The Jazzy Passport is Best for Personal and Business Travel

When the United States Department of Veterans Affairs denied her husband a power wheelchair, Cristina M. turned to Mobility Scooters Direct.

“Best decision ever,” Cristina said in her five-star power wheelchair review. The Pride Jazzy Passport Power Wheelchair “makes it easier for us to do things and not wear him out.”

Heather M., a second verified buyer of the Jazzy electric wheelchair, had a tight budget. She was in the market for value in her search for an affordable power wheelchair.

“Great price,” Heather said. Her Jazzy Passport “folds smaller than my child’s pediatric manual chair did.”

Mobility Scooters Direct is nationwide power wheelchair store dedicated to empowering our customers with independence and comfort as they navigate their lives. The Pride Jazzy Passport battery power wheelchair is best for personal and business travel, continually exceeding expectations especially from our previous customers.

Buy a Folding Battery Powered Wheelchair

The Jazzy Passport is one of the best folding power wheelchairs, as it is designed with precise engineering and quality materials.
It has two 180-watt brushed motors, capable of reaching a maximum speed of nearly 4 miles per hour. The pace will safely have the driver travel to his or her intended destination.

Pride Jazzy Passport Power WheelchairWhen traveling around an office environment, for instance, the driver can make tight turns at a 25” turning radius. The sharp turning helps the driver more efficiently navigate around the office without bumping into furniture and making unsightly dents.

The Jazzy wheel chair is equipped with a lithium-ion 12V 18AH battery. The long distance power wheelchair can cover nearly 10 miles per complete charge. The batteries are FAA approved.

When on business travel to a foreign city, the driver will not have to worry about the quality power wheelchair ceasing to operate due to a diminished battery. Instead, the driver can focus on networking, as he or she mingles with other people.

As the professional travels around town, he or she can take more options than driving solely with the Jazzy electric wheelchair. The Jazzy wheelchair weighs 57 lbs. It is easy to store in the trunk of an SUV or when traveling on the plane.

Since the battery pack is TSA approved, the driver will avoid a major traveling headache. Instead, with the 7 lbs. lithium battery pack, the person can arrive at the airport and easily go about the various chores, such as through security, before boarding the aircraft to his or her destination.

The removable lithium battery will be placed within carry-on baggage, while the rest of the travel power wheelchair will be placed on the bottom of the plane, safe and secure.

The Jazzy power wheelchair has several amazing features and accessories. There is a pocket in the back of the seat, which provides a convenient spot for storage on the move. Customers commonly place magazines, folders holding work documents, and more!

The driver can add more accessories to ensure his or her maximum comfort. We recommend an armrest bag. It provides excellent support on trips, regardless of the distance travel, being firm yet comfortable. A cup holder will hold liquids, like a cold can of soda to quench the driver’s thirst on a sunny day.

The 4 wheel power wheelchair has additional storage. There is an under-seat storage net to hold important belongings. When traveling for pleasure, it is important to have room to place neat things, whether they be useful products or basic items from the grocery store.

Being comfortable in the Jazzy wheel chair is essential. Going from one place to another can evoke many emotions. These emotions from a busy schedule can include happiness, frustration, concern and mental exhaustion.

We understand that our customers are human beings. It is paramount to our core values that they enjoy their productive travel experience. Mobility Scooters Direct does not want its customers to feel frustrated. Inferior travel power wheelchairs don’t provide the same satisfaction as the Jazzy Passport.

The seating arrangement for the Jazzy electronic wheelchair is relaxing to sit on for multiple hours. It is a foam filled seat built for extra comfort, especially on personal or business trips. It is a 17.5” x 16.5” padded chair.

To add to the comfort, the Jazzy Passport has a sizeable folding foot platform. His or her legs can stretch out as the driver travels from one destination to the next.

To best support the seating arrangement on the power wheelchair for traveling, Pride Mobility has equipped this Jazzy electric wheelchair with a durable set of tires.

In the front of the Jazzy power chair are 8” solid caster tires. In the rear of the 4 wheel electric wheelchair, it has 12” pneumatic drive wheels. These tires work effectively, empowering the driver with a 3” ground clearance.

The Jazzy Passport comes in a sleek pewter tone. The gray color on this innovative product makes it an awesome looking power wheelchair.

Travel the World With the Jazzy Passport

With the Jazzy Passport, our customers can travel the world — for business or pleasure — with this folding power wheelchair.

To learn more about this innovative electric wheelchair, we recommend reaching out to one of the skilled technicians. They can be reached by our live chat feature on our website, along with on the phone. The number is (877) 721-7748.

Pascal C., awarded the Jazzy Passport with a five-star electric wheelchair review after purchasing the product for his dad.

The verified buyer sees his dad often, but there are times when his father needs to depend on himself. An aging parent can be emotionally draining, but we owe them everything for the sacrifices they made in our childhood.

“Jazzy Passport rocks!” Pascal said. He has been content with the satisfaction the product from our nationwide power wheelchair store has had on his father’s life.

“It gives him independence with a low profile,” Pascal said, “while allowing safe and easy access to the dining room and other areas of his assisted living community.”