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The Best Power Wheelchairs for Going Up Hill

Interested in finding a great power wheelchair capable of riding up hill with ease? With such a large and extensive collection of handicap power chairs available online, you may find it time-consuming or frustrating looking through so many different model details and specifications so with this article we compiled a list of the best power wheelchairs for going uphill. You will find many of these power wheelchairs for outdoor use on this page.

How to Find the Right Power Chair for Going Up Hill

If you happen to find a particular electric wheelchair model that you like there are a few ways to check if that power chair will be accessible or durable for uphill use. When looking at the product details or specifications you will want to look for things, first, you will want to find a handicap power chair that is more so intended for full size or heavy-duty use. Full size and heavy-duty models tend to have more torque or power to them, these models usually come with larger sized batteries and allowing longer life or more power to be generated to the chair to allow it go up hill without draining the batteries. A second key detail to search for is the climbing grade or climbing degree. Whichever chairs come with the highest climbing degree will help you determine the best power wheelchairs for going uphill. Another major factor to add to this, make sure the electric wheelchair you choose is rather quick. The quicker or faster your electric wheelchair can go only means the quicker it will get you up hill. One thing to remember in all of this, you do not want to constantly ride your power chair uphill in doing so you can cause major wear and tear in a shorter amount of time and it will drain your batteries a lot faster than is to be expected. In the cases that you need to get up hill it will not affect it but again as a reminder, constantly driving your handicap electric chair uphill at all times will make it prone to damage!

The 3 Best Power Wheelchairs for Going Uphill

Below I have listed the 3 best power wheelchairs for going up hill, The list is made in particular order and describes each of the handicap electric wheelchair in some detail to see which one would be best compatible for you.

The 710 Atlantis Power Wheelchair

p7101 (1)

Built by Mertis Health USA, The 710 Atlantis is a reliable heavy-duty power chair that works great on most all surfaces and scenarios such as a going uphill. Capable of holding a maximum weight capacity of 600 lbs The 710 Atlantis by Merits Health USA can go up to 5 mph and has a grade climbable of 10 degrees making it one of the best power wheelchairs for going up hill. With 4 options for seating including 22″ and 24″ pan and captain seats, The 710 is equipped with plenty of power. Lasting as long as 32 miles when fully charged any user will find plenty of comfort in riders whether they are long or short.

The P183 Heavy-Duty Folding Power Wheelchair


The P183 by Merits is another very far advanced heavy-duty electric wheelchair capable of quite a bit. This model has a very unique and stylish look, supporting as much as 700 lbs P183 packs quite a bit of power. Stocked with 2 12V 22NF batteries this incredible power chair can last as long as 25 miles when fully charged. As far as going up hill, The P183 by Merits Health can go up to 4 mph allowing this powerful heavy-duty electric wheelchair to quickly climb uphill at a range of 10 degrees. Very few power wheelchairs have this capability allowing this model to move quicker than many in its class. This power chair comes with solid tires making for great use on many different terrains while out and about and comes with a 26″ seat allowing for plenty of space. Overall this is a very supportive electric folding wheelchair that we consider one of the best power wheelchairs for going up hill.

The P301 Gemini Power Wheelchair


Created by Merits Health USA, The P301 Gemini is another excellent heavy-duty power chair choice. This beautiful power chair holds a maximum weight capacity up to 350 lbs in a 20″ or 22″ captain’s seat, so there is plenty of room for comfort. Great for both in and outdoors, The P301 Gemini by Merits Heath is capable of running a speed up to 5 mph climbing up hill at 12 degrees, it really does not get much better. Running on 2 12V 22NF batteries The P301 has plenty of power to use lasting as long as 20 miles between each of its full charges. If you’re looking for an electric wheelchair with an option for flat-free tires this another great choice that will be durable on multiple surfaces.

Are You Ready To Choose

Now that you know the best power wheelchairs for going up hill are you ready to choose one of the three? If you still would like to browse around, we have all of our power wheelchairs available and listed online. If you’re going to use your handicap power chair for going uphill than I would only recommend one of the three of these choices, however, everyone is different and has there own preferences, before you decide which power wheelchair you are going to buy make sure you check the specifications for accurate details. I hope you’re able to use this information to your advantage. Thanks for reading and good luck!