Which Power Wheelchair Offers an Elevating Seat?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions: which power wheelchair offers an elevating seat?

Merits P326DElevating seats provide an essential function for some of our customers. What makes these quality power wheelchairs so desirable is that the service ensures proper sitting to prevent injuries when entering and exiting a seat. When the person is safely in the chair, the power wheelchair that comes with an elevated seat will elevate, leading to improved performance from one place to another.

This article recommends the Merits P326D Power Elevating Wheelchair, a product that everyone is raving about at Mobility Scooters Direct.

An Electric Wheelchair with a Seat That Rises

The Merits P326D, as recently as Oct. 2016, demoed at a trade conference to the delight of many. The product hit the market with a splash and for a good reason.

Power wheelchair reviews for the power wheelchair that comes with an elevated seat have been overwhelmingly positive. Gemma gave the quality power wheelchair a five-star rating in value, quality and price.

“Really needed a model that would allow me to get around the house and get into cabinets,” Gemma wrote. “It is perfect for me; it works just like I need.”

The electric wheelchair can elevate a total of 7.5″, which is from a seating 48.5″ to 56″ and anything in between. As Gemma stated, the ability to elevate provides significant value, especially around the home because the driver can merely raise the seat to obtain items out of reach instead of exiting the power wheelchair, which can be inconvenient.

Pamela W. also gave the Merits P326D a five-star review. “It’s working out great,” Pamela writes, who is a verified buyer of Mobility Scooters Direct. It is always a pleasure to have our customers write how our products make their day to day lives easier, especially when accomplishing small, yet essential, tasks.

“It allows me to see the top of the stove, sink and counter top. Which makes life simpler,” Pamela said.

Another significant advantage of the Merits P326D is that it comes equipped with a comfortable ergonomic seat that is in sizes 18″ and 20″ widths. Therefore, the driver will more securely travel, especially in a relaxed manner.

It is essential for the driver to be comfortable when traveling from one place to another. Inferior power wheelchairs that are uncomfortable to travel in makes the process of moving unpleasing. Mobility Scooters Direct always has our customers in mind and the Merits P326D is a strong example of our scrupulous nature.

The ergonomic seat is a comfortable captain seat, which is known as one of the best seating arrangements on the market. Back pain is a silent nightmare that troubles four of five Americans. “Back pain is one of the most common painful and non-life-threatening conditions,” according to Harvard Health Publications. Therefore, it is paramount that our customers have a product that does not increase discomfort; rather, increases independence and wellbeing.

While being a comfortable power wheelchair, the Merits P326D also has excellent performance. The motor is a 24V 160-watt, with the ability to reach a maximum speed of 5 mph at a lowered position. When in an elevated state, however, the quality power wheelchair will travel at a 2.5 mph maximum speed to ensure the safety of the driver.

The Merits P326D, a long distance power wheelchair, has U1 12V batteries and can cover nearly 20 miles per complete charge. It is imperative that the power wheelchair has a solid travel range so the driver does not need to worry about their product ceasing operation during their travels. The Merits P326D is a dependable power wheelchair that provides mile after mile of quality service.

The weight capacity of the elevating power wheelchair is 300 lbs., which is perfect for our customers who are obese. The ground clearance is 2.00″ while the grade climbable is 6 degrees.

SAVE MONEY TODAYThe luxury power wheelchair can be purchased for $2,769, which reflects a discount of nearly 60 percent from the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. For simple financing options, the affordable power wheelchair can be purchased for $244 a month for 12 months at a 10 percent annual percentage rate.

For our older customers, we recommend our White Glove Delivery, $250, which will help them unload and put together this quality power wheelchair on arrival. We love this service because we also have the chance to witness the satisfaction on their faces when the Merits P326D arrives.

The power wheelchair that comes with an elevated seat can also come with accessories to personalize the device to the needs of the driver. An essential accessory that we recommend is the oxygen tank holder, $95, for our customers with difficulties breathing. The oxygen tank holder is a reliable device that will hold the oxygen tank securely.

Another accessory that we recommend is a weather cover, which is FREE. The weather cover will shield the driver from inclement weather conditions to ensure that they travel safely should rain suddenly complicate their trip. This product provides superb coverage while also being simple to apply and remove when needed to be.

Purchase an Electric Wheelchair with Elevated Seats!

The customer feedback on power wheelchair reviews and in conversations has been excellent with the Merits P326D. This electric wheelchair with a seat that rises provides simplicity for our customers who have ailments that prevent them from accomplishing simple to more complex tasks.

To learn more about our electric wheelchairs with elevated seats — or our other amazing products — we recommend reaching out to a skilled technician during our hours of operation, which are from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST on weekdays and from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. EST on weekends.

“Our organization believes that every senior should have an affordable option to stay independent while simultaneously greatly reducing the likelihood of an accidental injury,” our about us page provides. “Simply put we put ourselves in the customers’ shoes to give the best service we can provide.”