The Best Power Wheelchairs for Obese People

Are you looking into power wheelchairs for people that are overweight and having trouble trying to find what to look for or what model will be the most reliable? There are quite a few models that carry the terms reliability and quality for an obese or above average body size or weight. Today I will help you understand what it is you want to look for as far as support and qualities when looking into finding the right power wheel chair for an obese person and also point out some of the most reliable models as well.

power wheelchair for obese people

What To Consider When Searching For a Power Wheelchair Designed For Obese People

When it comes to qualities in a power chair for an obese person you want to first look into the user’s weight, every power wheelchair has a certain weight capacity it can sustain. In an obese person’s case, let’s say weighing between 400-600 lb’s you want to be looking more into a full-size or heavy duty power wheelchair to provide that extra support and sustainability.

Full-size and Heavy-duty power wheelchairs are normally compatible for both indoors and outdoors however, If this is something you plan to use indoors a majority of the time you will want to look into getting a power chair with a low turning radius. The lower the turning radius the easier it is to maneuver your power chair through tight spaces such as hallways or through door spaces.

Suspension is another major factor an obese user should be looking at, power chairs with suspension have that extra push to help support the heavy weight and size and still showoff the same power a light user would feel.

For comfort and preference, seat width is another important factor the user should consider. A larger body size may not fit correctly or feel as good in a standard 16” or 18” seat. For an obese sized person you have larger sized options for example 20”, 22”, 24” and a few other sizes. These are the main qualities I would recommend one looks for when looking into a power wheelchair for an obese person.

Now there are a lot of different power wheelchairs out there that say they’re capable of handling certain weight capacities and sustainability but some models that I would highly recommend that share the qualities from above and will also provide not only reliability but an excellent performance for an obese sized user.

Jazzy 614 Heavy Duty Power Wheelchair

The first heavy duty power wheelchair I will mention is the Jazzy 614 HD by Pride Mobility, this power wheelchair works great both in and outdoors holding up to 450 lb’s as a maximum weight capacity the Jazzy 614 HD is a mid-wheel drive power chair with suspension. It turns at a radius of 22.75” making it great for maneuvering around tight spaces all while still supporting up to 450 lb’s. The Jazzy 614 HD comes with a seat width option. The user can choose from 18, 20, 22, or 24” width which will in turn allow them to find the most comfort in there seat.

The Heavy Duty P710 Atlantis Power Wheelchair by Merits

Another great model to mention is the P710 Atlantis by Merits. This power chair comes with can handle quite a bit, Supporting a maximum weight capacity of 600 lb’s the P710 Atlantis maneuvers great in mostly all terrains it has a turn radius of 31.5” which is still not  bad when surrounded by tight spaces. The P710 Atlantis power wheelchair was built with an inline high power motor to showcase high performance, torque and ride uphill all while supporting a much larger than normal size body and weight. This chair is available with either a 22 or 24” width seat so there is plenty of room and comfort to where it’s user will be satisfied.

The Compass HD Power Wheelchair by Golden Technologies

Another power chair that I recommend is the Compass HD electric wheelchair by Golden Technologies. The Compass HD is capable of holding up a weight capacity of 450 lb’s and has a mid-wheel drive that allows for great maneuverability both indoor and out. The Compass HD has an impressive turn radius of 20” making it around tight spaces while supporting a larger than normal size body frame. It is available in either 20, 22, or 24” seat width sizes and is considered one Golden Technologies best products.

Where to Buy Heavy Duty Power Wheelchair for an Obese Person?

So in conclusion, if you’re looking for a power wheelchair for an overweight person or someone with morbid obesity, you may want to consider the three options we recommend or by researching further the many different options we provide. Using our online catalog and narrowing down such a large selection, these three power chairs mentioned above or the information provided on what details to look for will definitely help give you a better idea of what details you should be looking out for when trying to find the best power wheelchair for an obese sized user. Remember for the best reassurance, reliability and quality of your products, make sure you deal with Mobility Scooters Direct, we are an authorized dealer and get the lowest possible prices guaranteed along with the manufacturer warranty and support that you deserve.