Pride Mobility Jazzy Air Is a Power Wheelchair With a Seat That Rises

Our company prides itself on offering the best power wheelchairs on the market. These quality electric chairs vary in specialty and appearance, accomplishing important tasks while being priced at a number that makes sense.

This article will recommend one of the best power wheelchairs for traveling from our inventory. The Pride Mobility Jazzy Air is a power chair with a seat that rises, and a must buy for customers seeking significant value for their purchase.

This quality electric wheelchair literally stands above the competition, which should come as no surprise when considering the Jazzy Air comes from manufacturer Pride, an innovative company dedicated to producing and designing engineeringly sound merchandise.

An Electric Wheelchair That Will Change Your Life

Power wheelchair reviews praise the Jazzy Air. “This is just a wonderful life changing machine,” Reg Martin wrote in his five-star electric wheelchair review. “As a disabled artist the Jazzy Air has made my life so much easier.”

Don S. from Weston, Wisconsin, is a 59-year-old male with muscle disease IBM. “Great size for me and highly mobile,” Don wrote in his five-star Pride Jazzy Air Power Chairreview. “The lift is handy when moving also, no wasted motion. I feel very stable riding in this chair raised or lowered.”

A third person, Marleen V. is from Reno, Nevada. “The seat is extremely comfortable,” Marleen also wrote in a five-star review. “Having the seat rise, makes the chair extremely flexible for doing cooking and working around the house.”

The Jazzy Air is a remarkable product that can come in a variety of seating arrangements for the high back captain seat. This ranges from a seat 16″ in width to sizes 20″ in width.

Additionally, for maximum comfort, the driver can adjust the seatback, the armrest height and angle, the controller position, the foot platform height and angle, and the positioning belt, to ensure that you are getting the perfect ride, every time. Most importantly, the high back captain seat will keep the body secure when traveling from one place to another with a weight capacity of 300 lbs.

The Jazzy Air can elevate in seconds, which is ideal when reaching for items on a shelf or traveling while speaking to another person. The power wheelchair that comes with an elevated seat goes at 3.5 miles per hour while in a lifted position while in a non-lifted position, 4 miles per hour.

This long distance power wheelchair comes equipped with either a U1 35AH standard battery that enables the Jazzy Air to cover nearly 15 miles per complete charge or a 12V 40AH battery, which allows the driver to cover 19 miles per total charge. With this impressive travel range, the driver can accomplish important tasks without having to worry about their quality power wheelchair ceasing to operate.

The Jazzy Air Power Chair has a tight turning radius of 22.5″, which is perfect for going around tight turns, whether they be within the office or outside on the street. Another fantastic attribute of the electric wheelchair for traveling is that it comes with a one year in home service contract on parts and labor.

This means that should anything happen to the device, which is rare, the customer can have their Jazzy Air checked out and fixed as soon as possible without the stress that comes with competing companies due to our dedication to providing customers with the best service.

Purchase this affordable electric wheelchair with an elevated seat for $3,999 — as of the publication of this article — that reflects an over 30 percent discount from the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. For simple financing options, the cheap power wheelchair starts at $352 a month for 12 months at a 10 percent annual percentage rate.

We also recommend purchasing the Jazzy Air with additional accessories to personalize the device to the needs of the driver. A weatherproof cover, $70, will shield the driver from inclement weather that can complicate travels from one place to another.

An additional upgrade to consider is a rear basket, FREE, to pair with the weatherproof cover. The basket will be a perfect place to store items when lousy weather arises, being secure when traveling over bumps in the road and when taking tight turns while traveling to your destination.

Another way to personalize the Jazzy Air to the desires and preference of the user is the choice of color of the quality power wheelchair. There are eight colors to choose from, such as onyx black, sapphire blue, amber orange, pearl white, rose quartz, citrine yellow, gold or silver.

Each of these colors on the power wheelchair that comes with an elevated seat will provide the best first impression on other people, as they are sleek and are simple to clean.

For busy professionals, this is imperative because their choice of power wheelchair is a reflection of themselves, which begs the question: what does your power wheelchair say about you?

Purchase a Power Wheelchair That Comes With an Elevated Seat

The Jazzy Air is a fantastic product that we highly recommend for customers seeking a power wheelchair that comes with an elevated seat. This quality power wheelchair is made from some of the best parts, capable of last years from the date of purchase.

To learn more about this best power wheelchair, we recommend reaching out to one of the technicians from our team, by call (877) 721-7748. The hours of operation from our nationwide power wheelchair store are from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST on weekdays and from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. EST on weekends.

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“We treat every customer as if we were the customer ourselves. Simply put we put ourselves in the customer’s shoes to give the best service we can provide.”