The Zip’r Mantis Power Wheelchair for Traveling

Linda is married and lives with her spouse in a house adapted for her power wheelchair. She loves the independence as she attributes her power wheelchair as a critical form of capital for her.

“Thank God wheels are made to roll,” Linda said. “I love the movement; I just love it.”

A power wheelchair is a product that helps obese, disabled or seniors travel from one place to another. Mobility limitations have an effect on one-third of older adults who live in the United States, according to a study in the Candian Institute of Health Research.

Through their research, the authors found common benefits of these products. These include improved mobility, social participation and quality of life, and decreased discomfort and pain. Additionally, people who use mobility scooters, like the Zip’r Mantis, can partake in a variety of activities, like shopping, medical appointments and attending community events.

In the study, the authors spoke with several people who used a power wheelchair. Linda was one of the recipients. She was diagnosed with a bad medical condition 25-years ago.

Linda, 72-years-old, previously had a mobility scooter to help her travel around town and within her home. But she recently switched to a quality power wheelchair, similar to the Zip’r Mantis.

She found an immense benefit from the switch. While learning to drive differently was initially a challenge, she soon mastered the product.

“I don’t even think about driving it, it just goes where I want it to go,” Linda said. “It’s part of your body actually. It’s part of your sense of who you are.”

The Best Full Size Power Wheelchair for the Disabled

Mobility Scooters Direct sells power wheelchairs that have helped our customers live the lives they want to live, not a life stuck in despair. New customers will commonly know they need a power wheelchair in their life to accommodate a variety of ailments and our team is more than happy to help the person find a product that is a perfect fit.

The Zip’r Mantis power wheelchair for traveling will take you places. The comfortable power wheelchair comes equipped with a plush seating arrangement and other excellent features making this product a value purchase.

Zip'r Mantis Power Wheelchair

The product has performance that will efficiently take a driver from one place to another in a reasonable time. The Zip’r Mantis reaches speeds of nearly 5 miles per hour.

When maneuvering in the outdoors at this brisk speed, the driver will be confident in his or her ability to make tight moves, having a 22.4” turning radius. If the turn involves moving up a steep hill or a high curb, no problem — the Zip’r Mantis electric wheelchair has a 2” ground clearance.

The long distance electric wheelchair is equipped with two U1 12V 35AH batteries. It can cover 15 miles per complete charge. It is suitable for all day travels, such as visiting one of the theme parks in the southeast United States.

Grandparents love being with grandchildren. The Zip’r Mantis will accommodate that passion.

When visiting Disney World in Orlando, Florida, the grandparent can accompany their grandkid throughout the day, whether it is in one theme park or three. The long travel range means there are no restrictions for the day.

Skipping the lines at Disney World is definitely a perk, for both the elderly power wheelchair owner and the grandchildren, but the former shouldn’t feel guilty. After contributing to society over all those years, he or she deserves the conveniences that come with age.

Having a power wheelchair for a theme park allows the driver to hold or store essential items while exploring. The Zip’r Mantis has a 300 lbs. weight capacity, which can support obese customers, along with the things they have on their person.

The seat on the electronic wheelchair comes in two sizes. Depending upon the preference of the driver, he or she can choose a 16” width by an 18” diameter or an 18” width by an 18” diameter.

Regardless of the choice, the Zip’r Mantis electric wheelchair comes equipped with a captain seat. The power wheelchair with a captain seat will maintain its comfort all day, in a variety of terrains and activities.

The captain seat contours to the body of the driver. It has the perfect balance of a plush, relaxing seat with a firm chair that will keep the driver secure when he or she makes quick stops or goes up a steep hill.

Customers have two options when they decide upon the color of the awesome looking power wheelchair. The Zip’r Mantis power wheelchair can come in a sleek red color. The full-size power wheelchair can also come in a blue color. Both will provide a favorable impression on coworkers, friends and family.

Buy the Zip’r Mantis Power Wheelchair, Today!

The Zip’r Mantis electric wheelchair that will provide immense value to a prospective customer. Our team continually reviews the latest news and research within the industry, which helps our skilled technicians make accurate recommendations depending upon the needs of the customer.

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As Linda provided in the study, power wheelchairs can change the life of a person for the better. The authors found, however, that access to power wheelchairs “is tightly controlled through private health insurance and government funding, which excludes many who would benefit from their use.”

We work with our customers because we understand the tremendous need for these products. Call us today, and let our nationwide power wheelchair store change your life for the better.