Pride Jazzy 600 ES Has the Best Power Wheelchair Reviews

The Pride Jazzy 600 ES has the best power wheelchair reviews. The electric wheelchair for traveling has been slowly building a following that is suddenly becoming apparent.

This heavy duty power wheelchair is one of the best products sold from our nationwide store and customers have suddenly realized it. The Jazzy electric wheelchair has fantastic performance, along with a striking appearance that delivers the best impressions.

jazzy 600 es

This affordable power wheelchair is an excellent investment in the health of another person. For older customers, in particular, the Jazzy power chair will increase your independence and allow you to accomplish tasks that you once thought were impossible.

This Jazzy Wheel Chair Will Increase Your Independence

TopTenReviews is a website that ranks products. The Jazzy 600 ES was ranked among the top 10 electric wheelchairs.

The competition to make the list is immense. The Jazzy 600 ES has a nearly nine-point ranking.

“The Jazzy 600 ES is an excellent chair to maneuver indoors and outdoors,” the consumer website wrote in its power wheelchair review. The performance on the Jazzy 600 ES is superb in both areas.

With a tight 21-inch turning radius, the Jazzy 600 ES can make sharp turns easily within a residential building. The driver will not have to worry about his or her battery-powered wheelchair bumping into furniture, for instance, causing an expensive accident.

Wheel Jazzy 600 ES Power Wheelchair

The Jazzy electric wheelchair was built with Active-Trac ATX suspension and comes with 14” driving wheels helping it ride through more rough than normal terrains when in the outdoors.

The suspension and wheels promise a safe ride along beaten down sidewalks and steep trails. For steep trails, the battery-powered wheelchair can climb slopes or grades at a 7.5-degree angle. This is about 1.5 degrees above average.

The Jazzy 600 has two 12-volt deep cycle NF 22 batteries, empowering the driver with the ability to take this long distance power wheelchair for nearly 17 miles per complete charge. Good power wheelchairs usually can exceed 15 miles per full charge.

With mid-wheel drive, the power wheelchair for traveling reaches maximum speeds of 4 mph.

The weight capacity on the Jazzy 600 is 300 lbs. The 300 lbs. weight capacity can support many obese customers in their day to day travels.

The consumer ranking website also highlighted the warranty on the Jazzy 600. The frame has a lifetime manufacturer warranty. The electronic components are covered for 13 months following the purchase of the luxury electric wheelchair.

“This is one of the best warranties we saw with electric wheelchairs,” the author opines.

Another happy purchaser of the Jazzy power wheelchair is Charles Long, who acquired it in November 2015.

“First impression: I couldn’t be more pleased,” Long said.

Having one leg, Long had some of his friends help him unload the quality electric wheelchair. Long found entering and exiting the Jazzy wheel chair to be simple. He was impressed by easy it is to ride on the power wheelchair, increasing and decreasing speeds, to various destinations.

In his power wheelchair review, Long gave the Jazzy 600 five-stars.

The Jazzy 600 comes equipped with a high back seat that is especially accommodating to the driver. The seat has generous padding, including the headrest and the backrest. Mile after mile of travel on the Jazzy electric wheelchair is enjoyable.

The battery-powered wheelchair has a variety of seating options, designed for drivers of all sizes. The width and diameter range from 16-inches to 20-inches, depending upon the preference of the buyer.

Jazzy 600 ES

An important feature is the foot riggings. The foot riggings offer four different options for maximum comfortability. This can include a 70-degree swinging leg rest, $125; an elevating calf pad leg rest, $125; limb support (residual) left, $235; and, limb support (residual) right, $235.

As a whole, the affordable power wheelchair is listed for $3,529, which reflects a savings of 30 percent from the manufacturer’s suggested retail price.

The Jazzy 600 can also be purchased using our simple financing options. If you purchase the power wheelchair for traveling using our simple financing options, the payments can take the course of several months, which is great for customers who need a mobility aid but are on a tight budget. The luxury power wheelchair starts at $311 a month for 12 months at a 10 percent annual percentage rate.

Our customers commonly personalize their Jazzy 600 to individual needs and preferences. For instance, a large rear basket, $50, provides a secure location to hold important valuables when traveling from one place to another.

Likewise, an oxygen tank holder, $95, securely holds the device that will ensure the breathing ability of the driver. The oxygen tank will efficiently work with this added accessory. The driver will not have to worry about the device becoming compromised by swift turns or sudden stops.

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The Pride Jazzy 600 ES has fantastic power wheelchair reviews, making it one of the most highly sought out product from our nationwide electric wheelchair store. We are confident that our customers will enjoy traveling from one place to another with the Pride Jazzy 600 ES.

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