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Deals! Deals! Deals! The Power Chairs from Each Category to Order Now!

Note: This blog post was written in 2016 and contains products that are discontinued, make sure to visit our website’s home page to see our most up-to-date selection of mobility products.

Who doesn’t love a great deal?

Our company, Mobility Scooters Direct, has an excellent relationship with the best brands on the market today. Whether it be, but not limited to Drive Medical, EV Rider, and Golden Technologies, our company is so confident that we can secure you with the lowest price on the market that we guarantee it!

Electric Wheelchairs sold by our company come in four different categories, which are the following:

Travel Electric Wheelchair
Full-Size Power Wheelchair
Heavy Duty Power Wheelchair
Folding Power Wheelchair

Each of our products—regardless of the category—is built to be reliable and is capable of navigating through the most diverse terrain. Before making your selection, it is imperative to take a moment and reflect on how you plan on using the product.

Deep breath… Now think: Do you want a power chair that is lightweight and can be stored easily on airplanes? How about an all-around sturdy option that can do everything well? Do you prefer a power chair that has a generous weight capacity and can handle the most challenging travel elements? Or do you want to have an electric wheelchair that can be stored easily and fits well into any vehicle?

These are all legitimate questions that are important to ponder upon before beginning your search for a power chair. Having done so, the remainder of this article will provide recommendations on the best current deals from our company.

The Best Power Wheelchair Recommendations: Travel Power Wheelchair

Who doesn’t have an awful airport tale? Even the most common experiences at the airport are usually negative. The Merits P320 Junior – Micro Lite Compact Power Wheelchair can be the bright spot of your next airport travels. Manufactured by Merits, this model has an MSRP of $5499. However, we offer the power chair at a steep discount—you can order this model today for $1255. Amazing, right? Heartway USA Challenger CL Power Wheelchair This model is lightweight, weighing in at 122 lbs. including the battery, allowing for simple storage during flight. Many travel wheelchairs have an awful travel range, causing paranoia that you may need to recharge your model in order to make it to the gate. The Merits P320 Junior – Micro Lite Compact Power Wheelchair has a travel range of 12.5 miles, among the most competitive in today’s power wheelchair market. The model has a turning radius of 23” and a maximum speed of 4.5 mph.

The Best Power Wheelchair Recommendations: Full-Size Power Wheelchair

When considering a full-size power wheelchair, check out the Heartway USA Maxx Power Wheelchair. Full-size power wheelchairs have a generous weight capacity and are known to be durable. While the model has an MSRP of $4399, from our company you can secure this model for $2699. In addition to being a steal at a low price, this model is capable of the following: a travel range of 18 miles; a turning radius of 19.6”; a weight capacity of 350 lbs.; and a maximum speed of 6.25 mph! The model comes equipped with a captain seat to ensure driver comfort. With a weight of 215 lbs., you can easily use a ramp or a lift to place the model in your SUV if necessary.

The Best Power Wheelchair Recommendations: Heavy Duty Power Wheelchair

Often customers will ask the difference between a full-size power wheelchair and a heavy-duty power wheelchair. A heavy-duty power wheelchair, while similar to a full-size power wheelchair, is capable of more wear and tear and usually has sturdier tires, allowing the driver the ability to handle sidewalks in the worst condition and navigating efficiently off-road travel.

We recommend the Merits P327 electric wheelchair or the Jazzy 614 HD by Pride Mobility. These are some of our best sellers in the heavy-duty electric wheelchair category. They are priced very competitively and both offer top-notch engineering and reliability.

The Best Power Wheelchair Recommendations: Folding Power Wheelchair

Lastly, one of our company’s best selling products is in the folding power wheelchair category. These models are often times sleek and capable of easy storage in nearly any type of transportation method you can imagine. Travel in an SUV? No Problem. How about a train? No Problem. What about a Cruise ship? Again, no problem!

You’re not going to believe this deal. The Merits P183 Heavy-Duty Folding Power Wheelchair has an MSRP of $9600; however, our company is offering this model at the scrupulous price of $2425!

While heavier than the travel power wheelchair, this folding power wheelchair is a preferred option for heavier individuals, having a weight capacity of 700 lbs. The model has a travel range of 25 miles; a turning radius of 37”; and a maximum speed of 4 mph.

Take Advantage of These Deals Today!

Our company, Mobility Scooters Direct, sticks to our slogan, which is “Save More. Buy Direct.” Having reviewed some of the best deals from our inventory, the next step is to order your model. This can be done simply by adding the online model of your choice to the cart.

If you have additional questions, you can initiate a LiveChat with one of our specialists or simply call (877) 805-5659 to speak with a specialist by phone. To access our site, follow this link by clicking here.