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2019 Highest Quality Power Wheelchairs With High Weight Ratings

We are proud to provide our customers with high-quality electric wheelchairs with high weight capacity ratings. These battery-operated wheelchairs allow the driver to travel from one place to another with both ease and simplicity. They have excellent reviews, they’re priced affordably and are some of the most durable electric wheelchairs on the market.

Power Wheelchairs can be an instrumental addition to the lives of the disabled. According to the Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development, “several studies have shown that both children and adults benefit substantially from access to a means of independent mobility, including power wheelchairs, manual wheelchairs, scooters, and walkers.” The study continues, “for adults, independent mobility is an important aspect of self-esteem and plays a pivotal role in ‘aging in place.’”

This article will recommend three affordable power wheelchairs with health benefits. These include the following:

These are excellent investments for people with mobility issues, such as the obese or those with ailments that restrict movement.

2019 Quality Power Wheelchairs That Are On Sale or Discounted

BOSS 6 Series Power WheelchairWhen you shop in our store, be sure to ask our live chat representatives about any deals or sales that might be happening at the time. We often offer holiday specials and discounts.

As the Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development provided, having a power wheelchair can improve attitude and general outlook on the world. We recommend the BOSS 6 Series Power Wheelchair for our customers. This is an excellent power chair when traveling for extended periods. Equipped with a captain seat, the BOSS 6 Wheelchair is extremely comfortable and provides secure support when traveling, regardless of the terrain that the power chair is covering.

The 4 wheel power wheelchair can travel at a maximum speed of 4.5 mph, which securely takes the driver to their intended destination. The long-distance power wheelchair has a travel range of 20-miles per complete charge while having an immense weight capacity of 600 lbs. This weight capacity rating supports obese customers and will not threaten the performance of the power chair.

The BOSS Electric Wheelchair is on a five percent discount from the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP), as the affordable power wheelchair price can be found on the product page of our online shop. We offer several payment options including 0% interest financing for qualified individuals who apply directly on our website.

The second excellent investment in health and wellness is the Jazzy 1450 Power Wheelchair. The Jazzy 1450 Wheelchair has a sleek appearance, upholstered in leather, and coming in colors candy apple red and viper blue. The quality power wheelchair will impress friends, family, and coworkers on first and subsequent glances. This is a secure, tough mobility assistant device for safe traveling.

The Jazzy 1450 Power Wheelchair has a maximum speed of 4.5 mph, which will quickly take the driver to their intended destination. This specific Jazzy wheelchair can travel up to 12-miles per complete charge. The weight capacity on the Jazzy 1450 Power Wheelchair is a generous 600 lbs.

Having an immense weight capacity of 600 lbs, customers often further customize the Jazzy 1450 Power Wheelchair to their preferences. We recommend the pride weather cover (which is an upgraded option) as it provides comprehensive coverage from the elements, especially for local customers where rain is often periodic without warning. Another popular choice is a large rear basket (this is an accessory option) that offers a spacious location to place important items while traveling from one place to another, such as groceries from a nearby market.

As of the publication of this article, the cheap power wheelchair is on a 55 percent discount, listed for $4,499. The Jazzy 1450 Power Wheelchair is also available for purchase using easy financing, which starts at $396 a month for qualified individuals. This power chair will provide optimum usage for years following the date of purchase.

A third recommended affordable power wheelchair is our Shoprider 6Runner 14 Power Wheelchair. The following is from the product description page:

Shoprider 6Runner 14 Power WheelchairThe Shoprider 6 Runner power chair for sale is a durable and affordable chair manufactured by Shoprider, a leader in the industry. For almost 30 years, Shoprider scooters and power wheelchairs have been sold in the United States and have become one of the top brands in the country. By offering power wheelchairs that are designed with advanced features, innovative designs, and affordable prices, you can depend on their products. Mobility Scooters Direct.com is proud to offer their merchandise to those who need help getting around on their own.

This is an excellent choice for customers expecting a quality power wheelchair.

The 6Runner Power Wheelchair has a maximum speed of nearly 4 mph. The long-distance power wheelchair can cover nearly 18 miles per complete charge. The weight capacity is 450 lbs. Also included on the Shoprider 6Runner 14 Power Wheelchair is a reclining captain seat that makes travel comfortable and safer than competing power wheelchairs.

The Shoprider 6Runner 14 Power Wheelchair is listed for $3,599 — a discount of nearly 50 percent from the MSRP. The cheap power wheelchair can be purchased using simple financing as well. For simple financing, the Shoprider 6Runner starts at $317 a month for 12 months at a 10 percent APR.

Purchase the Best Power Wheelchairs with Health and Wellness Benefits

The quality power wheelchairs mentioned in this article — BOSS 6 Series Power Wheelchair; Jazzy 1450 Power Wheelchair; and, Shoprider 6Runner 14 Power Wheelchair — can provide immense health benefits for the driver. Being able to travel from one place to another without having pain or other inconveniences, improves mood and outlook on the world. Its no wonder that they are from our company: Mobility Scooters Direct – Save More. Buy Direct.

More information on our quality power wheelchairs can be obtained by speaking with one of our skilled customer service representatives. To chat with a member from our team, engage in a live chat on our website or call (877) 721-7748.