The 3 Best Heavy Duty Power Wheelchairs

Are you considering a purchase of a heavy duty power wheelchair? Some may find it difficult shopping through such a large selection of brands and models but when it comes to heavy duty battery powered wheelchairs there are some key factors you will want to make sure of or at least find close similarity too when shopping online for the best heavy duty power wheelchairs. Today I will go over the details or product specifications of what to look for when shopping for heavy duty electric power chairs and also give you 3 power chair models that I feel in my opinion are the most durable heavy duty power wheelchairs to choose from when online looking for the durable electric wheelchairs.

How to shop for a Heavy Duty Power Wheelchair

Most people unfamiliar with heavy duty power wheelchairs may not be sure of where to start, so let’s make sure a heavy duty model is what you need. Now, if you’re planning on using this power chair outdoors on rough terrain, or you weigh let’s say over 350 lbs a heavy duty model is more preferred fir you. Heavy Duty power wheelchairs generally have a weight capacity between 350 and 500 lbs, there are even some models capable of holding more weight. Usually heavy duty models will also be equipped with large durable wheels. For the most part tires will be solid or flat free, the only time you will see a pneumatic style is for better traction or indoor purposes, however some people do prefer those rubber tires. Another factor to help determine a heavy duty power chair is the travel range, normally you will see heavy duty style handicap power chairs lasting at least 15 or 20 miles between full charges, and they will usually run on rear or mid-wheel drive providing plenty torque and performance. Now with heavy duty models, you will see that your power chairs body frame will be a little larger than an average handicap power chair, so your best bet is to find a durable mid-wheel drive model. Reason being, mid-wheel drive allows power chairs to turn at a much sharper and quicker rate allowing such large body frames to get around hallways or doorways with ease compared to front wheel or rear wheel models. Another great factor you will find with only some power wheelchairs is a power elevated seat. This upgrade is only available with certain heavy duty electric power chairs and it will make it a lot easier to get to those hard to reach place for users who have a hard time standing. With the facts presented above you will be able to sort through many models to help you determine what is considered a heavy duty model and what is not.

The 3 Best Heavy Duty Power Wheelchairs

Below I have listed 3 heavy duty models that I believe have the ability to outperform pretty much any other heavy duty or full size power wheelchairs out there. This is my opinion of course, some may have their own personal preference and choose a different model reading about the details alone will make you consider from one of the following.

Merits Health P327 Vision Super Power Wheelchair


The P327 Vision Super Power Wheelchair by Merits Health is one of the top choices available on the market if you’re looking for one of the best reliable heavy duty power chairs. Holding as much as 450 lbs The P327 Vision Super power chair runs on 12” pneumatic mid drive wheels and provides plenty of performance in most rugged outdoor terrains and even turning through tight spaces indoors providing a turn radius of 20.7” which is incredible for a power chair of this size. Providing plenty of performance and torque, The P327 Vision Super Electric Wheelchair can last as long as 20 miles when fully charged and ride up to 5 mph and was designed with a dual in-line motor and full suspension so you will be able to ride up most inclines or hills with much ease compared to most power chairs, however you do not want to put more pressure on your power chairs motor than it already has so do not constantly ride up hill.

Compass HD Power Wheelchair


The Compass HD by Golden Technologies is another heavy duty power chair that is packed with power and reliability. Designed with options for 20”, 22”, and 24” wide seats capable of holding up to 450 lbs, The Compass HD electric wheelchair built by Golden Technologies is one of the best heavy duty power wheelchairs available online. Powered by 12V 22NF batteries this heavy duty electric wheelchair goes up to 4 mph while lasting as long as 12 miles The Compass HD runs on mid-wheel drive and uses 10” flat free tires to ensure a smooth ride on practically all terrains. Because of its mid-wheel drive, The Compass HD is capable of making very sharp turns at a radius of 20”, which in turn helps make this power chair great for getting around obstacles and also through tight spaces.

Merits Health P181 Foldable Power Wheelchair


The P181 Foldable Power Wheelchair by Merits Health is another excellent choice. This very dynamic model comes in various sizes and capabilities. Depending on the seat size you choose, you will have a different performance. The standard 22” wide seat can hold up to 450 lbs while the 24” seat holds 600 lbs and the 26” seat hold 700. There are not many power chairs with this capability. Add on top of this the fact that it is foldable and you have a very easy to transport heavy duty power chair. Running up to 15 miles on 12V 22NF batteries 12.5 “ rear wheel drive air filled tires, you will feel the smooth maneuverability turning at a radius of 23”. Quick for the amount of power given The P181 power wheelchair by Merits Health runs up to 4 mph so any ride you take will always be smooth and pleasant!

Have a Better Understanding Now?

Now that I have gone over some key details of what to look for and also some great models and brands to choose from, are you ready to choose which heavy duty electric wheelchair you would like to purchase? Now remember if you really are curious still and you want to check a larger selection of heavy duty electric power chairs, there is a large selection available online to look at and choose from just remember to look for similarities to the models I have mentioned! I hope you found this article helpful, thank you for reading!

Andrew Fatalo is the owner of Statewide Mobility Inc & Mobility Scooters Direct. He has been in the mobility product industry since 2005 and knows a ton about e-commerce marketing. He gives back to the handicap community by hosting mobility scooter and electric wheelchair give-aways which you can learn more about by following his companies on Facebook.