowest priced power wheelchairs available at Mobility Scooters Direct and you have a cost efficient and reliable power chair to use for the great outdoors.

Which Low-Cost Electric Wheelchair Will You Choose

Now that you know which power chairs are priced lower than any other models available online, do you think you’re ready to purchase an one of the affordable and reliable models that are mentioned above? In case you have a little more of a budget or you don’t like the models that have been presented, you can always check out the rest of our reliable and affordable power chair selection online. Hopefully the information provided helps you pick out a choice that will save you money on your mobility scooter purchase.

Keep in mind that this post was written in 2015 and since then there are many new models that are very affordable. Check out our Gogo scooters, page which shows all of the Pride Go-Go scooters that are designed for travel and affordability.