The 3 Best Power Wheelchairs for Handicapped Children

Is your child handicap and in need of a power wheelchair? Unsure of what it is you should be looking for to ensure your child is using the best possible electric wheelchair? Today I will be going over three of the best handicap power chairs I would recommend for children to use and operate. There are many power chairs out there to choose from but for a child you want to make sure they have the right equipment to operate when no one is around to help. Most durable Travel Power Wheelchairs work great for children. Below I have listed the electric power wheelchairs I feel would be best suitable and qualify as handicap electric chairs for a handicap child in no particular order.

LiteRider PTC Power Wheelchair


The LiteRider PTC is an excellent light weight handicap power chair made by Golden Technologies. Best suitable for adults and children with handicap disabilities looking to travel, Golden Technologies LiteRider PTC comes with a height adjustable foot pad making great comfort for its user. Equipped with a 20” wide seat, The LiteRider PTC by Golden Technologies has plenty of room and padding allowing any child to sit in comfort for very long periods of time. Weighing a total of 114 lbs this reliable handicap power chair shows plenty of force and reliability, lasting up to 9.5 miles in drive range when fully charged so parents will not need to worry about their child’s power chair breaking down or dying in the middle of nowhere. Because of the compact size of the LiteRider PTC, it is very easy for a child to get around through tight spaces whether it’s a hallway, doorway, or even a line at school. Children will have no problem maneuvering and operating The one of a kind LiteRider PTC.

P320 Junior Micro Lite Power Wheelchair

The P320 Junior Micro Lite is another very reliable light weight handicap power chair made by Merits Health. Made for a smaller size person, in this case children, The P320 Junior comes equipped with an 18” wide high back seat with a headrest providing plenty of support to any handicap users lower and upper back. Very easy to disassemble the P320 Junior Micro Lite  by Merits Health weighs in total about 135 lbs. Traveling a distance of 12.5 miles between each full charge, The P320 Junior Micro Lite has a very small body frame which allows it to turn and maneuver through most tighter areas and spaces. The P320 Junior Micro Lite by Merits also comes with a footplate, armrests and the option to put the joystick on either arm. So any child using this power chair will find plenty of comfort!

Drive Medical Cobalt Power Wheelchair


The Cobalt is the final durable light weight handicap power chair I would recommend and it is made by Drive Medical. Running on a full suspension and weighing 121 lbs The Cobalt is capable of supporting up to 250 lbs in weight capacity in a 15” wide stadium seat, so any child or other handicap user would feel very firm and in place. The Cobalt Power Wheelchair by Drive Medical was designed to take on crowded or tight areas making it great on stability and maneuverability. Running up to 8 miles of travel range The Cobalt can go up to 4 mph on 8” and 9” foam filled tires helping give it sharp turning abilities in crowded areas, The Cobalt handicap power chair has the option of either an adjustable footplate or elevated footrests making it very comforting for handicap children to use on those long rides. Any child using a travel power chair such as this one will definitely be satisfied with the quality of its use!

Now That You’re Informed, It’s Time to Shop!

So, if you’re in a position where you find your self asking “what are the best electric wheelchairs for kids?”, of these three choices there is no particular model that I would recommend over the other they are all very reliable handicap electric wheelchairs made by some of the biggest names in the handicap power chair industry. Although there are other handicap power wheelchairs available that children can use, these are the models I would highly recommend, all of which come with at least a one year warranty on service and parts. Hopefully the information I have provided will be beneficial and help you in making a final decision on what handicap power chair will best help your child get around on a day to day basis. Thank you for reading!